On Wednesday, President Joe Biden was welcomed to the epicenter for Kentucky’s tornado damage. He received jeers and a shout of “Let’s Go Brandon” despite his message of unity that there were no red or blue tornadoes.

Biden was seen getting out of his SUV and chanting as he entered the devastation town of Mayfield.

This was an important reminder of the fact that Kentucky’s deep-red corner voted for Trump last year. 

The president didn’t pay much attention to the tour of a downtown that was reduced to rubble piles and log piles. 

President Joe Biden gave a brief speech in Dawson Springs, Kentucky after spending time with residents who lost their homes in Saturday's storm

After visiting the families of those who were displaced by Saturday’s hurricane, Joe Biden spoke briefly in Dawson Springs.

Kentucky's Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear (right) introduced President Joe Biden (left) during his tour of tornado destruction Wednesday in Dawson Springs, Kentucky

Kentucky’s Democratic Governor. Andy Beshear (right), introduced President Joe Biden during Wednesday’s tour of the tornado damage in Dawson Springs (Kentucky). 

President Joe Biden hugged a young boy named Dane as he waited for his turn to speak in Dawson Springs, Kentucky Wednesday

As he waited in Dawson Springs for his turn, President Joe Biden embraced a boy called Dane. 

President Joe Biden speaks to people as he surveys storm damage from tornadoes and extreme weather in Dawson Springs

President Joe Biden talks to the public as he looks at storm damage in Dawson Springs from tornadoes.

President Joe Biden (left) waves as he stands with Kentucky's first lady Britainy Beshear (right) during Wednesday's tour of the destroyed Dawson Springs

President Joe Biden (left) waved as he stood with Kentucky’s first Lady, Britainy Betshear (right), during Wednesday’s tour to the devastated Dawson Springs 

President Joe Biden speaks with Raylie Hall, 12, as he surveys storm damage from tornadoes and extreme weather in Dawson Springs

Raylie Hall (12 years) speaks to President Joe Biden as they discuss Storm Damage from Tornadoes in Dawson Springs

President Joe Biden speaks with members of the media as he surveys storm damage from tornadoes and extreme weather in Mayfield

As he examines storm damage caused by tornadoes in Mayfield, President Joe Biden meets with media members.

He visited to examine the devastation and provide any support needed to the local leaders.

He expressed amazement at how the community came together, and stated that this type of tragedy can bring people together or tear them apart.

He stated that there were no tornadoes or red tornades in the area during an emergency briefing held in Mayfield. This is where the catastrophe’s epicenter was.

Since his fifth term, he had sent condolences to those affected by disasters.    

He said, “I have never seen so much damage from tornadoes,” after flying over the affected areas.   

After more than 30 tornadoes that ripped through four US states, thousands of people are still without water or heat five days later. 

A weekend of violence, destruction of homes and cutting down power lines saw at least 88 deaths in four different states. 

Biden first arrived in Fort Campbell and then traveled on to Mayfield, Dawson Springs, and finally home.

In an aircraft hangar filled with donated cleaning supplies and can goods, officials briefed President Obama. From the roof, a Stars and Stripes was hung.

President Joe Biden traveled to western Kentucky on Wednesday where he toured Mayfield, epicenter of Friday's devastating tornado strikes. He told locals the federal government would not leave until was rebuilt

The President Joe Biden was in western Kentucky Wednesday when he visited Mayfield, the epicenter for Friday’s destructive tornado strikes. The president told the locals that the federal government wouldn’t leave until it was rebuilt

Biden bowed his head in prayer during his tour of downtown Mayfield where he saw the damage firsthand

Biden kneeled in prayer as he visited downtown Mayfield to see the devastation firsthand.

Biden and Mayorkas attend a meeting with local leaders and members of Kentucky Emergency Management for a briefing about storm damage from the tornadoes and extreme weather, in Mayfield, Kentucky

Biden and Mayorkas attended a meeting of local leaders and members from Kentucky Emergency Management to get a briefing on storm damage and extreme weather in Mayfield (Kentucky).

An aerial view of a destroyed businesses in Mayfield, Kentucky, on Wednesday

Aerial view of the Mayfield business that was destroyed in Kentucky on Wednesday 

A drone picture of the Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory in the aftermath of the tornado

Unmanned aerial view of Mayfield Consumer Products Candle Factory in the wake of the tornado 

Biden gave a briefing and then toured Mayfield, where storms had ravaged the city. He promised to help those who were still standing amid the debris.

I can promise you that we won’t leave. He said, after bowing his head in prayer and standing with three guides.

He crossed traffic, past the broken Ford Fusion and its window blown out by force of wind.

One side of an office building was destroyed, leaving behind a smashed desk with monitors and where employees used to sit. A sign with a handwritten message near the building stated: “God is good.” Not defeated, but beat.’Off

There were also mounds and mounds on the streets where there used to be trees.

Biden, sporting a Beau Biden Foundation cap said that he had taken inspiration from stories told by locals.

“We suffered 99 billion dollars of damages this year due to climate change and weather. It’s possible. It’s amazing to see how everyone works together.

“Amazing Stories I’ve Heard, All Personal Stories – Not stories about what happened or how I felt. It’s stories about helping people.

Mayfield was the hardest-hit of all the Kentucky towns caught by the twisters, which turned buildings into rubble over 200 miles. 

While the Democratic President brought unity to deep-red counties – Donald Trump won them by almost four-to-one last year, his presence still brought out opponents.

The Trump 2020 banner was passed by his motorcade as it was leaving the airport. A handful of protesters began a “Let’s go Brandon” chant after he emerged in his SUV to assess the damage.    

President Joe Biden talks to reporters before boarding Marine One for a trip to visit areas impacted by tornado damage

 President Joe Biden talks to reporters before boarding Marine One for a trip to visit areas impacted by tornado damage

For the fifth time since taking office, he will deliver messages of condolence and promises of aid to an area ravaged by natural disaster

Since assuming office in 2005, he has sent condolences to the victims of natural disasters for the fifth consecutive time.

Matt Robertson helps search for possessions around his father's home after it was destroyed during Friday's tornado on December 14, 2021 in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. Multiple tornadoes touched down in several Midwest states late Friday killing at least 88 people

Matt Robertson assists in the search for his father’s possessions after his home was damaged by a tornado that struck Dawson Springs, Kentucky on Friday December 14th 2021. Multiple tornadoes struck several Midwest states on Friday, killing at most 88 people

Gov Andy Beshear of Kentucky said the complete scale of destruction won't be known for days as some homes are impossible to get to

Kentucky Gov Andy Beshear stated that it will take days to determine the extent of damage, as certain homes can’t be reached. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House deputy Press Secretary, stated that the purpose of the trip was “to survey the damage and assure the federal government was doing everything it could to help.” 

Among other White House officials, the President is accompanied by Alejandro Mayorkas (Secretary of Homeland Security), Deanne Criswell, FEMA Administrator, and James Comer (Republican from Kentucky). 

Biden, answering questions from journalists before his departure, said there had been some progress with his Build back Better bill following his discussion with Senator Joe Manchin. But it was still ‘going to close’ whether Democrats would seal the deal before year’s end. 

After the House approved Tuesday night that the Department of Justice should pursue criminal contempt cases against Mark Meadows (former White House Chief of Staff), Biden spoke out: “I don’t have enough knowledge of — what I’ve only seen, I have not spoken with anyone. It seems to me worthy of being kept in contempt.” 

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear shared a somber update on his state’s dead. He included twelve children and the youngest, a 2-month old infant. 

He claimed that over 100 people are still missing and predicted an increase in the death toll. 

Biden will be visiting a place that is just beginning to clear up.

To keep warm, some families set fire to their home to save heat. Officials said it was difficult for authorities to assess the severity of the damage.

Jeff Wilson and Tara Wilson are a married couple hailing from Mayfield. On Tuesday, they were seen at Graves County Fairgrounds where there was a distribution centre to distribute food, water, and clothing to victims of storms. 

Their home had been spared by the storm, so they set up a mobile counseling site. 

Biden speaks with a local child on a cell phone as he tours storm damage in Mayfield, Kentucky

Biden talks with a child in Mayfield about storm damage, Kentucky while he uses a cellphone to communicate with him

After the briefing, Biden toured storm ravaged Mayfield and promised help to the people who stood amid the rubble where downtown used to be

Biden led a tour of Mayfield after the briefing. There he promised assistance to those living in the rubble that used to be downtown. 

'We're not going to leave I promise you. The federal government is going to be here until this gets rebuilt,' he said after standing head bowed in prayer with three of his guides

I can promise you that we won’t leave. After bowing in prayer, he stated that the federal government would be there until it was rebuilt.

Members of the Bowlin family, in Mayfield, Kentucky, light a fire from the wreckage of their home after Friday's tornadoes cut off heat and electricity in the city. Temperatures drop to near freezing in the night

After Friday’s tornadoes, Mayfield residents in Kentucky built a fire in their house from wreckage. Night temperatures drop to below freezing

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said more than 100 people were still missing and that he expected the death toll to rise after dozens of tornadoes left a path of destruction in their wake over the weekend

Andy Beshear of Kentucky stated more than 100 were missing, and that death tolls would continue to climb after the tornadoes caused countless destructions in the state.

Tara Wilson was asked about President Obama’s visit to the region and what reception he would receive. We don’t have to worry about politics as long as people are at the right place. 

Biden visiting was an ‘incredibly positive’ thing, she said. She and her husband hope that the president will help to unify the community.

Wilson said, “This place looks like a bomb was dropped on it.” Wilson stated that everyone must come together. So far this is what has been happening. Everyone is pulling together.

Biden’s trip coincides with the end of a year that has seen an increase in extreme weather events due to climate change. 

Biden traveled to Houston, Texas to see the extent of damage caused by last winter’s storm. This was just a month after his swearing-in ceremony. Then he traveled to Idaho, Colorado, and California to examine wildfire damage in the summer.

The disasters have offered Biden urgent and visceral evidence of what he says is the dire need for America to do more to combat climate change and prepare for future disasters — a case he made to help push for passage of his spending proposals.

In addition to the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was passed last month, billions were allocated for climate resilience projects. These are designed to protect property and people from potential future disasters such as wildfires and storms. 

The $2 trillion Social Spending Package that he proposed to Congress still remains pending includes billions of dollars more to shift the country away from coal, oil and gas, and towards widespread use of clean, renewable energy.

The White House spent large portions of this week communicating with legislators on these issues. Biden met with Joe Manchin from West Virginia, who is a major Democratic holdout in the hopes that he can resolve some of his problems in time for him to get a package passed before year’s close.

However, Biden will remain focused on Kentucky on Wednesday. According to authorities, five twisters occurred in the state. One of them was a very long one that traveled approximately 200 miles (322.2 kilometers). 

At least six victims were also killed by tornadoes in Illinois. The Amazon distribution center was in Edwardsville was struck. Six more died in Tennessee. Arkansas had two deaths. Arkansas’ governor stated that workers shielded the residents from the destruction of a nursing home. Missouri lost two.

Two federal disaster declarations were signed by the president for Kentucky this weekend. The federal aid includes federal help for cleanup and search operations.

Biden made the remarks earlier this week at a White House briefing regarding the tragedy, along with Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary and top emergency management officials. He stated that the federal government will provide all the assistance needed by affected states in the wake of the storm.

Biden stated, “We are going to do this.” “We will be there for as long as it takes.