After two cars collide on the slip road M3 in Ireland, three people were killed and two little girls and one boy 12 years old are hurt.

  • Gardai Police responded to two-car collision on N52 slip road in Kells, just off M3
  • Both the driver and passenger, both aged in their 20s, were killed by one of the vehicles.
  • Officials confirmed that the victim was also the female driver of another vehicle.
  • Three children including 12-year-old girl are in hospital in serious condition

Following a New Year’s Eve car crash, three people died in Ireland.

On New Year’s Eve at 4.45pm, two vehicles collided in Kells on N52 slip road.

Driver and passenger, who were both in their 20s and riding in the one car with the women driving the other, were each killed.

Three people have died after two cars collided on the N52 slip road in Kells, just off the M3 motorway in the Republic of Ireland at around 4.45pm on New Year's Eve

At 4.45 PM on New Years Eve, two vehicles collided and killed three people.

Three children were admitted to hospital, with one girl aged 12 years old being in serious condition.

Gardai made an appeal for witnesses.

After a technical exam, the road was shut down and has since been opened.