A royal expert claims that the Duchess of Cornwall “dreads” all the attention she will receive when Prince Charles is made King.

Camilla, 74, was yesterday praised as ‘wonderful’ after she joined the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Wessex in representing the Queen, 95, at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.  

However, royal biographer Penny Junor says that Camilla will have a “very difficult time” when Prince William ascends to her throne.

The Telegraph received the following statement from the royal expert: “She is normal but because she has dated Charles, finds herself in an extraordinary situation.

“I think she doesn’t believe titles are enough for her. The prospect of her being Princess Consort or Queen, all the fuss, comparisons with Diana will make it very hard for her.

The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, is 'dreading' the spotlight that will be thrown onto her when Prince Charles becomes King, a royal expert has claimed

According to royal experts, the Duchess is “dreading” being in the limelight when Prince Charles will become King.

She also predicted that Camilla would become Queen, rather than Princess Consort. “Charles is proud” and “grateful” of Camilla. 

A former courtier said that the Duchess of Cambridge was only 57 years old when she joined the Royal Family. She has lived outside The Firm for the majority of her adult life.

The insider explained her unusual position by saying: “She knows how bizarre the Royal Family’s world can be and how it is perceived by the public, and she also knows that her husband, Prince Charles, sometimes doesn’t get that.”

According to them, the Duchess is ‘nothing of the Royal Life’ at her Wiltshire home and leads a fairly normal life.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Penny Junor said the Duchess is 'a normal woman who has found herself in an abnormal situation' in being married to the future King

Penny Junor spoke to The Telegraph and said that the Duchess of Cambridge is “a normal woman, who found herself in an extraordinary situation” in marrying to the future King. 

“It is because she has the ability to convince certain Royal Family members of a particular point of view they may not have seen otherwise.

Camilla, by law, will be made Queen Consort upon Charles’s accession to the throne. However officials are still arguing about whether Camilla should have a lower title in order to avoid any controversy.

According to the official position, she plans to be called Princess Consort. 

Junor’s comment comes as royal experts say that the absence of Queen Elizabeth cast a “dark cloud” over Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph. But, three ‘wonderful ladies’ were on the balcony: Camilla Kate, Sophie and Kate.

Meanwhile the royal expert claimed the Duchess faces a 'very difficult time' over the 'fuss and comparisons to Diana' (pictured with Prince Charles in 1981)

The royal expert said that the Duchess is facing a “very difficult time” over the “fussy and comparisons with Diana”. (pictured in 1981, alongside Prince Charles). 

A back strain caused the monarch, aged 95 years old, to feel ‘deeply depressed’ about having to cancel yesterday’s national remembrance in Westminster.

According to royal commentators, Britons have become more emotional about their Queen. Attendees’ expressions suggested that they are’maybe thinking in ways we would not like’.

Angela Levin, a Royal author, said that it was the Queen’s most important engagement. However she felt it would be difficult for her to drive from Windsor to London by car and then stand for quite some time.

GB News spoke to her: “She probably watched it on television so she was there in spirit but not in herself. We all sense that an age is ending, though we aren’t sure how much longer. I believe this to be true.

Junor's comments come as royal experts said the absence of the Queen cast a 'dark cloud' over Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph - but she was represented by three 'wonderful women' on the balcony in Camilla, Kate and Sophie (together in 2019)

Junor’s comments came as royal experts stated that the absence of Queen Elizabeth cast a “dark cloud” over Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph. But, three “wonderful ladies” were present on the balcony: Camilla Kate, Sophie (together in 2019).  

You couldn’t ask for more beautiful women than those on the balcony. They are all committed to the monarchy and work hard.

“I believe they are dedicated to keeping the monarchy alive and doing their best for the Queen. It’s a blessing to have women with the same outlook as me.

Buckingham Palace stated that she was there despite having to cancel some engagements for ill reasons. On Thursday, officials confirmed that she would attend the London ceremony.

On Sunday, just two hours before her scheduled arrival, she received word from a spokesperson that she had been diagnosed with further illness and was unable to attend. The spokesman stressed that there wasn’t any connection to her recent hospitalization.

(From left) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Kate, Duchess of Cambridge; and Sophie, Countess of Wessex stand on the balcony of the Foreign Office in Westminster on Sunday during the Remembrance service where the Queen would have been present

From left: Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Kate, Duchessof Cambridge, and Sophie, Countessof Wessex, stand at the Foreign Office’s Westminster balcony during Sunday’s Remembrance Service, where the Queen would be present

Roya Nikkhah (royal expert) tried to soothe fears by saying yesterday to Lorraine on ITV that she believes we shouldn’t worry too much.

We’ve been informed that the Palace believes she will continue light duty duties through the week.

“The Christmas message can continue as planned. She will continue to send the Christmas message as she has planned. There are no threats at this time. She will likely be available for a Zoom call sometime in the coming week, to let the nation know she is doing well.