Pandemic: Online shopping is more popular with over 65s. 35% of them buy online, while a 33% say that they are now more “digitally savvy”.

  • Over-65s use the internet to manage their utilities and bank online. 
  • One in ten people shop online, and three in five of them do so online.
  • Internet use among the elderly has increased by 70% in comparison to pre-Covid levels 

New research shows that pensioners are now spending more online than younger generations. This has led to an increase in their use of the internet since the pandemic.

Around three in five pensioners are now happy to shop online as more aspects of their life go digital, according to research by TalkTalk.

Meanwhile, with bank branches continuing to close down at speed, roughly one in three pensioners now do their banking online and log on to do other bits of admin, like managing their utility bills, according to the telecoms giant.  
Almost one in four pensioners said they now lead a more digitally-savvy lifestyle

One in four pensioners reported that their digital skills have improved.

Overall, pensioners report feeling more confident using the internet. 37 percent of them say that they have a digitally-savvy life now than prior to the Pandemic. 

This is because internet use among the over-65s jumped by nearly 70% between July and November, compared with the same time in 2019 before Covid was struck.

According to the report, the increase in internet use by seniors was a result of them streaming TV shows and movies online and also playing video games.  

Around one in four pensioners said they now stream more content than they did before the pandemic, with Netflix TV shows such as Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit proving the most popular with over-65s. 

More than half of those polled, 54%, stated that streaming is their new favorite pastime. 

One in ten also took up online gaming during the pandemic, with Minecraft, Fortnite and Call of Duty among the most popular games played by over-65s.

Both streaming and gaming use significant bandwidth. That is the reason for the dramatic increase in internet usage. 

Another poll that surveyed 1,000 seniors found that two-thirds of them believe that reliable, affordable and fast broadband internet is vital to their everyday lives.

One in five people plan to get faster internet next year. 

Jonathan Kini, managing director of TalkTalk business and consumer, said: ‘Over 65s are  streaming, gaming and doing more than ever since the pandemic. 

‘The genie is out of the bottle and it isn’t going back. 

‘By 2025 we estimate that peak broadband usage will more than double, which is why we’re continually optimising our network and rolling out affordable full fibre.’

Streaming has been one of my most favorite pastimes. 

Tuning in: David Lawrence

Tuning in: David Lawrence

David Lawrence, a retired Export Manager from Derbyshire at 79, has made streaming TV his preferred way to entertain himself.  

He says, “Being retired, I have more free time, so it’s a huge plus to be able watch my favorite shows at any hour of the day,”

‘The Queen’s Gambit and The Crown are particular favourites of mine and they became a real talking point with my friends and family over the pandemic.

‘There’s nothing better than sitting down with a nice cup of tea and getting lost in the stories.’