Your teeth can tell you a lot about your personality. What surprising facts can a dentist tell you about you in seconds? From which hand to write with to your anxiety levels

  • The dentist will know whether patients are currently smoking, pregnant or have used a hand to write.
  • Dr Luke Cronin explained that the health of one’s teeth tells a lot more about someone than their appearance.  
  • A person could also have less enamel in their teeth, which might indicate that they drink lemon water.  

Just by looking at the teeth, dentists can see if your anxiety is left- or right-handed.

Daily Mail Australia was informed by Dr Luke Cronin (a Sydney dentist) that the condition of a patient’s teeth can reveal a lot about their lifestyle and habits.

Broken teeth can indicate stress. A lack of enamel might indicate that you’re drinking too much lemon water daily – an unhealthy habit which could lead to a decline in your dental health.

Dr Luke Cronin, a Sydney dentist and Clinical Adviser IQ Active Aligners, (pictured) told Daily Mail Australia the state of someone¿s teeth says a lot about a person and their lifestyle habits

Daily Mail Australia spoke with Dr Luke Cronin, Sydney dentist and Clinical Advisor IQ Active Alligners. (Photo: Luke Cronin). The condition of one’s teeth tells a lot more about someone and their lifestyle habits than the appearance.

Yellow teeth stains indicate someone smokes while cracked teeth could indicate stress and less enamel could indicate you drink lemon water (stock image)

A yellowish color in the teeth indicates that someone is smoking. Cracked teeth may be an indication of stress. 

You can choose to be left- or right handed

By looking at your teeth, a dentist will be able to detect your habits and decide which hand is dominant.

According to Dr Cronin, “For those with poor or average oral hygiene, dentists will see more plaque on the dominant side.”

For example, people who have right handed teeth will find it easier to brush the left side than the right, which can lead to more plaque. 

'Aside from the smell you can tell a patient is a smoker by the stained teeth and plaque and often periodontal disease (gum disease),' Dr Cronin said (stock image)

Dr Cronin explained that aside from the physical smell of cigarettes, patients can be identified by stained teeth or plaque. Periodontal disease (gum) is also a sign of a smoker (stock photo).

Lemon water is a good choice

Dental professionals can notice when someone has lemon water in their mouths. The acidity of the citrus disintegrates the tooth coating.

Dr Cronin stated that lemon water can cause enamel to erode on the front teeth.

“The same thing happens in the inner teeth of people with acid reflux, bulimics or bulimics.”

If you’re pregnant

Dr Cronin described how women who are pregnant experience an increase of hormones that boost blood flow to their gums. 

According to Dr Cronin, “Often pregnant women’s gums will bleed more than one would expect due to the plaque present,” 

Chewing on pens or clenching your jaw down when you're stressed is known to have a bad impact on your teeth

If you used to suck your thumb during your childhood, this may have pushed your front teeth forward resulting in a narrow upper jaw

Your teeth can be damaged by chewing on pencils or pressing your jaw down when stressed. You can prevent this by wearing mouthguards while you’re sleeping.

Stress and anxiety can lead to anxiousness.

Your teeth can be affected by stress-related actions like clenching your jaw when stressed or using pens to scribble.

Dr Cronin explained that dentists can tell when you are stressed or anxious because this leads to the teeth becoming worn down, cracked or fractured.

You can prevent it by wearing mouthguards while you are sleeping.

As a kid, you might have sucked your thumb. 

Your upper jaw may be narrowed because of how you sucked your thumb in childhood.

Braces might be necessary to correct the problem.

You’re a smoker

The yellow stain from smoking is an indicator that you smoke and could be dangerous for your teeth. 

“Aside from the smell of cigarettes, it is easy to tell whether a person smokes by stained teeth or plaque. Periodontal disease (gum diseases) can also be detected in these patients,” Dr Cronin explained.