THE FULLER moon A photographer takes 200,000 photos of the moon to show every crevice and crater in its surface.

  • New images provide stunning detail of the surface of the Moon’s surface with every crevice and crater.
  • Andrew McCarthy took the pictures using 3D software, and over 200,000 photographs of Moon.
  • To reveal each mountain and every cave in the lunar landscape, he superimposed them.


New stunning photos show the Moon’s rugged surface in unprecedented detail.

These enhanced photos show each mountain, crater, and cave within the lunar landscape. This makes the moon easier to see than ever. 

These images were created by Andrew McCarthy (also known as @cosmic_background) who meticulously combined 200,000 different photos to create the special effect. 

To show the difference between the lunar seas and lunar highlands, he used Nasa’s height data and 3D software.

Arizona’s Mr McCarthy said that by exaggerating how high the features of the moon rise, one can show the difference between the maria and the highlands. The lunar seas’ smooth basalt makes the highlands that are heavily cratered seem extremely treacherous.

A huge 200 megapixel image of the moon - showing the most realistic surface of the moon ever taken, with every mountain and cave in the lunar landscape able to see in high definition

This 200-megapixel photo of the Moon is the largest ever captured. It features the best possible representation of the surface, and every cave and mountain in the lunar landscape can be viewed in detail.

“This image is a combination of cgi images and real photos, using Nasa’s height data.

He said, “I consider the moon to be one of the most significant objects in space. It serves as a gateway into the rest of our universe.” 

“By taking these photos, I wanted people to be more curious about the frontiers and possibilities of humankind and space. 

McCarthy used 3D software for the final pictures to overlay hundreds of thousands upon each other. 

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has taken hundreds of images of the Moon's surface and super imposed them to create a realistic effect

Andrew McCarthy, an astronomer, has captured hundreds of photos of the Moon’s surface. He then superimposed these images to make a real effect.

On Mr McCarthy’s Instagram, the stunning array of imperfections and dimples on Earth’s 4.5-billion-year-old neighbor was revealed for the first time in February.

McCarthy described the Snaps, called ‘All Terminator’ as a beast of project’.

He wrote on his Instagram that “This moon may look funny to you because it’s an impossible scene.” 

These incredible pictures show the most realistic images of the moon's surface ever taken

These stunning photos capture the most accurate images of the Moon’s surface that have ever been taken

The photographs show every mountain and cave in the lunar landscape, making the moon more accessible to the human eye than ever before

Photographs of every mountain and cave within the lunar landscape make the moon visible to humans more than ever.

Normally only a few can be seen but astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy stacked thousands of pictures together over moon phases to show it off in all its glory

While only a small number of stars can normally be seen, Andrew McCarthy, astrophotographer and photographer, took thousands of photographs over several moon phases. To show the entire thing in its full glory.

“From the two-weeks of images of waxing moon, the portion with the greatest contrast was taken (just before the lunar terminator in which shadows last the longest). I aligned the pictures and blended them together to reveal the rich texture throughout the whole surface.

This was exhausting. The moon is not always in the same place every day. Therefore, each image had 3D mapping and needed to align.