The surprising area that has become a great white shark HOTSPOT – and scientists have NO idea why the apex predators are heading there

  • A New Zealand area is seeing an increase in shark sightings 
  • Dr Riley Elliot, a marine biologist is investigating why these birds are migrating towards Bay of Plenty 
  • One of Perth’s most popular teenagers was attacked near Bowentown by a shark in January 

Recent great white shark sightings have made the North Island of New Zealand a “hotspot” for sharks. 

According to Dr Riley Elliot (marine biologist), sharks have been visiting the Bowentown region in Bay of Plenty at an extraordinary rate.

A University of Auckland graduate claims it’s unknown why sharks move there. 

Dr Elliot has been waiting for permission from New Zealand’s Department of Conservation before he can launch an investigation into this phenomenon. 

A brave fisherman reels in shark before it suddenly burst from the waters and violently chomped on the bait in New Zealand

A four metre shark was spotted breaching the waters in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand

The brave fishing man reels in the shark just before the fisherman catches it. – He stated that there had been a significant increase in encounters between humans and great white sharks within the Bay of Plenty over the three previous years.

“I identified 15 juveniles using just photos of people, which I received last summer.”

Elliot is hopeful that his research will reveal why sharks have moved to this region amid an increase in global shark attacks. 

Lifesavers were only 10m away from Kaelah Marlow (pictured) as the shark attacked. They were racing out to check on her welfare since she was so far out

Lifesavers were only 10m away from Kaelah Marlow (pictured) as the shark attacked. Since she was out, they were running to her aid.

New Zealand ended its eight-year streak of shark attacks free of deadly consequences in January 2021, when a woman aged 19 was believed to have been attacked by sharks at Waihi Beach in Bay of Plenty. 

Kaelah Marlow, her family and friends moved from Perth to New Zealand in 2005. Kaelah was swimming with some of her closest friends at the time that Kaelah was assaulted. 

Dr Elliot stated that in order to avoid negative interactions, people should not swim near people who are either fishing or trying to bait the water for fish. 

While shark attacks are very uncommon, he stated that they do occur occasionally.

New Zealand's Bay of Plenty (pictured) has seen a surge in shark sightings

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty has experienced a spike in shark sightings (pictured).