The final episode last night of Channel 4’s Handmade, Britain’s Best woodworker, featured viewers who slammed the “toe-curling” segment.

In the yesterday’s episode of the new show, which has been dubbed ‘Bake off for wood’, three amateur carpenters were asked to create a garden building at least two metres high, two metres wide and two metres deep.

Declaring the woodworkers were ‘the best of the best’, the judges  Helen Welch and Alex De Rijke crowned carpenter Misti, from Ludlow, the winner.

Many people were shocked by the show, and one wrote: “Having worked alongside some very skilled tradesmen over many years. I’m making my toes curl.

Viewers slammed the final episode of Channel 4's Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker last night as they called the programme 'toe-curling'

The final episode last night of Channel 4’s Handmade was derailed by viewers. They called the program ‘toe curling’. 

One commenter said: “A hard watch with Mel prating about, both judges so far up to their own opinions that I was surprised they were able to see the work.” 

“The nauseating layering and obsession with the word SHEETED every 8 seconds, then the wrong winner.

Mel Giedroyc received the three finalist back to his workshop, nestled in the ancient forest of Wales’ Glanusk Estate for their largest build to date.

Misti, Charlie, and Radha were challenged to build a garden inspired by their hobby in the last big build challenge.  

Many of those watching the programme questioned if the carpenters were 'the best of the best' and said the show was 'toe-curling'

Many viewers questioned whether the carpenters are ‘the best among the best’. They said that the program was ‘toe-curling. 

It took them just two days for the three-dimensional creations to be built, which could have taken professional builders weeks. 

Misti designed a garden lounge from cedar. It was raised above the ground and covered with steps that lead to cushions and a roof made of fabric. 

Radha stated that he would like to make a meditation room. Charlie, meanwhile, was a fellow competitor.

Charlie was questioned by the judges about his nailing skills. Helen responded that it would be super beautiful if their joints met.

The judges questioned Charlie's 'iffy' nailing, with Helen saying her teepee would have been 'super gorgeous' if the joints met

Charlie was questioned about her nailing skills. Helen said that she would have made a beautiful teepee if the joints had met.

Meanwhile Helen and Alex congratulated Radha on the 'quality' of his build, despite the fact it was unfinished (pictured)

Alex and Helen congratulated Radha for the “quality” of his construction, even though it wasn’t finished (pictured). 

“Well done, for trying it.” 

Alex and Helen also congratulated Radha, despite it being unfinished.

Alex stated, “You wasted some time laminate the frame.” 

Judging the build, Alex told Misti that she was  a ‘perfectionist’, saying: ‘The minimal structure is very clean, very precise…I’m loving the built in bench. It’s very livable. 

It was actually her garden structure that led to her being crowned Britain’s best woodworker after six weeks competition.

Upon judging Misti's wooden garden building, Alex called the amateur carpenter 'a perfectionist'

Upon judging Misti’s wooden garden building, Alex called the amateur carpenter ‘a perfectionist’ 

The amateur woodworker encouraged viewers to 'just be them' and 'be whatever you want in this life' (pictured)

Amateur woodworker, he encouraged viewers to “just be themselves” and “be what you want in life.” (pictured). 

Misti stated that she felt amazing after winning. Although I always wondered how skilled I am in certain areas, it is now clear that I am the winner. It is really, really satisfying.

She said, “There is no doubt I live my life differently. I wanted other people to know that it was okay. You can do whatever you want in life. And you can achieve anything in life. 

“Everybody should simply be who they are and do what makes them happy.” 

Helen, founder of London School of Furniture Making, was the series judge. She said of Misti, “She’s been great since the beginning. Watching her grow has been wonderful.”

After being crowned the winner of the programme, Helen said Misti was 'great from the beginning' (pictured, Misti with the trophy)

Helen was named the winner of the competition and said Misti was “great right from the beginning.” (pictured, Misti holding the trophy). 

Misti spent over thirty years working as an interior designer in high-end mansions. 

Misti, who sculpts from wood and stone, decided to quit her job a few years ago. 

Misti revealed that she would draw strength from her design eye and knowledge about wood, ahead of the series’ start.

Despite the judges admitting they were ‘blown away’  by Misti’s efforts, many of those watching were less than impressed.

One individual wrote, “Awful! German carpenters will be crying into their beers and p******* themselves laughing at such an incompetent TV programme featuring awful jobbing woodworkers! …’ 

Despite the judges praising Misti as 'a perfectionist', many of those watching the show questioned whether the contestants were 'the best of the best'

Although Misti was praised by judges for being “perfectionist”, many viewers were skeptical that the contestants are truly the “best of the best”. 

Another commenter said: “These are the top “….hmmmm?” 

One other wrote, “The best of all the best is pushing it really hard.”  

This is far from the first time that viewers have seen the program.

The premiere episode saw viewers criticize the “miserable” judges for being too harsh with contestants. 

After the final episode, viewers expressed concern about the difficulty in tackling the issues.