After allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior from the bandleader and one coach, a Dutch television station has taken The Voice off-air in Holland.

The talent show’s bandleader Jeroen Rietbergen publicly admitted that he had sexual contact with women on the show years ago and has now stepped down. 

Ali B, the famous Dutch rapper, was a coach for the show. It emerged on Instagram that one woman had filed a complaint to public authorities about Ali B. 

The show's bandleader Jeroen Rietbergen (pictured) has publicly admitted that he had sexual contact with women on the show years ago and stepped down

Jeroen Rietbergen, show bandleader (pictured), publicly acknowledged that he had sexual contact on the show with women years ago. He stepped down

YouTube programme Boos, which translates to ‘angry’ from Dutch, exposed the story after being told about acts of ‘apparent inappropriate sexual behaviour on the set’ last spring. 

BNNVARA is a broadcaster that owns Boos. It released the following statement: ‘In Spring 2021 the editors of BOOS received reports about alleged sexually Transgressive behavior within The Voice of Holland.

“A BOOS Presenter Tim Hofman called and asked if there were more people who had experienced things at talent shows that were not acceptable.

“Numerous responses followed from those who claimed they were victims of abuse of power or witnessed sexually transgressive behavior on The Voice.

Famous Dutch rapper Ali B (pictured) a coach on the show, has vehemently denied allegations on Instagram as it emerged that one woman had made a public police complaint about him

Ali B, the famous Dutch rapper and coach of the show’s coaches, denied all allegations.

Ali B's statement on Instagram. He said: 'I am 100 percent convinced of my innocence. It is an accusation of something that would have happened a long time ago, but none of that is true'

Ali B’s Instagram statement. He stated: “I’m 100 percent sure of my innocence. He said that it was an accusation that something happened years ago. But none of this is true.

“This is not only about Jeroen Rietbergen being charged, it also includes several others involved with the program.

The broadcaster RTL cancelled the program, and T-Mobile, The Voice of Holland’s main sponsor, pulled out of the deal. 

Numerous women claim that they were victims of sexual misconduct during the production.

Netherland news Live reports that Rietbergen made a statement Saturday to Dutch media service ANP, saying that it was clear that his behavior towards a variety of people was unacceptable and that he would not be able resolve the situation without professional assistance. 

Linda del Mol is Linda’s partner and TV presenter. John de Mol is the brother of Talpa. Talpa was responsible for creating and producing The Voice. 

He said, “My family is back together no matter what the situation was for my wife.

Rietbergen with his partner Linda de Mol in 2018. de Mol's brother John de Mol owns Talpa, the company which created and used to produce The Voice

Rietbergen with his partner Linda de Mol in 2018. de Mol’s brother John de Mol owns Talpa, the company which created and used to produce The Voice

He said that he did not feel that he was in any position of power at that time.

He stated, “I also am not in a position of privilege anyone in this program, but I’m just concerned about the music.”

“I saw the contact as equal and reciprocal.”

Ali B, pictured, added in his statement: 'No, it's not true and I'm confident the research will prove it. I find this state of affairs very unfair'

Ali B (pictured) added that he was certain the research would prove this to be true. This is a very unfair state of affairs.

He said that he realizes now that his behavior was “completely wrong”.

Rietbergen also acknowledged that he was warned in the past about his behavior. 

Ali B has been also accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Ali B, pictured, said that he has not had a call from the police yet but 'will cooperate with everything'

Ali B., as seen in the photo, stated that while he hadn’t received any calls from police yet, he would cooperate with everyone.

“It’s an accusation that something happened long ago. But none of it is true.

“I’m being ambushed.” You don’t have a name, and you do not know anything concrete.

I can’t defend against it, even in media. But the damage has already been done.

“I don’t have a police call yet but I’m willing to cooperate with all.”

It is not true, and it will be proven by research. This is a very unfair state of affairs.

Anouk, a rock singer, quit last night her position as a coach. 

According to, she in a video statement said: ‘I do not want to work in a place where men can abuse their position and where they have been deliberately chosen to keep things quiet and look the other way.’

Martijn Krabbé, the show presenter, had been with The Voice since its first season in 2010 and expressed his shock at the allegations.

Probe RTL and ITV are investigating these claims.

You can watch the Boos episode on YouTube starting Thursday