Thug (33) admits that he killed a father (50) with a single “forceful” punch to his head in a row near Slug and Lettuce, Birmingham’s city centre, while he was out drinking with his son.

  • Matthew Carroll was attacked in Birmingham and shot in the face by his son.
  • He suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to hospital. However, he died the next day.
  • Matthew Mahony admitted manslaughter to Birmingham Crown Court  
  • The basis for his plea was not accepted. A second hearing will be held on January 28.

A thug has admitted killing a father with a single ‘forceful’ punch to the head during a row outside a Slug & Lettuce in Birmingham city centre as he enjoyed a night out with his son. 

Matthew Carroll, 50 suffered severe head injuries from the altercation that took place near a bar. It occurred in the wee hours of the morning on August 29, 2009. 

He suffered a severe skull fracture and facial injuries.

Matthew Mahony (33), has pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to manslaughter. 

The court was informed that Mahony’s “basis of plea”, i.e. his narrative of events, has been rejected by the prosecution.  

The case was then adjourned to allow for the trial of issue hearing, which will be held on January 28.

Matthew Carroll, 50, who was killed on The Water's Edge in Brindleyplace, Birmingham, on August 29

Matthew Carroll, 50. He was found dead at The Water’s Edge (Brindleyplace), Birmingham, August 29.

A police cordon outside the Slug & Lettuce bar in Birmingham following Mr Carroll's death

A police cordon outside the Slug & Lettuce bar in Birmingham following Mr Carroll’s death

CCTV footage captured the incident outside the Slug & Lettuce in The Water’s Edge, Brindleyplace, at around 1.30am.

Christopher Millington, representing Mahony, said in mitigation that the defendant delivered a ‘forceful’ blow to Mr Carroll, who was on a night out with his son.

Carroll “self-reported” the incident to police before being contacted by officers. He died later that day in hospital.

The court was informed by Judge Paul Farrer, QC that the judge could change the sentencing of Mahony and Edgbaston.

He addressed the defendant and said, “I believe that justice must be done to both you as well as the victim of this case.”

First, whether your motives were motivated in any way by the need to protect your friends.

‘Secondly, whether your punch caused the fractures to the right side of Mr Carroll’s face.

“I will solve those problems on Friday, January 28. It may take up to a day. You will be sentenced on the same day, but it could move depending on what happens.

“In the meantime, you are being held in custody.”

Matthew Mahony, 33, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court

Matthew Mahony (33), has pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to manslaughter

His family described Mr. Carroll as a “loving father” who was devoted to his kids after his passing.

The statement read: “We are all devastated, heartbroken to have lost such an amazing and thoughtful man.

“He was a man with a heart of gold, and would always put others before him. He loved his family and was devoted to them.

‘He’s always been a hard worker and enjoyed going the gym.

“He loved to be with family and friends and was socially and open-minded. He was always friendly and welcoming, making people smile.

‘Our hearts are shattered into a thousand pieces, we are all still in shock, it doesn’t seem real.

“Our lives won’t be the same after him.”