According to a table stylist, ‘tablescaping” is the most popular new design for 2022. She predicted the top seven decorating trends, such as maximalism, destination themes, and nostalgic, timeless pieces.

Carolyn Dorrian is the founder and CEO of Mrs Tablescape homewares and tableware brand. Carolyn shares her secrets to making a style statement at dinner parties and decorating your table like an expert. 

Ms. Dorrian shared her predictions for the future trends in tablescape design, 2022. 

Table fashionista Carolyn Dorrian has dubbed 'tablescaping' as the new hot thing for 2022 and shares what she think will be the hot decorating trends for your next dinner party

Carolyn Dorrian, table fashionista and columnist for Table Fashionista shares her thoughts on what she believes will be the hottest decorating trend for the next dinner party.

1. The placemat/tablecloth revival

The modern placemat is trendy and can still be very helpful for protecting your table from scratches and spillages. 

These can be used to eat and then put away. 

Other than practical considerations, placemats or tablecloths can add warmth and texture to tables, and they are easily mixed and matched according to your needs. 

Placemats and table cloths not only protect your table from scratches and spills but add warmth and texture to your 'tablescape'

Tablecloths and placemats protect the table from spills and scratches, but also add texture and warmth to your “tablescape”.

2. Nostalgia

While formal entertaining might have declined in recent years, social media is displaying more of the china on its most trendy ‘tablescapes. 

This nostalgic trend will continue in 2022 as Granny’s finest crockery is used to evoke the memories of loved ones. 

It is a comforting, nostalgic return to the past. Best of all, they are inexpensive, sustainable, and can last for many years if cared for properly.

Formal entertaining may have waned but more and more sets of china are showing up on social media’s most stylish 'tablescapes'

Although formal entertaining has declined, more china sets are being featured on the most fashionable ‘tablescapes’ of social media.

3. You are the best version of yourself

Finding the right things and setting up an environment to reflect them is key to feeling at home.

A lavish meal is relaxing for the soul and a treat for the eyes. 

If you allow yourself to be you, then you will begin to experience the freedoms of self-expression.

Taking time to put the finishing touches on a lavish spread is soothing for the soul, and results in a feast for the eyes too

It is a soothing thing to take the time to create a delicious spread.

4.  Destination-themed ‘tablescapes’

As we become more comfortable with the post-pandemic normal, 2022 will see the return of the popular trend to eat at restaurants and enjoy food as an escape. 

Travel disruptions are causing holiday plans to be thrown into disarray. It is still desirable to convert dining tables into whole destinations. 

Imagine Amalfi during the summer, with its blue water and lemon scent. It’s brought to life by rustically-painted crockery, richly dyed linens and rustically-painted crockery. Or, you can travel to Marrakech in boldly printed napkins and tall candles, and delicate cups full of mint tea.

Destination themed tables are in for 2022 - think Amalfi in the summer with its crystal blue waters and lemon scented air brought to life via rustic painted crockery and richly-dyed linens

For 2022, destination themed tables will be in fashion – Think Amalfi with its lemon-scented waters and rustic painted china.

5. Maximalism

2022 is the year that minimalism will end. 

Maximally-rich, visual homes and tables can be used to display heirloom items and showcase aspects of your culture.

A maximalist table will have a cohesive theme, but contain all the extras of a lushly laid out table – linens, plates, glasses, candles and more. 

You will see its colour, height, and texture.

A maximalist table will have a cohesive theme, but contain all the extras of a lushly laid out table – linens, plates, glasses, candles and more

A maximalist table will have a cohesive theme, but contain all the extras of a lushly laid out table – linens, plates, glasses, candles and more

6.  Seventies patterns

The 70s gave us macramé, rattan, houseplants and a sometimes hideous mishmash of clashing brown and orange prints. 

Because of its playful and eclectic spirit, people in that time were not afraid to mix elements from other periods. Even if this didn’t work everytime. 

Special emphasis was placed on soft colours, warm geometric shapes, swirling designs, and curved edges in the 1970s. 

A special emphasis on warm colours, soft geometric shapes, swirling patterns and curved edges defined the 70s and its these crucial aspects that are making a comeback in 2022

The 70s were defined by a special focus on soft colours, warm geometric shapes, swirling patterns, and curved edges. These crucial elements are back in 2022.

7. Timeless, unique pieces  

2022 will mark a new year of conscious consumption. This means that mass-produced goods are being replaced with handcrafted pieces, which are unique and more mindful.

As we find room for vintage items that have been lovingly restored, our hearts will be filled with joy. 

Our tables are adorned with crystal, bone china and gilt tablewares in gold and silver, just like the ones our grandparents used to sit at. 

Finally, we’re embracing these treasures from the Past.

Fine bone china, crystal and tablewares gilt with gold and silver grace our tables, similar to the tables our grandparents and their parents once sat down at

We have tablewares made of fine bone china, crystal, and gold- and silver-gilded tablewares, which are very similar to those our grandparents and parents used to sit down at.

Ms. Dorrian started her career as a lawyer, but she discovered that she loved ‘tablescaping’ when stuck in Covid prison cells. 

In fact, she turned what was once a hobby into a business. She launched Mrs Tablescape this year. 

She stated, “A table allows you to have many different objects and colors to make creative use of, which adds to the joyful atmosphere that surrounds time spent with friends, family, or guests.”

The Mrs Tablescape website has a stunning selection of tableware from the table fashionista.