After a teacher from an Islamic preparatory School was struck and killed riding a motorbike on dual carriageway, three men were charged with dangerous driving.

  • Asad Rashid (34), was racing a motorcycle with three of his friends in an A34 race.
  • Asgar Taj, 32; Osama Seed, 30, Mohammad Zubair Chaudry 29, and Asgar Taj, 32. 
  • Three of the defendants were convicted in the race.
  • Many tributes were paid to Rashid, who was an Islamic teacher in Bradford.

Following the death of a teacher at prep school, three men have been charged for dangerous driving.

Two high-performance Audis raced against a pair Suzuki motorbikes, racing along one of Britain’s busiest commuter routes on the A34 dual carriageway, close to Handforth Dean, in Cheadle. 

Asad Rashid (34), was on one of these motorbikes when he crashed into one of those cars. This happened at a roundabout in September 2020. 

Mohammed Chaudhry, 29, pictured outside Stockport Magistrates where he entered his plea for causing death by dangerous driving. Chaudhry is also accused of dangerous driving on four occasions in the months before the crash, three times on the A34 and once on an unnamed motorway

Mohammed Chaudhry (29), is pictured in front of Stockport Magistrates, where he filed his plea for dangerous driving causing death. Chaudhry has also been accused of dangerous driving four times in the month preceding the accident, once on the A34 and three more on an unnamed motorway.

Asgar Taj (32), Osama Seed (30), and Mohammad Zubair Chaudhry (29) appeared in court to face charges of dangerous driving.

Chaudhry was also charged with dangerous driving four times in the month preceding the accident, once on the A34 and three more on another unnamed highway. 

A 205mph Audi R8 Plus Quattro, with a powerful 5.2 litre engine that accelerates from 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds was one of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Another Audi came in at 155mph RS 3TFSI Quattro.

Two bikes were involved: a Suzuki GSXR in black and a blue copy.  

Osama Saeed , 30, leaving court after being charged for death by dangerous driving

Osama Seed, 30 leaves court following being indicted for dangerous driving and death.

David Morgan was the prosecutor.

“One of the party collided into a roundabout, and the gentleman on the motorbike ended up beneath one of these vehicles. He died instantly at the scene.”

Three suspects did not plead guilty and the case was sent in to Minshull Street Crown Court Manchester for a preliminary hearing.

All three were released on unconditional bail

Rashid studied at the Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School, (ITPS), in Manningham and Bradford.

His family issued a memorial at his funeral saying: “Asad’s Family would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who shared their condolences.”

Asad was a son and brother to his father. A dear uncle, as well as a teacher in primary school at ITPS Bradford.

Asad’s infectious smile, his love of children and willingness lend a helping hand will be remembered by many.

Asgar Taj, 32, pictured leaving court

Asgar Taj (32), pictured leaving the court

He was passionate about creating brighter futures for all generations.

His kind-hearted personality made him popular with students and colleagues alike.  

“He was passionate about motorbikes, and enjoyed riding on hot summer days.

“The love and support we received as a family in praise of Asad made us feel truly blessed. 

Assam Rashid, Asad’s elder brother said that Asad was remembered for his infectious smile and love of children. He also expressed gratitude to Assam Rashid for helping him to help any cause.

He was passionate about creating brighter futures for all generations. 

His death was sudden. The shock was overwhelming and will always be felt. 

Wellwishers raised £10,000 via a GoFundMe page which will help renovate the Dar-ul Mahmood mosque.