Red Wall Tory MPs are leading the ‘pork pie’ conspiracy. They believe that if they don’t remove the Prime Minister from power, the country will end in chaos.

The group, branded ‘Boris’ Babies’ when they entered Parliament in 2019, are now being called ‘f***ing nobodies’ by Mr Johnson’s allies.

Sources within the party have pointed fingers at Dehenna Davieson, Bishop Auckland MP and Alicia Kearns, fellow Tory, as the ringleaders. According to some sources, up to 20 newly elected MPs gathered in Miss Kearns’ office at noon. She represents Melton Mowbray.

Whips suspect three other relatively new backbenchers – Ms Davison from Bishop Auckland, Gary Sambrook, a freemason and MP for Birmingham Northfield and Chris Loder from West Dorset – of being among the ringleaders.  Sky News reports that some of their allies have called them the “grey wolves” because they were not socialized in Parliament during the pandemic.

According to one Cabinet source, he was angry at their lack of loyalty. He told The Times that “They were elected just because of him.” Most of them are a load of f****** nobodies. It’s nuts.’

Downing Street appears to be very annoyed at Miss Davison. Carrie Johnson had campaigned together with Rishi Sunak and Dilyn, who is the PM’s dog.

In a clear sign that things are not going well, Carrie’s friend Nimco Ali tweeted today: “Honestly, can’t believe how stupid @DehennaDavison.” Give it a go, Girl. 

The plotters were secretly discussing the matter behind closed doors. However, another 2019er confessed to having written a letter of non-confidence in the PM. According to reports, the plotters discussed sending their letters in masse to Prime Minister’s Questions. 11 are now believed to be included.

Christian Wakeford was the Tory’s first representative of Bury South for more than twenty years. He is also the seventh member to write to the Chairman of the Backbench 1922 Committee. Last year he admitted he approached Owen Paterson and called him a ‘c***’ after the government instructed MPs to vote to change parliamentary sleaze rules. Today, he has defected from Labour.

According to reports, the plotters discussed sending their letters in masse following Prime Minister’s Questions. 11 are now believed to be in.

They are believed to be the ones leading the plot. 

Dehenna Davison with rescued puppy 'Carter' pictured next to Carrie Johnson with dog Dilyn and Rishi Sunak, canvasing in Bishop Auckland. She is thought to be one of the ringleaders

Dehenna Davison with rescued puppy ‘Carter’ pictured next to Carrie Johnson with dog Dilyn and Rishi Sunak, canvasing in Bishop Auckland. This is her rumored role as one of the leaders.


#ToryGirlSquad: Carrie and Dehenna even took their respective rescue dogs Dilyn and Carter on the Tory campaign trail in 2019

#ToryGirlSquad – Dehenna and Carrie even brought their rescue dogs Dilyn, Carter and Carter along on the Tory campaign trail for 2019

Dehenna Davison has been named as one of the ringleaders of the plot to oust the PM, despite her close friendship with his wife Carrie, branding themselves the ‘Tory Girl Squad’.

Her victory was the highlight of the 2019 intake. She won with 7962 votes, the largest majority since the creation of the seat in 1885. 

Now, she’s said to be angry at the Prime Minister for promoting two Red Wall female MPs ahead of her. Boris is not something Ms Davison believes should be removed from power. 

It would be a stunning turnaround for her after she heavily relied on Carrie Johnson during her campaign as Bishop Auckland’s MP. 

Carrie’s friend Nimco Ali tweeted that she couldn’t believe @DehennaDavison’s tweet. Give it a go, Girl.

She was born in Sheffield. Her father died after being attacked. When Ms. Davison learned that Dominic, her father had died in a pub attack when she was only 13, she was just a teenager.

Ms. Davison was a Tory candidate in Co Durham, where she won last night. She recalled sitting in the waiting room of a hospital as her father died.

“I still see it.” She said that she could still remember the color of the walls and the details. ‘They [the doctors]”I stopped, and went to visit my father’s grave. This is something that you don’t expect at this young age.

Helen Goodman was the Labour Remainer she defeated in 2019. She studied at Hull University in politics and worked as an assistant to Jacob Rees Mogg for a year.

Ms. Davison has been supported on the campaign trail by Mr Johnson’s former girlfriend Carrie. She said that politics is about helping people get their benefits claims through and getting a hole filled.

She admitted her past as a computer game shop worker that she was a poster girl because of her unfortunate backstory and her “slightly odd demographics”. She said, “I want to do things.”

Carrie Johnson's best friend Nimco Ali today told Dehenna, also a friend, to 'get a grip'

Carrie Johnson was today told by Nimco Ali, her best friend and also friend to Dehenna to ‘get in a groove’

Divorcing: After marrying Hull Tory councillor John Fareham, 35 years her senior, in her early twenties, the couple are now getting divorced. The pair appeared on Channel 4 show Bride and Prejudice during their relationship to talk about taboos surrounding age gap marriages

Divorcing: After marrying Hull Tory councillor John Fareham, 35 years her senior, in her early twenties, the couple are now getting divorced. The pair appeared on Channel 4 show Bride and Prejudice during their relationship to talk about taboos surrounding age gap marriages

Carrie Symonds posted her congratulations on her win, saying that she was delighted to learn her friend has become the Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland. She wrote, “She will be amazing.” 

Both of them have rescue dogs. Davison posted a photo on social media in 2019, showing the pair campaigning together with Symonds Jack Russell crossed Dilyn, and Davison’s terrier mix Carter. Davison uploaded the picture to Instagram with the caption “ToryGirlSquad”

Davison spoke about Mrs Johnson’s friendship and said that Carrie offered tons of support to her when she was elected as one of the youngest Commons MPs at 26 years old.

Their pets enjoyed an evening of play at Symonds’ home with Wilfred and the PM after the election. Davison described it as a ‘not beautiful’ event, although no harm was done to the flat’s furnishings.

Last year  Davison also revealed that she’s currently divorcing Hull Tory councillor John Fareham, the husband 35 years her senior with whom she appeared on Channel 4 show Bride and Prejudice with. 

Davison stated that it was an ’embarrassing experience’ to appear on the program, which focused on taboo relationship including high age gaps.

After revealing in an interview last November that she is bisexual, she said that she felt overwhelmed by the support she received. This is thought to be her first public statement as a Tory female MP.

Times Radio spoke out to say she’s now in a long-term relationship with a man that is ‘going really good’. Additionally, she also spoke out.Aid she used dating apps that had a ‘kind of nickname’ because her first name was so distinct she was afraid she’d be identifiable.

She stated, “I did not say anything about what I was doing for a living.” This was much more natural. There were a couple of nice dates I had with nice women and some very nice men. It was, well, just fun.

Alicia Kearns

Rutland MP grabbing a pork pie in the market town of Melton Mo

Rutland MP grabs a Melton Mo pork pie

Alicia Kearns was an Amnesty International activist in her teens and was elected MP for Rutland & Melton in 2019.

Due to Miss Kearns’ involvement, the plot was nicknamed the “Pork Pie Plot” – as she is Melton Mowbray’s MP. This city is known for being the capital of pork pie.

Former press officer at the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Justice, the 34-year old is currently employed by the Foreign Office.

As a mother of two young children, she now serves as a member on the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. She is a vocal opponent to some lockdown restrictions by the government, such as Covid passports. 

The Tory MP, who replaced stalwart Alan Duncan,  has had her second child since being elected and has campaigned for mothers not to be alone in labour in hospitals, after some trusts banned partners.

She also weighed in on the debate over breastfeeding in the Commons chamber amid an outcry over Labour’s Stella Creasy being censured for carrying her son Pip, then aged three months.  

Rutland and Melton Ms Kearns 34 said she was able leave the chamber for her daughter to eat and that it is not necessary to be ‘live-streamed’ to the outside world from the Commons.

Ms Kearns was the one to announce the birth of her second child, in January 2021. I’ve requested to leave debates to provide food for my child several times, but I have not been refused.

“This debate over childcare is being wrongly presented as one about rights and representation.” 

Chris Loder 

Chris Loder at Dorchester West Station, where he used to be train guard

Chris Loder is stationed at Dorchester West Station. He was train guard there.

Chris Loder (MP for West Dorset, since 2019 replacing Oliver Letwin) is another MP that has been implicated in the plot.  

According to Mr Loder, he received over 400 emails in recent days. The ‘vast and vast majority’ of them were critical of the PM.

On Facebook, he said: “With revelations regarding Downing Street parties during the past two years at its peak, I’d love you to know that most of my coworkers feel deeply embarrassed and embarrassed by such revelations.”

Formerly, the 40-year-old had been head of South Western Railway new trains.

At South West Trains (the firm that previously owned the franchise), he began his career as a guard on trains at the age of 18.

Mr Loder is an opponent of ‘woke’ politics and he lists his hobbies as bell ringing in Dorset churches and playing his organ.

He was a pupil at the state comprehensive in his area and did not go to college. 

Because of his Christian faith, he has been able to speak out against a variety of scandals that have gripped the Church of England during recent years.

This included when the Rt Rev Dr Joanna Penberthy, the Bishop of St Davids, told her congregation ‘never, never, never trust a Tory’. Justin Welby, the Archbishop and Bishop of Canterbury, was obliged to make an apology.

Loder was an Anglican priest in the Church of England. She wrote Dr Penberthy asking her to resign for the “disgracefully divisive” comments that showed she was ‘not fit to be bishop.”

He claimed that his political affiliation led clergy members to “turn their backs at Christ’s peace at the Eucharist” and that there are some clergy and churches who won’t accept him, even though I live in my own constituency. 

Gary Sambrook 

Gary Sambrook was elected MP for Birmingham Northfield in the 2019 election - but is believed to be deeply unhappy with the party leader.

Gary Sambrook was elected to the office of MP for Birmingham Northfield at the 2019 elections. However, it is thought that he has deep discontent with the leader.

Gary Sambrook, who was elected as MP for Birmingham Northfield during the 2019 election, is widely believed to have been deeply dissatisfied with his party leader.

He explained that while the prime minister admitted being present at one of those gatherings, he disputed the party status and apologized. All of us will draw our own conclusions. 

Richard Burden (Labour MP) was defeated by Sambrook, who has represented the seat in this election since 1992.

She is 32 years old and has supported trans rights.

An ex-Birmingham councillor and proud gay man, the former mayor is now a freemason.

After Sarah Wollaston, a former Tory MP, asked him on Twitter why anyone would bother to read all the claptrap if they didn’t have an opportunity to gain unfair advantage, he spoke up.

But Sambrook said Freemasons did a great job for charities and its members were ordinary people – despite the ‘funny handshakes’.

He said that Freemasonry had been at the receiving end for a long period of stigmatization, whispering and discrimination.

“I’ve never kept the fact that my father is a Mason a secret, and I proudly share it with anyone who asks.

“It was easier to be gay than to be a Freemason. This is often a description of a secret society that meets in anonyme buildings and faces accusations of control over Governments or faking the landings of the moon. 


Therese Coffee 

Therese Coffey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, departs the Commons

Therese Coffeey, Secretary for State for Work and Pensions leaves the Commons

The 50-year-old cabinet minister Therese Cffey is also being accused of criticizing Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Prior to entering politics, she worked as finance director at Mars Drinks UK. She also served as property finance director for BBC.

Her election as the MP for Suffolk Coastal was in 2010 after John Gummer. She opposed the legalization of homosexual marriages, stating that she was a family man.

Boris Johnson named her Work and Pensions Secretary after Amber Rudd resigned in 2019, a post she still holds.

She denied violating coronavirus restrictions last month by holding karaoke parties in her Cabinet office locked down.

Red Wall assassins 

Christian Wakeford

Bury South MP Christian Wakeford is joining Labour

Christian Wakeford, Bury South MP is joining Labour

Christian Wakeford, Bury South MP defected to Labour today from the Conservatives. He told Boris Johnson that both he and the Conservative Party in general had shown themselves incapable of providing the leadership and government the country needs.

Although he is believed to have quit Labour for Labour in the Autumn, rumors about Downing St parties are the last straw.

Labour leader Sir KeirStarmer welcomed Christian Wakeford’s departure from the Tories. Starmer stated that the policies of the Conservative government did not do anything to aid the Bury South people and in fact made their daily struggles worse.

While he wasn’t at the pork pie meeting, he stated that he doesn’t trust the Prime Minister. However, some exoerts claim his letter could still be counted, in spite of his departure.

Prior to winning his Bury South seat, he worked as an insurance agent.

It was reported last year that he approached Owen Paterson and called him a ‘c***’ after the government instructed MPs to vote to change parliamentary sleaze rules.  

The expletive was used by Paterson while he was angry at Mr Paterson for breaking lobbying rules. He also received codeine to treat a fractured ankle.

Bury South MP, who was one of many elected in ex-Labour strongholds in 2019, claimed he felt angry that MPs were being “marched up the hills” to stop Mr Paterson from his suspension.  Times Radio’s Mr Wakeford also confirmed that the C-word claim that he made was true. He said: “It’s been an amalgamation of quite a bit of anger and codeine. I clearly have a broken ankle at the moment. It isn’t the most ideal combination’.

Mark Logan

Bolton's Tory MP Mark Logan rebelled over the operation to save Owen Paterson

Bolton Tory MP Mark Logan rebelled to stop Owen Paterson’s rescue operation

Bolton’s Tory MP Mark Logan, who has a majority of just 378, says  he has been left ‘infuriated’ by the No 10 parties.

He added: “Like many people who took the time to reach out this week. He said: ‘Like many of you who’ve taken the time to contact me this week. The prime minister in government sets the example and culture for the rest. 

Boris Johnson was his first rebel in November. He chose to revolt against him. Abstain from the controversial vote on whether or not to revise the system that upholds standards. 

This was in reference to Owen Paterson, North Shropshire MP who was repeatedly found to have violated the rules of paid lobbying. 

Many consider Boris Johnson’s decision to rescue Paterson and keep him from being suspended to be the turning point in his premiership.

At the time, he stated that ‘I believe that the independent commission has made clear that I will not vote in favor of any motion to overrule these findings.

“This not only is my opinion, but it also considers how the findings would be perceived by people living in Bolton. 

Lee Anderson   

Lee Anderson refused to watch Gareth Southgate's team in the Euros because they took the knee

Lee Anderson declined to see Gareth Southgate and his team at the Euros, as they had taken the knee.

Elected in Ashfield with a majority of 5,733 – it was just the second time the Nottinghamshire constituency has ever had a Tory MP. 

He said of the partygate scandal: ‘Personally, I would not back anyone who has knowingly done wrong.’ 

He was the son of a coal miner and was educated in his hometown. After being a miner himself for twelve years, he joined Arthur Scargill’s National Union of Mineworkers. In 1984, he went on strike. 

He worked later in hostels for homeless people before becoming the office manager of Gloria De Piero Labour MP. He was frustrated by Labour’s Brexit position and quit Labour in 2018. In 2018, he joined the Tories.

Last year he made headlines having vowed to boycott England’s Euro 2020 games because of his opposition to players taking the knee.  

The Black Lives Matter political group, which is mostly far-left, was the reason he lashed at the players for taking his knee.

Anderson posted a Facebook video in which he was seen wearing a Tshirt that had the Three Lions logo on it. Anderson said it was “their choice to kneel and it’s mine not to watch matches” but also admitted to having received abuse for his position.

Anderson stated that the FA made a mistake in supporting the taking of the knee before the tournament started.

The Times reported that he said Black Lives Matter was Marxist.

All forms of racism must be eliminated.

“For the first ever in my life, I won’t be watching my beloved England football team as they support a political group whose core principles are to destroy our way of living.”

Antony Higginbotham

 With a vote of 1,352 in Burnley, the 32-year old was elected Tory MP for the first time since 1910.

Antony Higginbotham

The 32-year-old won Burnley with a majority of 1,352 – the first Tory MP in the town since 1910. 

With his seat at risk, he posted on Facebook that he was as mad and as disappointed as a human being could be. 

The whole story has led to a loss of trust in politics and raised questions about those responsible for the restrictive voting restrictions we were all subject to. It also made everyone reflect upon the tough times and sacrifices that we’ve made during the past two decades. 

He’s single and gay. His grandmother was nurse while his mother worked as a representative for the trade union. Meanwhile, his father had two jobs in order to get by. He is single and openly homosexual.

He was educated in the local school system and is the first member of his family to attend university.

Prior to entering politics, he was employed in the NHS. He then joined NatWest as an advisor for customers preparing for the future. 

His time with the Army Cadet Force in Lancashire influenced his political views.