Police say that three men tried to buy a child’s mother from her by threatening large sums of money after they stopped them on a Yorkshire street.

  • Three men offer to pay cash for a woman’s daughter Wednesday, according to a report. 
  • According to her, they were walking close to Lower Meadows School at the time. 
  • While the men drove away, she ran towards her daughter and took off for school.  

Trois men are being sought by the police after they offered to pay a lot of money to a mother to help her buy her child outside school. 

It happened at around 8.20am on Wednesday in Sheffield, near Lower Meadows School. 

Unidentified woman said that the men were rich and had large sums of money. 

BBC reported that the BBC said the incident occurred while the child and the mother were walking on Batemoor Road in the vicinity of the school. 

A woman claims three men approached her on this road in Sheffield at 8.20am on Wednesday

At 8.20 a.m. on Wednesday, a woman claimed that three men approached her along this Sheffield road.

The woman said she ran with her daughter to Lower Meadows School, pictured, after one of the men offered her cash to buy her child

According to the woman, she went with her daughter, Lower Meadows School (pictured), after being offered cash by one of the men to buy her child.

South Yorkshire Police said the men drove off at speed towards Dyche Lane

South Yorkshire Police reported that the men were speeding towards Dyche Lane. 

She said that she had refused to accept the offer of the men and ran towards school with her daughter in order to raise the alarm. 

According to her, the men ran away in a car. When she tried to run, she heard an ‘echo of tires’. 

South Yorkshire Police PCSO Kenneth Blake stated that the man was of possible Middle Eastern descent. PCSO Blake stated that the man was either in his 30s or 40s, and wore grey pants with stripes at the sides and dark navy bottoms. 

The officer said the suspect also  was wearing a head warmer which was partially covering his face. 

South Yorkshire Police are asking for witnesses. 

PCSO Blake said to the Yorkshire Post, “A local resident was taking her daughter to Lower Meadow School on Batemoor Road at around 8.20 am on Dec. 1. Two males of Middle Eastern heritage approached the mother and took out large sums of money.

“The mother refused to go with the daughter and ran toward school.

“The mother heard the sound of cars tyres, and then a vehicle in black/blue made its way towards Dyche Lane with three men inside.

The vehicle was not assigned a number.

South Yorkshire Police should receive any further reports of the suspect male as quickly as possible. This will allow officers to be present.