Elaine Hendrix (Parent Trap) was a star who recently uploaded a TikTok Video in which she justifies Meredith’s actions, and insists that she doesn’t deserve to be the bad guy in the film’s hit. 

Hendrix shares her views on Meredith’s role in Disney’s 1998 flick. Hendrix is 51 years old and has been a star of the movie for more than 20 decades. 

The movie is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by many over the past 24 years. However, Hendrix gave new life to the plotline with a TikTok video she made about her character. It was posted in chronological order for the film’s first anniversary.  

Quaid used the meme “he’s 10 but..” to describe Nick Parker’s character. Quaid should be criticised for her behavior. Meredith was not informed that Nick Parker had two girls, and that Nick Parker had a second wife. Meredith also learned that Nick Parker kept all information regarding his ex-wife, as well as his second child, secret from Meredith. 

Hendrix opens a bottle as Adele’s Easy on Me is played behind him. 

The text stated that he is 10 years old, however he had twins who he separated secretly at birth.

Honoring The Parent Trap's 24th anniversary, Hendrix took to TikTok to defend her character Meredith

Hendrix went to TikTok in honor of The Parent Trap’s 24-year anniversary to defend Meredith

Additionally, she said that her character was threatened because she met them all in the hotel the night before the wedding. This is why she organized the camping bonding trip. She had to endure ‘little brats’ who put a “lizard” on her head while she was sleeping and then push her air mattress into the water.  

Supporters of her theory flooded the comments section, with some even claiming that Meredith wasn’t really the villain in The Parent Trap. 

User wrote: “Growing Up is Realizing Meredith Blake wasn’t a villain but a victim to circumstance.”

‘Justice for Meredith Blake she was a successful woman who fell for a hot wine dad who lied about his family & was still in love with his ex,’ another penned in all caps.

Hendrix asks everyone to reevaluate the film. Here’s how she and The Parent Trap cast are doing 24 years later.  

After becoming a child celebrity, Lindsey Lohan lost her way and is now trying to resurrect her career.

Lohan starred as twins Annie and Hallie in the film The Parent Trap at age 11

Lohan, pictured in 2022 at age 36, has returned back to acting

Lohan, 11 years old, starred in The Parent Trap as the twins Annie & Hallie. In 2022 (pictured below), Lohan declared that she will return to acting

Lohan was 36 years old and was beloved as a child star. Lohan starred in The Parent Trap 1998 with twins Annie & Hallie. A role she took on at age 11.

Lohan spoke out about the impactful role of Parent Trap during the reunion with Katie Couric at the 2020 Parent Trap.

Lohan said, “It was so young and so fresh.” “My first film audition was my screen test. This was the first time I’ve ever stood in front Nancy or Charles and also on a stage. “I was just a little kid.

As her parents Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan were in process of divorcing, the actress felt a connection to their characters.

 ‘My parents were kind of separating at the time when this was all going on,’ she shared. “It made it easier for me play these characters, who were still trying to figure it out.

Lohan acknowledged that it was hard for her to miss the castmates, and how seeing back certain scenes made her cry. 

‘I didn’t feel like I was working. For me, it was an incredible experience and a learning opportunity. It was a lot fun,” she stated about making the film.

Elle added, “How could you not love to act the rest of your lives after watching a movie with these great actors?” . . I mean, it’s beautiful, it’s timeless and it’s special. It’s just really special. It was a truly special experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.

Lohan was featured in the film and quickly rose to stardom, racking up many other notable credits including Freaky Friday 2003 and Mean Girls 2004. 

'I was so young and it was just so fresh,' said Lohan of her groundbreaking role in The Parent Trap

Lohan called the experience of filming The Parent Trap 'a lot of fun'

Lohan recalled that her role in The Parent Trap was her first and she still remembers it fondly. The experience was ‘a lot fun’.

Lohan starred in the 2003 movie Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis

Lohan appeared in FreakyFriday with Jamie Lee Curtis, 2003.

She starred in the hit 2004 film Mean Girls along with Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert

With Rachel McAdams (star), Amanda Seyfried (star), and Lacey Chabert (star), Mean Girls was a hit film.

Lohan was however affected by the demands of the industry. 

Lohan’s 2007 arrest for drunk driving and cocaine possession made her headlines. She described the arrest as ‘totally irresponsible – a stupid mistake’ on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live and insisted it was her first time trying cocaine.

Lohan explained that from then, all eyes were focused on Lohan. ‘It was the first time I’d taken drugs. I was out in a club with people I shouldn’t have been with, and took cocaine, and got in the car. It was just so dumb.

In her initial claim, the actress claimed that she first tried cocaine at 21. She was not a big drinker and never drank much. However, she later claimed she experienced her first hangover at 17. 

Insisted that she has only used Ecstasy since the incident. In the same interview she also admitted that she prefers ‘pot’ or ‘ecstasy as her preferred drug.

Michael, her father, said that this was false and that she’d been taking drugs since she was 18. He revealed that he had received a call from her about overdoing.

Lindsay had been filming in New Orleans when I received a call from her claiming that she had taken too much cocaine. He said that one of her assistants had provided the drug to her. “I was so mad that I bought a gun and went to New Orleans to kill him.

He also charged her with abusing Adderall, vodka and other drugs at that time. 

The Mean Girls actress was able to be a bit more open about her drug history. 

Oprah Winfrey spoke with the actress to admit that cocaine was something she used between 10 and 15 times.

She admitted that she was afraid of being judged and also confessed to being an alcohol addict. 

Lohan was arrested in 2010

She was sentenced to prison once again in 2011 after violating her probation

 Lohan was arrested in 2010 (pictured left) and was sentenced to prison once again in 2011 after violating her probation (pictured right)

Since starting her recovery, the former child star returned to the screen, filming an upcoming Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas, with Chord Overstreet in 2021

After starting her healing, she has returned to filming with Chord overstreet for Falling For Christmas in 2021.

She also took part in a commercial for sneaker brand All Birds earlier this year

Also, this year she was part of a commercial featuring sneaker brand All Birds.  

In July 2022, it was revealed that the actress had secretly tied the knot with her boyfriend Bader Shammas, who she got engaged to in 2021

The actress secretly tied her knot with Bader Shammas (her boyfriend), in July 2022.

She said, “That was in the past a gateway for other things.” I tried cocaine with alcohol.

‘I never felt good the next day,’ she said while explaining that she’d have the drug because it ‘allowed me to drink more. It was party stuff. People would have it, and I’d do it.’

Lohan was already six times in rehab by this point. Lohan also spoke out about her 2010 stint in jail for violating probation. She shared how her heart broke for her need for help.

“Having seen all of the chaos that was around me, and being so content with it, I somehow knew inside I wanted to go prison,” she stated. “And I believe that subconsciously, that was being released just by my actions or lack thereof. 

After falling off the radar, she re-emerged in 2019 as a business owner and is still identifying as in recovery. In 2021, she got engaged to Bader Sammas after opening a once-thriving nightclub in Greece. She also announced her intention to resume acting.

As of now, she’s filmed Falling For Christmas (with Chord Overstreet) and commercials for All Birds and Planet Fitness.

She and Shammas also secretly married in July 2022. 

Dennis Quaid was a film star through the 2000s, but it has been his scandalous marriage that has made headlines over recent years. 

Quaid played Lohan's father in The Parent Trap at age 44

Quaid has continued to act as pictured in 2019

Quaid was Lohan’s father (pictured left), at the age of 44. The star still acts to this day (pictured in 2019).

Quaid (68) already knew his name from Breaking Away (1979), and The Right Stuff (1983) when he was hired by The Parent Trap.

His comedy show, The Parent Trap, was more fun than his other work. His role as Nick was at the age of 44. He plays Nick, the father, and tries to bring his family together. Meredith is his wife, but he still feels for Elizabeth. 

Quaid, during the Parent Trap reunion praises the film and notes why it was such a hit.

Quaid said, “When it comes down, it was just a movie that had some stardust. That was just sprinkled on, just happened in an ether.” 

He continued to work on his most important projects, including Frequency ((2000)), Far From Heaven ((2002), and The Day After Tomorrow (2004).

Quaid described The Parent Trap as a 'movie just had some sort of stardust, that was just sprinkled on it'

Quaid described The Parent Trap to him as “a movie just with some kind of stardust that was just sprinkled on top”

Quaid starred in the 2000 film Frequency

He also starred in Far From Heaven in 2003

Quiad was a star of films such as 2000’s Frequency (pictured below) and 2003’s Far From Heaven, (pictured right). 

Quaid made headlines when he tied the knot with Laura Savoie while he was 66 years old and she was 27 years old, both pictured in 2022

Quaid was just 66, and Laura Savoie was only 27. The couple were married in headlines. 

The Emmy nominee for the role of Bill Clinton in The Special Relationship (2010) was also received by the actor.  

He was also well-known for his romantic life. Not only was he famous for his turbulent marriage to Meg Ryan, but also because of his controversial and highly publicized marriage to Laura Savoie.

The PhD student was 65 and he was 26 when he proposed to her. They were engaged a year later.

He continues to act today. He is currently the star of The Rookie. Recently, he filmed Regan.

He spoke out about his experience playing the role of the deceased president in a Broadway World interview. 

Also, he has been able to tap back into his musical side by announcing that he will tour alone with his music starting in April 2022. 

Elaine Hendrix has maintained for many years that Meredith isn’t the bad guy – and she made quite a name on Dynasty’s tiny screen.

Hendrix as Meredith in the 1998 hit The Parent Trap at age 26

In 2020, she spoke out for the first time about Meredith not being a villain

Hendrix, who played Meredith (1998) in The Parent Trap at 26 years old, began to defend her character in 2020 as a victim and not a villain (pictured right).

Hendrix was 51 and had just begun to make a name in Hollywood, when Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and The Parent Trap, were both landed.

 ‘I was still new in Hollywood. At that time, I think I was living in this one-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood and Romy and Michele had just come out,’ the actress told Us Weekly of the time.

“I was just trying to navigate Hollywood,” she said. It was all a mystery. “I was driving a Honda Civic, and I just wanted to live my best life trying all of this.

Although she was originally asked to be a part of the Mortal Kombat Series, both the original and sequels, other issues prevented her from joining. This allowed her to rejoin The Parent Trap, which eventually became her legacy.  

‘Anytime you book a gig, much less starring role, in a big studio movie — I was 26 years old; that felt like such an accomplishment. I had Meredith’s same drive and ambition,’ she told Vulture of landing the role.

Meredith: Hendrix’s TikTok video isn’t her first defense of The Parent Trap.

During the 2020 Vulture interview she spoke highly of those people who were already able to see Meredith in a ‘inspirational’ light. 

Hendrix's first role was in Romy and Michele which lead to her booking The Parent Trap

Hendrix began her career in Romy & Michele. This led to the booking of The Parent Trap.

Hendirx stayed in touch with her The Parent Trap co-star Lisa Ann Walters and they're besties to this day

Hendirx kept in touch to her The Parent Trap costar Lisa Ann Walters. They’re still best friends.

Hendrix currently stars on Dynasty

Hendrix stars currently on Dynasty

‘I absolutely am shocked but love that present day there’s scores of gals, a whole generation now, that don’t see Meredith as a villain. They view her as an aspiration,” she said.

Since she was first offered the role, Hendrix feels the same way. 

She said, ‘We have to justify our actions with every actor playing a character. ‘So, you know, Elaine Hendrix, the actress, knew that Meredith Blake was the villain, but as far as Meredith Blake goes … she just was doing what she needed to get what she wanted in life.’ 

She said that she saw no fault in all of these. There is definitely a part of me that feels happy for Meredith Blake that she’s been vindicated,’ she added. 

After The Parent Trap, Hendrix went on to book some a number of TV gigs, her biggest being the 2015 series Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Dynasty – which is still currently running. 

Although The Parent Trap is over 20 years old, Maggie Wheeler still keeps in touch.  

The Internet lost it’s mind when she sent Walter happy birthday wishes. 

 ‘Happy Birthday to my ride or die. My bestie. My bestie. My best friend.

“I am so glad that you are here. You are the best! What would you do if I wasn’t? It makes me shiver to think about it. You are my love. “Happy Birthday.”

Natasha Richardson, a tragic ski accident victim nine years ago after The Parent Trap was released, died unexpectedly. 

Richardson attended the Parent Trap premiere in 1998 at age 35

She tragically passed in 2009 at age 45 due to a brain injury

Richardson was Elizabeth (pictured below) in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap. She is fondly remembered by her costars after she died from a brain injury aged 45 in 2009.

After her tragic death in 2009, Natasha Richardson left many legacy items.

Richardson, 45 years old, died after falling on a ski trip. He sustained a fatal brain injury.

She was 35 when she played Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the loving mother to the twins and thanks to her help ends up reconnecting again with him. 

He and his co-stars spoke glowingly about the wonderful experience of working with Miss Trap during the Parent Trap Reunion. 

Lohan remarked that Natasha was a beautiful mother and had such elegance and grace.

In The Parent Trap, she played Elizabeth, the doting mother of the twins who, thanks to their help, ends up reconnecting with and falling in love with their father again

She played Elizabeth in The Parent Trap as Elizabeth, the loving mother to the twins. With their assistance, Elizabeth ends up reconnecting and falling for their father again.

Richardson starred in Maid in Manhattan in 2002

She also starred in Asylum in 2005

Richardson appeared in Maid in Manhattan in February 2002 (pictured left), and Asylum in May 2005 (pictured right).

Richardson was revered for being 'elegant' on set and praising her husband Liam Neeson, pictured above in 2008

Richardson is praised for her elegance on the set, and she was a great husband to Liam Neeson (pictured above in 2008).

“A person so generous, so happy to be there, and who transmitted the joy of being capable to do what they do.” Quaid was elated about his screen love interest. 

Hendrix wasn’t there for the reunion and also shared her affections with the star in an interview with Us Weekly.

She shared that she just recalled thinking about Natasha and her elegance.

Her son, Micheál, has only backed that up and over time, has proven how much his mom meant to him. People spoke with him about how he watches The Parent Trap every time he is sad for his mother. 

He said, “I see her as that person.” I am also so lucky because even though she has passed, I still have the opportunity to see what she did and that’s an amazing thing. 

On top of The Parent Trap, she starred in Maid in Manhattan (2002), Asylum (2005) and Wild Child (2008) before she passed.

Lisa Ann Walter continues to be recognized as her The Parent Trap character at Abbott Elementary

Walter played Lohan's nanny Chessy in The Parent Trap at age 35

She continues to act in 2022 at age 59

Walter played Lohan’s babysitter Chessy, in The Parent Trap (pictured above) when he was 35. He continued to act in 2022 at the age of 59.

Lisa Ann Walter was the Parent Trap’s Chessy, which was one of her most important roles. Lohan loved her character as Lohan’s nanny. She was also a fan favourite.

The role was a serious one for the actress at 59. In an interview with TODAY the actress shared her secrets about how she prepared for the role.

 ‘I went in for the first read and they said, “don’t dress up’ and ‘dress down and don’t be fancy.” According to her, I decided to wear what I considered casual. It didn’t seem enough.

She shared that they said “No seriously, you should dress down” the second time she went in. This was a great audition. 

She didn’t just wear ‘no makeup’ or ‘put her hair up in a pony’, but she also wore her son’s clothes and tried to appear as goofy and silly as possible.

Walter said that 'shooting was not easy' since Lohan played twins and they had to film everything twice

Walter mentioned that it was not an easy task because Lohan played twins so they had to do everything twice.

Since The Parent Trap, the actress went on to star in the 2003 film Bruce Almighty

The Parent Trap: The actress was a star of Bruce Almighty in 2003.

Walter claims that she and her co-star Hendrix became 'best friends' by 'creating their own fun' behind the scenes while filming The Parent Trap

Walter says that Hendrix, her star in The Parent Trap, became “best friends” by creating their own entertainment behind the scenes.

Walter says kids still recognize her as Chessy while filming Abbott Elementary in 2002

Walter claims that children still remember her as Chessy when she filmed Abbott Elementary 2002

Surprisingly, when discussing filming The Parent Trap she said that it was more fun to be in the between scenes than on the camera. 

“Shooting was hard because there were two sides to the camera technology [of Lohan playing the twins]This was a new concept. CGI now has grown to the point that it isn’t as painstaking,” she stated, noting that they had done something ‘groundbreaking’ back then.

A beautiful friendship blossomed with Elaine Meredith, her co-star in the film. 

“We did all of it twice.” Elaine and me became close friends because we had a lot to do back there while waiting for the setups.

The Parent Trap was her first film. She then starred in Bruce Almighty, 2003. In addition to TV appearances, she was also offered gigs on GLOW and Abbott Elementary.

Funny thing is, Abbott Elementary students still recognize Abbott Elementary for the Parent Trap role she played decades later. 

The little ones that we have, six to seven year olds. They’ll hear me talk. I mean, I think I look similar, but with dark hair, and I’m not blonde anymore,’ she told Us Weekly.

“But the kids recognize my voice and then they’ll go, ‘You were the nanny! Quinta [Brunson] will just sit there and go, ‘That is an entire baby that just recognized you from a movie that was shot 24 years ago.’”

Kat Graham was the star of The Parent Trap, which led her to an acting career.

Graham got her big break after playing Jackie in The Parent Trap at nine years old

She continues to act to this day, pictured in 2022, at age 32

Graham got her big break after playing Jackie in The Parent Trap (pictured left) at nine years old and continues to act to this day, pictured in 2022 (pictured right) at age 32

Kat Graham was first to appear in Hollywood with the role of Jackie in The Parent Trap. Graham, who was nine years old at the time, played Jackie – Annie’s close camp friend.

Graham has a special place for this role. At 32 she still recalls the experience well, even though it was only nine years ago.  

“I was there and it was, like, my first movie. I went along with my mom on the set. I still remember Lindsay and Hallie very well. I remember a lot more of that even more than even the things over the past 10 years,’ she told ET in 2020. 

“And I also remember etiquette. It was a great experience to be on the set, and I can remember seeing what it was like. I know what was difficult and what was easy. 

She landed her biggest role as Bonnie Bennett in The CW series The Vampire Diaries in 2009 and continued to play the role until the show ended in 2017

Her biggest role was as Bonnie Bennett, The CW Series The Vampire Diaries. This role remained with her until 2017

One of her biggest on screen credits includes the 2020 film Cut Throat City

Cut Throat City 2020, one of her greatest credits is on screen.

To this day, Graham says she has vivid memories of filming The Parent Trap

Graham still has vivid and vivid memories from filming The Parent Trap.

 ‘As a kid, you know, you forget, and sometimes people underestimate what a kid pays attention to. Growing up, I was very attentive to everything. That experience shaped me in many ways.

Lohan also shared their memories of how they became closer and had to come back for more shoots. 

She shared that she was introduced to Hanson’s “MMMBop”… as well as… Sugar Ray. She introduced me to an entirely new genre of music, and I was able to follow her lead for about a minute. … She introduced me to some very cute pop music.

Graham’s professional career continued to flourish after The Parent Trap. In 2009, she landed the biggest part as Bonnie Bennett on The CW’s series The Vampire Diaries. She continued playing the role until 2017.

In 2017 she returned to big-screen roles in films such as All Eyez on Me (2017) and How It Ends (2018). 

Hallie Meyers-Shyer modeled after her mom, the director of The Parent Trap

Meyers-Shyer played Annie's friend Lindsay in The Parent Trap at age 11

Myers-Shyer now has a directing credit under her name, pictured in 2018

Meyers-Shyer was Annie’s friend Lindsay (pictured left), at the age of 11. She has continued to act and direct since then (pictured 2018).

Hallie Meyers -Shyer (35), played an important part in The Parent Trap. She played Lindsay at 11 years old, one of Annie’s best friends. The film was dedicated to her.

Nancy Meyers, the Parent Trap’s Director, is Meyers’ real-life mom. Charles Shyer is also her father and the film’s scriptwriter. The Parent Trap was a true family affair.

Following The Parent Trap she continued her acting career in What Women want (2000) and The Affair of the Necklace (2001). 

The Parent Trap's director, Nancy Meyers, is Meyers-Shyer's real-life mother, both pictured in 1998

Nancy Meyers, the Parent Trap’s Director, is Meyers Shyer’s real mother. They were both photographed in 1998

She followed in her mother's footsteps directing, writing and producing the 2017 film Home Again

Her mother was her inspiration and she was the director, writer, and producer of 2017’s Home Again.

Nowadays, she's enjoying life with her husband Ophir Tanz

She’s now enjoying the married life of Ophir Tanz

She had previously been in Father of the Bride (1991), and I Love Trouble (1994).

She began following in the footsteps of her mother. Reese Witherspoon was a star in the film Home Again, which she directed, produced and wrote.

Today, she is enjoying the company of her husband Ophir and their son Julien Benedict. Julien Benedict was born in April 2021.