Warm porridge is the best thing to eat on a cold morning. You might be attracted to’super porridge,’ which has extra fat-burning or protein.

Mandy Francis sent Ruth Kander from the Fleet Street Clinic to review them. They were then rated.   

Cholesterol can be reduced 

Naturya Berry Buzz  

300g, £3.75, naturya.com

Per 100g: Calories: 401, saturated fat, 12g and fibre; 11g each; 15g sugar; 0.01g

Claim: Superfood porridge made with real fruit powders, chia seeds and other healthy ingredients. Immune support. Lowers cholesterol. For overnight oats or hot milk, add warm water or boiling milk to boil in 2 minutes.

Expert verdict

This bowl will provide you with 87 percent of your daily manganese requirements and 23% of your daily copper intake, mostly from the oatmeal and chia seed. Manganese is essential for the conversion of food into energy, and copper helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Dried and powdered dates, strawberries and camu camu (both South American fruits) contain 106% of the daily Vitamin C for a 60g amount.

However, the term “superfood” porridge has no meaning. It’s a marketing term. This is also one of the sweeter products here — with just over two teaspoons of sugar per bowl — mostly from the natural sugars in powdered fruit. 


It has a creamy, chewy texture with a sweet and bitter finish.


Naturya Berry Buzz

Naturya Berry Buzz

Simpler to digest

Rude Health Strouted Porridge

400g, £4, waitrose.com

Rude Health Sprouted Porridge

Rude Health Strouted Porridge

Calories per 100g: 382 calories; saturated fat; 1.3g, protein, 13.6g, fibre, 10g, sugar, 1.2g, salt, 0g

Claim: These flakes are made from water and flour that have been soaked. They then go through a germination process and dried. Combine with milk, water, and heat in the microwave.

Expert verdict: These are simple sprouted porridge oatmeals. Some early research suggests that sprouting may reduce some starch from the grains and increase quantities of other nutrients like protein.

It may be why it has 23 percent more protein, which is great for muscle building and filling. This porridge oats are great because they don’t contain any added sugar or salt.


The texture is chewy with natural sweetness.


Clever and sweet

Stoats High-Protein Chocolate Porridge

60g, £1.50, ocado.com

Per 100g: Calories 359, saturated fat 21.6g, fibre 8.2g, protein, 2.1g, and salt 0.22g

Claim: “Packed with protein and high fibre.” Heat water.

Expert verdict: The protein in this porridge is almost twice that of other porridges. Each pot contains 13g — the equivalent of two eggs — plus 16 per cent of your daily fibre from the oats.

A small pot can contain almost two teaspoons of added sugar. Some sugar is naturally found in the food, but some can be added to make it more sweet.


The taste is rich and creamy with a chocolatey flavour.


Stoats High Protein Chocolate Porridge

Stoats High-Protein Chocolate Porridge

Reduces tiredness

Organic Super Porridge from Unbelievabowl

1.4kg, £19.99, yourunbelievabowl.co.uk

For 100g: Calories 428, saturated fat 3g, protein 15g, fibre 12g, sugar, 2.9g, salt 0.03g

Your Unbelievabowl Organic Super Porridge

Organic Super Porridge from Unbelievabowl

Claim: “Organic, jumbo Oats mixed in a mixture of eight superfoods (chia, hemp pumpkin, almonds cacao nibs flaxseeds and Goji Berries. This nutrient-rich product is known to reduce blood cholesterol. This supports your heart health as well as reducing tiredness, fatigue and other symptoms. Microwave milk or water.

Expert verdict: You’ll be able to get 38 percent of the recommended daily intake of thiamin in just 50g of food. Thiamin — from the oats and nuts — helps convert carbohydrates into energy.

Cacao nibs provide 18% of your daily iron requirements in one serving. Nuts and seeds offer 21 percent of your daily magnesium, which is important for bone strength. It has the highest protein and fiber content of all porridges. There is no added sugar. 


The taste: Large, chewy, golden oats with large amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds. 


Boosts gut bacteria

Bio & Me Super Seedy & Nutty Prebiotic Gut-loving Porridge

400g, £1.95, waitrose.com

Per 100g Calories: 426, saturated fat, 2.1g protein, 12.9g fiber, and 8.5g sugar. 0.03g

CLAIM – ‘Good For Your Gut. It contains 14 of your 30-weekly diverse plant-based meals [including oats, nuts, seeds, raisins and dried carrot]Prebiotic fibers and chicory inulin to support your microbiome. Chicory Inulin, a fiber that contributes to healthy bowel function. You can microwave with milk, water, or both.

EXPERT CONCLUSION: Studies have shown that people who consume at least 30 plant-based meals per week are more likely to have diverse gut microbes. An extensive gut microbiome can lead to a stronger immune system, better control of blood sugar and improved bone health.

Some people may experience bloating, digestive discomfort or irritability from the chicory fiber in this product. Therefore, only consume a small amount.

There isn’t a huge amount of protein in a serving — the equivalent of a egg — so consider adding Greek yoghurt for a more substantial breakfast. You won’t find any added sugars or salt.


The taste: A creamy, sweet and dried carrot-flavored dessert.


Omega fats rich

Freestones No. 4 Vitality Porridge

500g, £3.99, ocado.com

Calories Per 100g: 418; saturated Fat, 1.6g and 12.9g respectively; 10.5g fibre, 10.5g protein; 1.3g sugar, 0.03g

Claim: An ‘unique combination of seven grains and five seed. High in Omegas 3, 6, Microwaveable with water or milk.

Expert verdict: The seed mix — in particular the linseeds, and chia — will provide small but useful amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are important for heart health and help nurture a robust immune system.

Combining wholegrains like quinoa, barley, wheat, ryeflakes and barley is a great source of fibre to support gut health. It also contains 21% of your daily fiber in 60g and ten percent of the variety of plant foods recommended for weekly consumption.

There is also no sugar added or salt.


The seeds give it a pleasant crunch.


Fiber content is high 

M&S Twice The Fibre Porridge

500g, £1.50, ocado.com

M&S Twice The Fibre Porridge

M&S Twice The Fibre Porridge

For 100g: Calories 384, saturated fat 1g, protein 10.4g, fibre 19.5g, sugar, 0.2g, salt 0.09g

Claim: ‘Wholegrain. Fibre-rich. High in protein. Microwave in milk, water or both

Expert verdict: The porridge contains twice as much fibre than other similar products. It is made from oats bran, chicory root fibre and oats. 

Some people may experience digestive discomfort from chicory fiber so only take a tiny amount. 

While it’s less protein than some other foods, adding a few nuts to the mix would increase its content. 


Flavor: A bit bland, but filling. 


Lots of protein

Protein World Summer Berries Slender Porridge

1.1kg, £17.99, proteinworld.com

Protein World Summer Berries Slender Porridge

Protein World Summer Berries Slender Porridge

Calories per 100g: 364 calories; saturated fat; 1.9g, protein, 24g, fibre 8.7g, sugar, 3.1g, salt, 0.63g

Claim: High protein, low sugar This product will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Provides many vitamins and minerals that support your overall health. It has a thermogenic effect. [heat-producing/ fat-burning]Mixture of guarana, green tea extracts. Mix with water, milk or in the microwave.

Expert verdict: The porridge has 12g protein per 50g, which is equivalent to two eggs. This vitamin and mineral mix provides between 33-45 percent of your recommended daily intake of certain nutrients.

Although stimulants like green tea or guarana can increase metabolism, the effect is very likely to be small.


The taste is sweet and creamy with small dried fruits pieces.


Immune improver 

Perkier Golden Syrup + Immune Porridge

Eight 55g pots, from £8.79, perkier.co.uk

Per 100g Calories, 325; saturated fat; 3.6g/protein, 16g/fiber, 6.5g/sugar, 18g/salt, 0.01g

Claim: Each section contains “100%” [of your daily]Vitamin D, C, and B12 plus coconut mylk’ fats to improve vitamin D absorption. High in fiber, dairy-free. Boil the water in a saucepan and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Perkier Golden Syrup + Immune Porridge

Perkier Golden Syrup + Immune Porridge

Expert verdict: Adding vitamin B12 — important for healthy blood and nerve cells — to this vegan porridge is good as it can be difficult to find in a plant- based diet.

The added vitamin D is useful for a healthy immune system — but I’ve never seen any research to prove that coconut milk can increase its absorption.

Vitamin C has important, protective antioxidant properties — but you shouldn’t need a supplement if you are eating reasonable amounts of fruit and veg.

This filling is made up of fibre and protein, thanks to the soy and Quinoa Flakes. Each pot contains almost 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar mostly.


The taste: A nice texture, but it is ruined by artificial syrup flavor.


The tools of trade 

This week: Electrocauterisation instruments

Cauterisation involves the application of heat to cut or seal blood vessels. Abu Al Qasim Al Zahrawi (a Andalusian physician in the 10th century) first described this process. These instruments would heat up over a fire and then they could be used to seal blood vessels.

Researchers at the University of Pisa in Italy have found evidence of the technique being used on an 11th-century mummified body buried in Italy with two wounds to the head — one had scarring that suggested it had been burned to seal it. Images of the procedure are shown in British Library manuscripts that date back to the same time. The ‘cautery’ iron is seen being heated up by fire.

Surgeons now use electric current (electrocautery), to heat the scalpel or metal wire to perform the operation.