A celebrity influencer revealed the trick that celebrities use when posing in bikini photos. It creates an illusion of instant boob jobs.

Danae Mercer (33) lives in Dubai and has built a 2.4-million strong Instagram following. Her pictures show that a few simple changes to posing, lighting or outfits can make a huge difference in how an influencer looks.

Her latest blog post explains how to give the appearance of raised breasts by raising your arms and crossing your legs behind you head. 

Have you noticed how arms look overhead when looking at online pictures? This is a great way to lift your female self. Throw in some traditional posing (back arched, chest out, NO BREATHING), and bam, you’ve got an insta snap,’ she explained.

This trick has been used by many celebrities to create their Instagram beach photos, including Kourtney Kim Kardashian, Leigh Anne Pinnock and Bella Hadid.

Danae Mercer, 33, who lives in Dubai, has built a 2.4 million-strong Instagram following with her pictures revealing how a simple tweak in posing, lighting and outfit can dramatically change how an influencer looks on social media. She is pictured relaxing

In her latest post, she reveals how putting your arms up and crossing them behind your head while breathing in and wearing a tight top is the perfect pose to create the illusion of lifted breasts

Danae Mercer (33), a Dubai resident, has amassed a 2.4million-strong Instagram follow. Her pictures show how a small change in lighting, posing and outfit can drastically alter the way an influencer appears on social media. Left she is relaxing, and right she poses using the “instant boob job” trick

Danae recommends a second position, where Danae raises one arm up and crosses the other. This will make Danae’s breasts appear lifted.

For an instant boob, she recommends a third look: a super tight criss-cross bikini.

In her lengthy caption on Instagram, she stated: ‘Your TATAS is getting you down? Well here’s how influencers always have ones that are perked right up!

“My lady lumps are so different in the last 2 months. For a time, they were quite large.

‘And now they’re back to their more normal size: a lil small, and a lil smoosh. And that’s ok. Because tatas come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. These tatas can change in our daily lives or every month. Now with that lil speech done, here how’s INFLUENCERS POSE THEIRS: 

ARMS UP! Have you noticed how arms often appear overhead when looking at online pictures? This is a great way to lift your female self. Throw in some traditional posing (back arched, chest out, NO BREATHING), and bam, you’ve got an insta snap. 

Kourtney Kardashian is pictured doing the instant boob job trick

Little Mix star Leigh-Anne is pictured doing the pose too

The trick is used by dozens of celebrities for their Instagram beach shots – including Kourtney Kardashian (left)  Leigh-Anne Pinnock (right)  Bella Hadid and Lottie Moss.

Even supermodels aren't immune! Proving she knows how to pose, Bella Hadid also did the boob job trick while 'relaxing' by the pool

Supermodels don’t have to be immune. Bella Hadid, proving she can pose well, also tried the boobjob trick when relaxing by the pool. 

“ARMS ACROSS”: This is a pose straight from Sports Illustrated. The push-up is done by one arm, which crosses the chest. One arm acts as a push up by moving across the chest. The other holds them together. Add posing and we are done! 

SUPER TIGHT ON TOP: This award goes to the bikini that is the most comfortable. It’s the same reason we saw loads of swim suits UPSIDE DOWN this season – the flipped bikini tops pull tatas into the middle and create this curvy effect.

‘What’s the point of all of this? Let me remind you, the internet world is so curated. Your bibbity-bobbities, however they appear, are AMAZING.

Model Lottie Moss (pictured) is also a big fan of the pose, showing it off multiple times on her Instagram page

Lottie Moss is pictured in the pose

Lottie, a model from Lottie (left) and Lottie Moss (right), are also big fans of this pose.

It quickly attracted thousands of comments. Many people praised Danae’s honesty.

“Love this and keep it real,” said the other. 

One wrote: “This was a major problem of mine. Thank you Danae.”

“I truly love what you’re doing here. It’s so vital to be able to see. It is important to see, not only for myself but for the many young girls in my life who struggle to make sense of all these unremarkable images they watch each day. A third added, “Thank you,”

A fourth person commented, “Thank you for reminding my to love my body regardless of what,”

One user said: “Thanks Danae! Thank you for all of your posts. “As a mature adult, who recognizes her worth and struggles with body image at times,”

Danae also suggests a second pose - where she crosses one arm and lifts the other up to make her breasts look lifted

A third pose she suggests for an 'instant boob job' involves wearing a 'super tight criss cross bikini top'

Danae suggests another pose, where Danae crosses one arm over the other and raises the other to lift her breasts (left). For an “instant boob job”, Danae suggests a third position: wearing a super tight, crisscross bikini top (right). 

Danae said that a crisscross bikini 'involves turning any bikini into a whole support smoosh system'

Danae explained that the crisscrossing bikini is a way to transform any bikini in a support smoosh system. 

Danae’s video sharing the ‘false impressions’ that influencers have about their bodies has been viral.

She criticized a photo-editing app in May that allows influencers shrink their waists, smoothen their skin and make their bodies look slimmer. 

In February she uploaded a series on Instagram that showed her steps to get the perfect beach shot. She also explained how Instagram users can make photos look relaxed. 

She also showed in March how videos could be altered to make people look slimmer by clicking a couple of buttons.