Rowdy Brits made a decision to ignore a Spanish ban and hold an event on the streets in Benidorm. Tens of thousands of people rub shoulders with each other and there is not one face mask.

Local media, including NIUS, reported on Thursday that more than 20,000 people attended the annual Fancy Dress Party’ in Benidorm, a Spanish resort.

Actualitat Valenciana reported that although the event was officially cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, British revellers decided it would be held anyway. The police were unable to stop them.

As many as 20,000 holidaymakers, many of them Brits, descended on the Spanish holiday destination of Benidorm to attend the annual 'Fancy Dress Party'

Many Brits made the trip to Spain’s Benidorm for the annual “Fancy Dress Party”.

The event itself had been cancelled for 2021, but the costumed crowds decided to hold their own unofficial event instead

Although the event was cancelled in 2021, costumed attendees decided to organize their own event.

Thousands of people took to the streets in bright and wacky outfits as they looked to make the most of the trip to the Spanish seaside resort

As they sought to enjoy the Spanish beach resort, thousands of tourists walked the streets wearing bright and bizarre outfits.

Dressed up as a group of police offers, these holidaymakers posed with other revellers for photos in the middle of the crowded street

These holidaymakers dressed up in police uniforms and took photos with others on the busy street.

A variety of costumes, including nuns and Roman emperors were on display at the costumed event yesterday

Yesterday’s costumed event featured a variety of costumes including those worn by Roman emperors and nuns.

Taking inspiration from pop culture as well, people turned up to the unofficial event in creative costumes

People dressed up in unique costumes, taking inspiration from pop culture.

Locals were reportedly angered by the huge crowds in Benidorm after the official party had been cancelled

After the cancellation of the official party, the massive crowds at Benidorm angered locals.

Even children's fairytale stories inspired some of the outfits yesterday, with two people arriving as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Some of yesterday’s outfits were inspired by fairy tale stories for children, and two participants arrived as Little Red Riding Hood or the Wolf.

It seemed some people had the same idea, with this trio seemingly wearing very similar outfits, inspired by Alice in Wonderland

The idea was shared by several people, as this trio wore very similar outfits that were inspired from Alice in Wonderland.

It was estimated that as many as 20,000 people arrived in Benidorm for the costumed party, which police officers monitored throughout the course of the day

Police officers kept an eye on the event throughout the day, as it was believed that up to 20,000 people came to Benidorm in costume for the party.

Spain has 5.07 million confirmed pandemic cases as of yesterday and 87.804 people have died.

In the 24 hours since midnight, there have been 6,315 and 29 deaths. 

Locals were shocked to witness the influx of COVID-19-related cases. However, they weren’t surprised by the large number of Brits that were crowded together and couldn’t fit into the bars. They poured out onto the streets.

The event photos show no face masks despite recent statistics showing that there are 353 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people.

Four times more infections are occurring in Costa Blanca than is the general average across the whole Valencian Community. It’s believed that this is due to tourism.

According to NIUS the authorities tried to prevent the party from spilling onto the streets but they couldn’t contain the crowds.

The huge crowds of people could be seen brushing shoulders with one another as they mingled in Benidorm's streets

As people mixed and mingle in Benidorm, it was easy to see large numbers of people getting along one another.

There were almost no face masks visible on the faces of any of the people who attended the costume party yesterday

The faces of anyone who was present at the costume party yesterday were nearly completely unmasked

Benidorm's annual Fancy Dress Party is regularly a big hit with Brits, who have been flocking to the Mediterranean tourist destination in large numbers since the package holiday explosion in the 1960s

Brits flock to Benidorm every year for the annual Fancy Dress Party. This is a popular attraction since the rise in package holidays in the 1960s.

As of yesterday, Spain had a total of 5.07million confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 87,804 deaths. Of these figures, 6,315 cases and 29 deaths had come in the last 24 hours

Spain has 5.07million cases confirmed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and had recorded 87.804 deaths as of yesterday. In the past 24 hours, there were 6,315 deaths and 29 cases.

Despite the uptick in COVID-19 cases, locals were dismayed to see throngs of Brits flocking together in such numbers that they no could longer fit in the bars and spilled out onto the streets instead

The increase in COVID-19 case numbers was not a surprise to locals. They were surprised at how many Brits were congregating in large numbers, unable to fit into the bars. Instead they poured out onto the streets.

Taking inspiration from the smash-hit Korean Netflix show Squid Game, these two holidaymakers turned up dressed as characters from the show

These two holidaymakers, inspired by the hit Korean Netflix series Squid Game were dressed up as the characters of the show.

Photos taken at the event show not a single face mask in sight, despite the latest statistics showing a coronavirus infection rate of 353 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants

Taken photos at the event, there was not one face mask visible despite recent statistics that show a coronavirus infection rate for 100,000 people of 353 cases

Pre-COVID, the annual costume event attracted up to 50,000 revellers, according to Actualitat Valenciana

Actualitat Valenciana reports that Pre-COVID was an annual event for costumes, attracting up to 50,000 people.

A woman is seen dressed as a bag of jelly beans as she walked through the crowds of party-goers

One woman can be seen walking through partygoers dressed in a bag full of jelly beans.

The unofficial event held in Benidorm this year attracted people of all ages, with everybody in attendance prepared with a costume

People of all ages attended the unofficial Benidorm Halloween Party this year. Everybody was wearing a costume

Despite no masks or social distancing being followed, people appeared to be having a good time at the unofficial event yesterday

Although no social distancing or masks were worn, everyone seemed to be enjoying the informal event.

The annual Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm is a hit with Brits. They have been coming to this Mediterranean destination since the 60s package holiday boom.

Actualitat Valenciana says that pre-COVID the event attracted as high as 50,000 revellers.

Each year the Costume Party is held on Thursdays following Major Patron Festivities in Benidorm Costumes. The party features music, paella, and colorful floats.

The event is known as Europe’s largest fancy dress party and fills up the streets in the so-called “English quarter” every year.

The trend started more than twenty years ago. It has grown in number ever since. There have been similar costumes in past years.