Christopher Biggins claimed that Queen Elizabeth is in a wheelchair and cancelling all engagements as she’s ‘proud and doesn’t wish to be seen’.

This morning the panto star stated that she has heard from GB News that she cannot do many events and that cancelling some of them would be a good idea because she is in a chair.

She doesn’t like being seen. She is our most important monarch. This is so sad. I wish she could make the anniversary celebrations.  

It comes after reports Buckingham Palace has a meticulously-orchestrated ‘military-style’ plan to take the Queen, 95, to Prince Philip’s memorial service next week.

It is believed that Her Majesty will fly from Windsor Castle in England to Buckingham Palace via helicopter. She will also be transported by car to Buckingham Palace. A private screen was used to protect her from the prying eyes of photographers. 

The Queen has cancelled official engagements because she doesn't want to be seen in a wheelchair, Christopher Biggins has claimed. Pictured, the Queen in October 2021

Christopher Biggins claims that the Queen cancelled her official engagements as she does not want to see people in wheelchairs. Pictured: The Queen October 2021

Sunday’s Mail report was based on a source who said that Her Majesty isn’t comfortable being seen out in public with a wheelchair because she fears replicating the haunting photo of Princess Margaret, her sister in law. 

While she continues to perform short, in-person engagements, like holding private audiences at Windsor Castle for small groups, she was forced out last Monday of the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. 

While the Queen may have used a walkie-talkie for some public functions, she was never seen with a wheelchair.  

MailOnline has reached out to Buckingham Palace regarding comment. 

Eamonn asked Biggins about the comparisons with Princess Margaret. Biggins replied that it was embarrassing for Her Majesty. 

Responding to reports that the Queen has had a wheelchair-friendly lift installed at Craigowan Lodge, her favourite cottage at the Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, Biggins claimed installing lifts in houses is all the rage.

The Queen continues to carry out short engagements in person, such as holding private audiences at Windsor Castle, but pulled out of the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey last Monday. Pictured, Presenting the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry to Grace Nichols during a private audience at Windsor Castle last Wednesday

While the Queen still performs short engagements, like at Windsor Castle last Wednesday, she pulled out from the annual Commonwealth Day ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Pictured: Grace Nichols receives the Queen’s Gold Medal of Poetry at Windsor Castle.

He said, “Everyone I know puts in lifts,” If you have the right space, you can install a lift quite cheaply. It’s quite amazing to me that there are two flights of stairs.

The Queen quit the Commonwealth Day service last Wednesday over concerns that she would not be able to make the journey the 60-miles and if it was possible for her to stay in Westminster Abbey more than one hour.  

According to sources, she plans on attending the thanksgiving ceremony for Duke of Edinburgh (who died in April at the age 99).   

The Queen is determined to continue walking for as much time as possible, and she has so far refused to use a wheelchair. 

According to The Sun, she has explored the possibility of getting assistance so that she can travel around The Cloisters (the south and parts) more quickly and comfortably. 

Asked by Eamonn about comparisons to Princess Margaret, Biggins said it was 'embarrassing' for Her Majesty. Pictured, Christopher Biggins at the Service of Thanksgiving for Dame Vera Lynn today

Eamonn asked Biggins about the comparisons with Princess Margaret. Biggins replied that it was an ’embarrassing” situation for Her Majesty. Christopher Biggins, today at the Service of Thanksgiving to Dame Vera Lynn

Expect the Queen to fly 15 minutes via helicopter from Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace. 

According to the Sun, the head of state will be driving the short distance between the Palace and Westminster Abbey. 

The entire Dean’s Yard will be sealed off under the plans, which also include six-foot privacy screens and a potential football-style tunnel which would block any photographer’s view as she exits her vehicle.

The Abbey at the Poets’ Corner is where she can be taken. It takes only about a five-minute walk for her to get into The Sanctuary.

The is determined, sources say, to attend the thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last April at the age of 99. A plan is said to be put in place to make it possible

The is determined, sources say, to attend the thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last April at the age of 99. It is believed that a plan has been put together to make this possible.

Tradition has been explored to see if she will be allowed to sit before the audience, rather than arrive last.   

Majesty Magazine’s editor-in chief Ingrid Seward stated to the Sun, “Understandably the Queen does not want to see herself in a wheelchair.”

“But she is the Head of State, and as someone who wishes to be seen and needed to be seen, might be willing to use a wheelchair. It is best to not take photographs.

“This could be a rehearsal for all the Platinum Jubilee events.” She wants to go because she believes Philip would like her there.

“She’ll be thinking, “If it were her thanksgiving ceremony,” he would make Heaven and Earth move to ensure he was there.

“She really would love to miss it. Her staff would find it difficult, as well as anyone with mobility issues. She would find it difficult.