Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country is a mockery by viewers. A property developer constructed a “garish” tree house for the Christmas celebration.

Channel 4’s Tuesday 8pm special featured Sarah, who transforms a derelict dairy farm that was once 220 acres in Somerset countryside into her luxurious dream house. The program is titled a “contemporary version of the English stately home”.

Graham Swift, his family and the four children Charlie, Rafferty, Rafferty, and Billy set out on a journey to create Sarah’s treehouse dream home.

The treehouse left many people stunned. One said: “Sorry. I’m going insane.” You can build a bigger house than that in heaven and then you can make a tree home to host a party. Jesus, lock up this whole lot…vomit.

Viewers slammed Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country as the property developer built a 'garish' tree house 'mansion' for a family Christmas party

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country is a mockery by viewers. A property developer created a “garish” tree house for the family’s Christmas celebration.

The show saw the family, including husband Graham Swift and their four boys Laurie, Charlie, Rafferty and Billy, set out to build Sarah's dream treehouse on the land

Graham Swift, his family and the four children Charlie, Rafferty, Rafferty, and Billy set out on a journey to create Sarah’s treehouse dream home.

Another added: ‘The only reason I’ll miss this awful fake programme is for the Twitter comments. We will never see you again. 

The family started planning to create a winter wonderland for Christmas in the autumn. Sarah fulfilled a childhood dream by building it this year.

Her son explained that his mother had always dreamed of a treehouse, and moving to the country would be the best way to achieve it.

Sarah claimed she wanted it to be a James Bond Austrian ski chalet, and Graham and the boys were eager to do their part.   

Many of those watching said the programme was 'faux Christmas rubbish', with some calling it 'nauseating'

Many people who watched the show said it was “faux Christmas rubbish”, while some called it “nauseating”. 

She said that she would throw a family party over Christmas, adding: “I believe spending time with my family is more important than giving presents.” 

Soon, the construction of the treehouse began. The specialists installed a platform and the boys built the walls. 

The walls, windows, and pitched roof were all in place after a week.

Sarah explained that the whole structure was constructed to use enough of the second-hand floor tiles.

“Most people assume that tree-houses are for children. But this is not true. This is my place!

Graham assisted Sarah in fitting the handrails. Sarah said that she was basically adding all of the things they had gathered around the farm.

Sarah said she wanted it to be like a 'James Bond Austrian ski chalet', while the boys and her husband Graham were determined to help out

Sarah stated that she wanted the chalet to look like an ‘James Bond Austrian skiing chalet’. Graham and her boys were also keen to assist.

“I am so excited to see it finished. It’s going be wonderful.” 

Sarah started decorating her treehouse for Christmas as the structure was slowly assembled. 

She stated, “This is our first ever party since coming down here. It’s also the first in the treehouse.” It should be magical, I want it. 

Charlie, 15, and Billy, 17, completed the outside work of the treehouse.

It wasn't long before the build for the treehouse was well underway, with a specialist team installing a sturdy platform while the boys helped out with the walls

The treehouse construction was underway in no time. A specialist team built a strong platform, while the boys worked on the walls.

Billy stated that Mum said they weren’t permitted to bring in their friends with them and have beer here, so we are helping because we can.

Sarah had some jitters on the night before the Christmas party.

“I hope when it is stuffed with things it will look really beautiful,” she said. However, I think we may be pulling an unexpected one tonight.

Sarah showed the boys how to finish the treehouse as soon as it was completed.

Laurie said that her sons, along with their four other brothers, were amazed by the place.  

By the eve of the Christmas party, Sarah, as the host, hung fairy lights around the treehouse - and confessed she had a bout of the jitters

Sarah, the host of the Christmas party had already hung fairy lights in the treehouse and admitted that she was feeling the jitters.  

Sarah said that it wasn’t too long before her entire family joined the celebration. Celebrate with family and friends.

However many of those watching were less than impressed with the programme, with one writing: ‘This show could be so good but misses the mark every week. The show is fast-forwarding half the time.

Another said they felt it was ill-timed, with one saying: ‘Hate this faux Christmas rubbish. 

“Many are wondering if Covid is going to ruin it. With only four days left, many of us will be all alone. Many will not be hugging their loved ones. 

Meanwhile the interior of the treehouse was decorated with cosy sheep skin and wooden furniture (pictured)

The interior was also decorated using cosy sheep skins and wood furniture (pictured). 

Another commented: “The most expensive tree house…I have never seen one with Double Glazed Sash windows.”

A fourth comment was added: “I don’t have anything against Sarah Beeny, her family. But I know they’re wonderful. 

“But are we really going to need yet another show showing the lavish lifestyles of wealthy people when so many others struggle with rising fuel costs and uncertainty at work?”