The first reactions from critics over The Matrix Resurrections are in. 

Although the film received mixed reviews, with many stating that it was not a “perfect” movie, there have been universal praises for its ‘astonishing set pieces as well as the ‘burning chemistry’ between Carrie Ann Moss and Keanu.

The fourth film in this sci-fi series sees Reeves return as Neo, in the first Matrix film in three years. 

Variety’s Clayton Davis said that “The Matrix Revolutions has become too conscious of its existence,” 

He's back! Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections... which has received a mixed-to-positive response from critics

He’s back! Keanu Reeves plays Neo again in The Matrix Resurrections…which has been met with mixed to positive reviews 

He said, “Poking fun at oneself a little too often, it’s heavy on the love story with very few show-stopping effects and action, which is exactly what people want.”

Jeff Nelson, a critic of it called it “an almost 2.5-hour long exposition dump” with “choppy action scenes that evoke the Bourne films.” He added: “It reuses far to much footage from prior installments and is meta at fault.

‘I am deeply happy for those who will enjoy #TheMatrixResurrections. Mashable’s Alison Foreman explained that, “I regrettably am not among them.” 

Get excited: While the response has been mixed with some saying it's far from a 'perfect' movie, it has been met with unanimous praise over the 'astonishing' set pieces

Get excited: While the response has been mixed with some saying it’s far from a ‘perfect’ movie, it has been met with unanimous praise over the ‘astonishing’ set pieces

“It’s leagues superior to Revolutions and Reloaded – which, let’s not forget aren’t good – but it has bad stakes,” she continued. Everything is irrelevant, but not in a cool, nihilistic fashion.

On the positive side, Nigel Smith of PEOPLE praised the movie as “more fun than I ever remember the sequels ever being.” He said, “Yes, it is bogged down with exposition like two previous films, but it has a knowing wink now. Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jonathan Groff were both newcomers. The climax rocks!

Liz Shannon Miller, a film critic tweeted that it wasn’t perfect. Some moments might seem complete, but others may be utter absurdity. But while THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS broke my heart, #TheMatrixResurrections… did the other thing. This makes me so happy.  

A love story: Critics have revealed that the plot focuses on the romance between Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss' characters in the franchise

The love story. Critics revealed that Keanu Reeves is portrayed as Carrie Ann Moss in this movie. 

Still got it: Keanu's performance also received high praise from critics

It’s still possible: Keanu received praises from critics for his performance. 

The Hollywood Reporter’s Brian Davids called it  ‘one of the most thought-provoking blockbusters ever made since it grapples with real-world legacy. The film has everything you would expect from a Matrix movie, but the central love story is what makes it stand out.

Courtney Howard, Variety, exclaimed: “[The film]This is an amazing, inspiring, and meta mind-bender that perfectly fits the legacy of the franchise. The new story is presented in an original and high-concept manner. Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss’ chemistry burns. Jessica Henwick has a gift for revealing the truth!

Erik Davis said, “The first action of” [The Matrix Resurrections]This is STELLAR. Smart, funny, weird, self-referential & unexpected. Add to it wildly inventive action sequences, lofty storytelling decisions & a TON of big ideas that will fuel lots of questions. I guarantee that you will need to watch multiple times. 

Meta: The film is said to include more than a few knowing winks to itself that will delight dedicated fans

Meta: This film will be a delight for dedicated fans because it is believed to contain more than just a few know-how winks. 

Newcomer: Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays Sati in the movie

Newcomer: Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays Sati in the movie 

Germain Lussier expressed his enthusiasm, saying: ‘It brilliantly reimagines this franchise and increases the importance of 3 original films. It is touching, thrilling, beautiful. The film is very complex and trippy. However, it was a great movie. I can’t wait for it to be seen again.

Katie Walsh, a film critic, wrote that “The Matrix Resurrections” felt like Lana doing a lot of remixing and having fun with the material. Even though the movie is about the love story between Neo/Trinity and Lana, it is a very queer blockbuster.”

Lana Wachowski also co-wrote the script and directed it. The movie features Carrie Ann Moss, Lambert Wilson and Jada Pinkett from the original film. 

Keanu’s Neo lives a normal life twenty years later than the events in The Matrix Revolutions. He is Thomas A. Anderson, a San Francisco resident.

Now, he is seeing a psychotherapist to get rid of the unnatural and strange things that he sees. 

The Matrix Resurrections plays  in theaters in the UK and the US on Dec. 22, and will also be streaming on HBO Max.

The reviews are in! The Matrix Resurrections gets mixed first reactions from critics that say it's 'not perfect' but praise 'astonishing' set pieces in the rebooted franchise

These are the reviews! Mixed reviews of The Matrix Resurrections are in!