As huge fights break out in the streets near Strangeways Prison, Manchester, moment brawlers beat each other with steel poles and use machetes.

  • Manchester’s New Bury Road, Thugs seen involved in a brutal street brawl 
  • The attack occurred just 500 metres from Manchester’s Strangeways Jail. 
  • The video shows 12 men striking each other with metal poles or even a spade.  
  • According to police, 10 individuals were implicated in this horrendous attack. However, no arrests have yet been made.

In a brutal street brawl, horrifying footage captured the moments when thugs beat each other with bars of metal. 

A dozen men were seen in the clips, many with made-up weapons, such as a spade and armed, attacking each other in open daylight on Friday, 26 November in Manchester’s New Bury Road.

The men with long, metal poles and screaming bystanders can be heard yelling at each other as they charge towards a crowd to unleash their terrorizing attack.

A dozen men, some armed with make-shift weapons including metal poles and a spade, were recorded attacking people on Manchester's New Bury Road

On Manchester’s New Bury Road, a dozen men were seen armed with various makeshift weapons, including metal poles, a spade and other tools, attacking residents.

Greater Manchester Police said up to 10 people were involved in the brutal street attack which took place just 500 yards from HMP Manchester, a high security men's prison

Greater Manchester Police claimed that up to 10 individuals were behind the attack on the street, which occurred just 500 meters from HMP Manchester (a high security prison for men).

Greater Manchester Police reported that at least 10 were involved in the attack on the street, which happened just 500 metres from HMP Manchester. This high-security prison is for men of high security.  

Also, officers warned of the presence at the scene of men carrying machetes. 

Official GMP spokesperson confirmed that inquiries were ongoing, and that so far no arrests had taken place.

The chilling footage begins with a group of men running towards Sherborne Street. They are fleeing from numerous violent thugs, who have been armed only with metal poles.

As the hooded gang begins to use their weapons, shocked onlookers observe as they pound anyone who is in their path.  

Six men were self-presented to hospital for injuries sustained in the fight. MailOnline is aware that no arrests have yet been made.

Amid screaming from bystanders, toe-curling thumps can be heard as the men, wielding long metal poles, charge into a crowd and launch their terrifying attack

The men with long, metal poles can make a loud scream as they charge towards a crowd, launching their terrifying assault.

Shocked onlookers watch on as the hooded gang start using their weapons to thump anyone in their way, including those who have fallen to the floor

Watch as shocked spectators watch the hooded Gang use their weapons against anyone they can, even those on the ground.

Eyewitnesses stated that violence at New Bury Road was a regular occurrence for residents.

One witness said, “This is an ongoing occurrence here and we must work in the middle.”

A helicopter was dispatched on Friday to assist the victims near the intersection of Sherborne Street & Great Ducie Street. 

Eyewitnesses said those involved in the brutal street brawl wielded long metal poles and even a spade (pictured)

Eyewitnesses claimed that the criminals in this brutal street fight used long, heavy metal poles as well as a spade.

One spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police stated that police were dispatched to Bury New Road in Manchester just before noon on 26/11 to investigate a large-scale fight between approximately 10 persons.

“Some of those involved had weapons such as machetes and bars. 

“Six men presented themselves at the hospital, with injuries that were believed to have occurred during the fight. 

“Enquiries continue and there have not been any arrests at this point.” 

Police are looking for anyone with any footage or information. Please call 0161 856 146 and mention incident 1173 from 26/11/21.