Ethan Crumbley, 15, is being charged as an adult with two dozen crimes in the shooting

Ethan Crumbley (15 years old) is charged with adult crimes and two dozen other offenses in connection to the shooting.

Ethan Crumbley’s mom wrote a long, open letter to Donald Trump. She praised his support for gun right and she now faces criminal charges.

‘As a female and a Realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms,’ wrote mother Jennifer Crumbley, 43, in the November 11, 2016 blog post days after Trump was elected.

Allow me to be protected in the event that I provide a home for someone with evil intentions. She continued by thanking her for respecting the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. This protects the right of keeping and bearing arms.

Now both Jennifer and her husband James Crumbley face potential charges after a prosecutor said Thursday their actions went ‘far beyond negligence’ and that the gun used in the school shooting ‘seems to have been just freely available’ to the teenager.

Ethan Crumbley (age 15), has been indicted as an adult for two dozen offences, including attempted murder of terrorism and murder. This was after he shot at Oxford High School in Oakland County. It happened around 30 miles north-east from Detroit. 

Jennifer Crumbley, left, wrote an open letter to Trump in 2016. She is pictured with her husband, James, and both parents now face potential criminal charges over the gun

Jennifer Crumbley left wrote an open Letter to Donald Trump in 2016. Pictured with James Crumbley, her husband. Both parents are now facing possible criminal charges for the gun.


In the long-winded open letter on her blog, Jennifer praised Trump's support of gun rights, and blamed her son's academic struggles on Common Core

Jennifer posted a lengthy open letter on her blog praising Trump’s support for gun rights. She also blamed her son’s academic difficulties on Common Core in the long-winded, open letter

The shooting resulted in four students being killed, and seven others were hurt. One student was still in critical condition.

‘All I can say at this point is those actions on mom and dad´s behalf go far beyond negligence,’ Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said. We are clearly prosecuting this shooter to its fullest extent. … Other individuals should also be accountable.

Crumbley purchased the semi-automatic 9mm Sig Sauer handgun, which he used for the shooting, last week. According to investigators, Crumbley showed the weapon in Instagram photos.

McDonald’s told WJR AM that only the parents had access to the weapons. McDonald said that the gun was ‘justifiably available’ to him.

McDonalds said that McDonald’s hopes to make an announcement about Crumbley’s charges within the next 24 hours. 

She acknowledged Monday that she was being investigated and said, “Owning gun means properly securing and locking it, and keeping it separate from ammunition.” 

Jennifer addressed Trump’s open letter in 2016 with a personal note. In it, she discussed her sons math struggles at school.   

'Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. Thank you for respecting that Amendment,' Jennifer told Trump in the letter

Allow me to be covered if I offer my home to someone with evil intentions. In the letter, Jennifer thanked Trump for acknowledging this Amendment.

Jennifer said, “You see, Mr. Trump. I need to stop Common Core.” She noted: “My son struggles every day and my teachers tells me that they don’t like teaching it, but the…”[y]You have to. Their pay depends on these stupid f***ing test scores.

“I need a tutor. Why?” The tutor was required to teach fourth grade math.

Jennifer stated that she used to excel at math and had to give up her car to ensure her son’s education.

Jennifer complained about Jennifer’s mom’s immigrant parents at school.

Jennifer stated that “Most of their parents have been locked up.” They don’t care much about learning and threatened to kill my mom if they found out about my grades.

“Do you know Mr. Trump, that our children get no tuition and free tablet from the government in order to succeed?” Continued she. “Why is it that my son can’t get these things? Are we hardworking Americans not entitled to them too?” she continued.

The rambling note was concluded by her concluding statement: “Mr. Trump, this is why i voted for your candidate.

“I see the changes that are so urgently needed. “I see people returning to jobs, working hard for what they have, with money flowing to the needy. [those]It’s up to those who truly deserve it.

“I believe that YOU will be the President who makes these things possible.

She stated, “I have never seen this much faith in one person,” adding, “and you are it.”

Jennifer signed the long-winded letter ‘A hardworking Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting f***** in the a** and would rather be grabbed by the p****,’ a nod to the former president’s now infamous line about being famous.

The Sun reported that James, her husband, later posted the letter to Facebook. James commented: “My wife can spot on. Sometimes.’

Madisyn Baldwin, 17

Hana St Juliana, 14

Madisyn, 17 (left), and Hana ST Juliana, 14 (right), were both killed Tuesday in the attack on Oxford High School. 

Justin Shilling died in the hospital

Tate Myre died at the school

Justin Shilling (17) and Tate Myre (18) both died at the hospital Wednesday morning. Deputies took them to hospital Tuesday. 

Five years later, however, they are defending their rights to silence as Ethan Crumbley faces criminal charges in Michigan for killing four of his students and shooting down his Michigan high school.

After receiving more than 100 reports about a gunman, 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls and deputies scrambled to the school at 12:50 on Tuesday. With the assistance of a school resource officer on the scene, they were able to arrest the gunman (15 years old) in a corridor within minutes. 

Police said that the sophomore student raised his arms in the air when deputies arrived. 

Police claim that Crumbley (15 years old) fired 30 rounds at the school, emptying two 15-round magazines. He was also found with a third weapon on school property.

After setting fire to the school’s hallways, he shot the victims in close quarters.  

Marc Keast’s assistant procuror Marc Keast said that Crumbley was seen entering a school bathroom wearing a backpack, before emerging with a gun.  

“At that moment, he purposely aimed his gun at students and started firing on them.” He continued running down the hall, pointing his gun at them and shooting (at them), and then firing into classrooms. 

Crumbley appeared to be trying to convince potential victims, posting video to social media. He was seen roaming through high school halls.  

The boy replies, “Sheriff’s Office.” “You are allowed to come out.” 

The students look at each other as they whisper, “He said it’s safe for me to come out.” 

The teacher replies, “We are not taking that chance.” Before he calls his classmate bro, the gunman shouts something unintelligible. In that moment of terror, students began to jump out of a window and realized the shooter was an officer.  

In the attack, four high school students died, Tate Myre (16), Hana Saint Juliana (14) and Madisyn Bald (17). Justin Shilling (17) died Wednesday morning from his injuries. 

Swarms of police officers swooped in and arrested the suspected gunman within five minutes

Within five minutes, a swarm of officers arrived and quickly arrested the gunman.

The school remains roped off to the public. The shooting unfolded at 12.50pm on Tuesday

It is still closed to the general public. At 12.50 on Tuesday, the shooting began.

Students barricaded themselves inside the classroom during the shooting

A student is pictured hiding out while the gunman roams the halls

An attacker who killed four teens and injures eight others, including a teacher, tried to persuade more students into hiding. He claimed he was the sheriff of the county and announced that it was safe to leave.

Although the motive for the school shooting is not known, students claim that Ethan was bullied at Oxford High School. However, police say there are no records of Ethan being bullied.

Prosecutors announced Wednesday that the fifteen-year-old would be facing charges for an illegal drug use. Adult with 4 counts of domestic terror and murder, out of a total 24. 

They are charging him as an adult so that he may be convicted and sentenced to life in prison, as Oakland County Prosecutor Karen D. McDonald said at a press conference that there was a ‘mountain’ of evidence against Crumbley so far.

The arraignment was attended by the prosecution, which revealed that he has been charged with a crime. In a notebook found in Crumbley’s backpack, he detailed his plans to attack students at the school. And, they announced, on the eve of the killings, Crumbley had recorded a video saying he was planning to launch an attack at the school the next day

Mike Bouchard from Oakland County also said that Crumbley is a suspect. Just three hours prior to the alleged shooting spree on Tuesday, he met his teachers and parents to talk about his behavior. 

James and his father Jennifer were summoned to Oxford High School by James at 10 am. They discussed Ethan’s behavior with the teachers. 

Although it is not clear what caused the meeting, Ethan was called back for the second time in just two days. The teenager only met Monday with his teachers.   

But in the days before Tuesday’s attack, Crumbley posted on Instagram to boast about his father’s new Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, pretending it was his. 

“Just bought my new beauty today. SIG Sauer 9MM. He wrote, “Ask any question I will answer,” in an Instagram post that he made last week. The account has since been deleted. On Wednesday, other fake accounts circulated online as Crumbley was still in custody and refusing to cooperate investigators.    

Crumbley is seen in his Zoom custody Wednesday morning. Crumbley, 15, is charged with adult murder on four counts and terrorism on one. 

Crumbley's father James, who owns the gun he used in the attack, and his mother Jennifer are pictured on Zoom attending the arraignment

Crumbley’s father James (who owns the gun that he used to attack him) and Jennifer, his mother, are shown zooming at the arraignment 

James and Jennifer were his parents. Since then, he has been referred to an attorney by them. 

The shooter’s parents are not yet commenting. James is James’ father and works for Autonomous Inc. It is believed that he purchased the gun his son used. Only four days old

“He posted photos of the target and weapon and had been shooting with it.” All of this is part of the investigation. We’re going to do a deep dive on the social media and all the activities of this young man,’ Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said during a Tuesday night press conference.     

Officials were made aware by posts to social media that claimed there was a threat of shooting at the school with roughly 1,700 students. However, Bouchard stated they didn’t know of the rumors until the day after the attack.   

EXCLUSIVE. ‘Nothing ever seemed to go according to plan.’ Ethan Crumbley’s brother (18) says that the school shooting suspect was an ‘average happy kid’. As such, he got great grades, played Minecraft, and wasn’t bullied. 

Eli Crumbley (age 18), said that he doesn’t get how his sibling can suddenly become violent, set fire to his classmates and then kill them. This was after Tuesday’s deadly attack in Oxford. 

In an interview Wednesday, he stated that he only knew Ethan because he was smart and seemed to be an average child. ‘There wasn’t anything that I noticed. He was never suspended or placed in detention. 

“He wasn’t depressed or any other mental illness.” He was happy when he woke up, went to school and came back home for games. 

Eli, 15 and Ethan (15, have the same father but different mothers. The boys, originally from Florida, moved to Michigan later with James Crumbley, their father, and Jennifer, Ethan’s second wife.   

Eli, 18, (left) and Ethan, 15, (right) have the same father, but different mothers. The two boys grew up in Florida but later moved to Michigan with their dad James Crumbley and his second wife, Ethan's mom, Jennifer

Eli (18) and Ethan (15) share the same father but have different mothers. Both boys were raised in Florida and moved to Michigan when their dad James Crumbley married Jennifer, Ethan’s mother.

An older brother suggested that there had been family trouble, which prompted him abruptly to leave Florida last March to be with his biological mom.

Eli stated that it was mostly due to the love between Eli and my stepmother. He would not elaborate beyond to say that it wasn’t as good as it should have been. I chose to move back to Florida.

Ethan continued to live with his parents in Oxford. He was only two miles from the fire place.

Eli stated that he had not spoken to Ethan or his father for two months, but reached out Tuesday night after learning of the mass shooting at Oxford High School.

Eli said that he was concerned and wanted to check if Ethan was alright because he had been there for one year. “And that was when I started receiving other information.”

He was too far away to call his dad so the teenager called an ex-employer who explained that his Oxford house had been surrounded by FBI agents. 

The gun Ethan had used was purchased by his father.

He stated, “I did not know he was carrying a firearm until this incident.” He stated, “It’s still hard for me to believe it.” It’s hard to believe.

Eli said, “As far I know, Ethan was always kind,” He was quiet and kept to himself. His circle of friends was small. He didn’t do drugs or smoke, and he was clean.

Eli stated that he received good grades. He wanted to become an archaeologist.

“Back when I lived there, it was all normal,” he said. “We used to walk to the bus station in the morning to get to school. Then we would come back to our home and play basketball outside. We would just sit back and relax, not doing much.

Ethan participated in the soccer and bowling team in middle school but did not participate in the high school sports teams.

His brother was a big fan of video games and would play them at night. Minecraft was his favorite.

Eli answered Eli’s question about whether Ethan had other health problems. Eli mentioned that Ethan lost Tank his pet dog Tank and had an aunt who passed away a few months before.

Eli replied, “I’m not sure what his motives were behind this.”

It was a surprise to him that bullying might have played a role. Eli claims that Ethan never was bullied when he was a kid.

“I’d like to talk with him,” he replied, but “but I don’t think that’s something that’s going to happen for quite some time.”