This is not difficult: A group of men who emerge from the elevator decide to give a lesson to a frail pensioner and bully instant karma

  • Hu, a young man, approached an old man and closed the lift doors.
  • He continued pushing him about and threatened to punch his face in horrible scenes
  • Hu was then attacked by several men, who retaliated and beat him to death in Taiwan 

After bullying an elderly man, a thug got instant goodwill for his actions.

Hu, a young, aggressive man was entering a lift at KTV Karaoke in Taichung, when the man collapsed.

Hu made an honest mistake and continued to confront the man in distress.

Hu, wearing a blue shirt, started to accost an elderly man in the orange after the lift doors were accidentally closed on him

Hu, dressed in a blue shirt began to approach an old man wearing the orange, after the lift doors accidentally closed on him.

The aggressive young man, named Hu, was entering a lift at a KTV karaoke club in Taichung when the frail man closed the doors

Hu, a young, aggressive man was entering a lift at KTV Karaoke in Taichung, when the weak man shut the doors.

He bullied the pensioner for many minutes and threatened to punch him. His friends just watched.

Hu left the lift later with his friends, but continued throwing his weight around in the lobby and pestering the elderly man.

After seeing all the chaos, a man wearing a black suit entered and confronted Hu.

The argument continued until many men rushed out of the lift to attack Hu and his friends.

While the vigilantes beat him, the bully hid under his blankets as they stomped on and beat him with what seemed to be a motorbike helmet.

Hu proceeded to accost the hapless man who tried to appease him by repeatedly bowing his head and apologising

Hu began to confront the poor man, who attempted to console him by bowing and apologising.

A man in a black suit stepped in after seeing the commotion and confronted Hu as tempers flared even further

After seeing all the chaos, a man dressed in black approached Hu and attempted to calm him down.

The argument went on until several men came rushing out of the lift and pounced on Hu and his friends

Hu and his friends were enraged and began to argue again.

The final punch was recorded by one man and left him cold.

The Taichung police responded to the brawl by arriving on the scene and taking Hu (the old man) and the group of vigilantes into custody for questioning.

The officers said that the strong man wearing a black suit called his “friends upstairs” for help during Hu’s confrontation. 

The old man had also been debunked as a former gangster that called on his “mob” pals.

The bully cowered as he was beaten by the vigilantes who stomped on his head and bashed him with what appeared to be a motorcycle helmet

Bully was forced to cower as the vigilantes crushed him with what seemed like a motorbike helmet.

One man was captured on camera giving a final blow to the ruffian's head before leaving him knocked out cold

The final punch was recorded by one man and he left the victim cold.

Taichung police arrived at the scene after the brawl and took in Hu, the old man, and the group of vigilantes for questioning at the station

After the brawl, Taichung police reached the spot and brought Hu and the vigilantes to the station for interrogation.

Hu was reportedly suffering from minor injuries and scratch. Each side declined to file charges against the other.

A police spokesperson said Hu could be charged with violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.

The officers added that the parties to the altercation didn’t want to press charges. Although they reached an agreement, officers were still involved.

“The Taichung City Police Station has interviewed the suspects and they will inspect CCTV footage to see if there have been any additional offences.