My double-vaccinated trip to Lisbon in one day be easy? Holiday Guru has answers to your Covid-related questions

Get on track: Take a tram trip in Lisbon after filling in Portugal’s form

Get on track: Take a tram trip in Lisbon after filling in Portugal’s form

You can always count on the Holiday Guru to help you with your queries.

The issues discussed this week include the requirements to renew your passport in Portugal or UK.

Q. A. We need to fill out what forms as day-trippers, and we will need to book a day 2 lateral flow test with an approved provider.

Graham Dickerson, via email 

A. To enter Spain you must complete its Health Control Form (see, and for Portugal fill in its Passenger Locator Card at portugalcleanand In the 48 hours before returning home you will also be required to complete a UK Passenger Locator Form at for which you will need to have booked a ‘day two’ lateral flow test. These tend to cost about £20 to £25.

Q. When I plan to travel to South Africa in two months, would you please tell me if I require a test for PCR and a test to determine if my blood is safe? I’ve had Covid and booster vaccinations.

Pat Eltringham, via email.

A. Those who are fully vaccinated, such as yourself, need to have taken a private PCR test — not an NHS test — and had a negative result within 72 hours of travel. The Foreign Office recommends that you print out a few copies of the result as ‘you may need to present it more than once on your journey’. Visit to find out more.

Q. To visit my family in France, I’m going for the second time in two years. However, when I return to the UK, I will need to complete an online Passenger Locator form. It is impossible to find an alternative. So what can people who don’t have access to computers or smartphones do?

Mrs O. Dorling Poole Dorset

A.Although this remains an issue for many, the Government insists that the PLF online requirement is maintained. You can ask someone who has a computer for assistance. Then, print the completed form. You are welcome.

Q. Q. The passports will expire July 2022. Is there a date when we could send the passports to you for renewal?

Ray and Pauline Kirby of Cowes on the Isle of Wight

The Guru tells a reader to apply for their passport renewal in plenty of time as it could take up to 10 weeks

A Guru advises readers to take their time when renewing their passport. It could take as long as 10 weeks. 

A.If you wish, they could be sent immediately. However, you would ‘lose’ the months you have up to July. New passports no longer have ‘unused’ months added on. Although it is common for processing to take six weeks, this can sometimes be extended up to ten.

Reapplying in February should ensure that you are more than secure for May’s departure. See ‘Renew or replace your adult passport’ at for more details.


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