Joe Exotic, Tiger King’s star says he has a burning desire to prove he isn’t guilty of cruelty towards animals in an interview with DailyMailTV

This is the first time Exotic has been heard by fans since season 2 of Netflix’s Tiger King. It’s currently the most popular show on the streaming service.

Exotic shared a recording of his prison phone conversation with DailyMailTV in which he claimed that he had been misrepresented by DailyMailTV as having needlessly killed tigers at Oklahoma’s zoo. He feels this was one key aspect of his sentence last year.

Exotic was able to defend his decision not to shoot his G.W. The big Zoo cats are unable to speak, as they claim that the skull is too hard. 

He claimed that millions of people worldwide had labelled him an animal abuser after the Netflix broadcast. Prosecutors also went in detail on the killing process to show their hatred for him.

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Joe Exotic spoke to DailyMailTV in his first jailhouse interview since the release of season two of Netflix's Tiger King

Joe Exotic talked to DailyMailTV about his first interview in jail since season 2 of Netflix’s Tiger King. 

The mullet-sporting former zookeeper - who shot to fame last year thanks to the hit Netflix documentary - was sentenced to 22 years in prison after being convicted for violating federal wildlife laws and a failed murder-for-hire plot targeting Carole Baskin

 The mullet-sporting former zookeeper – who shot to fame last year thanks to the hit Netflix documentary – was sentenced to 22 years in prison after being convicted for violating federal wildlife laws and a failed murder-for-hire plot targeting Carole Baskin

Exotic makes some disturbing accusations about Matt Bryant, chief FBI agent, in an ex-phone conversation. He was also the one who brought up Amanda Green as prosecutor.

He claims that Bryant, Green and he knew Bryant had falsified witness statements regarding Carole Baskin’s assassination claim.

Exotic was convicted of conspiracy to murder for hire by his former business partner Jeff Lowe, and Allen Glover.

Two men later retracted their statements and admitted they had lied in legal documents. Exotic’s lawyer John Phillips now wants a full trial.

“What information do you want people to understand?” In a recording interview, the former zookeeper claimed that he was innocent.

“It might sound terrible to the outside world, but I killed five tigers in order to put them to rest because they were suffering from old age and pain.

“I completely buried the tigers intact. Their teeth were still in their heads, and their hides were on the bodies. They were put to rest. Respectfully, I did not burn them half and cover them with a tarp as the USDA and Fed had done.

“They confessed that the jurors would hate my knowledge of the bullets hitting the heads.”

The 58-year-old, pictured in 2013, told DailyMailTV he was misrepresented as needlessly killing tigers at his Oklahoma zoo, which he feels was a key part of his 2019 conviction

DailyMailTV, photo of the 58 year-old in 2013. He claimed that his Oklahoma zoo misrepresented him as killing unnecessary tigers. This was something he felt was crucial to his 2019 conviction

Exotic defended his decision to shoot five of his G.W. Zoo big cats point blank in the skull as they were 'old and in pain'

Exotic was able to defend his decision not to shoot his G.W. Exotic defended his decision to shoot five of his G.W. Zoo big cats as they were “old and hurt”.

Exotic (real name Joseph Maldonado Passage) was sentenced January 2020 to 22-years in federal prison. He had been convicted of hiring two separate men to execute Carole Baskin.

In July, Denver’s U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Denver’s trial court had wrongly considered those two convictions in determining his sentence according to sentencing guidelines.

Although he waits to find out when the re-sentencencing will take place, he does not hesitate in his attack on how a justice system treated him.

He claimed that his public defenders Bill Earley, 58, and Kyle Wackenheim failed to explain to him the trauma of “tranquilizing big animals” before euthanasia. This causes’seizures and convulsions, and throw up, before a veterinarian can enter.

Tough times: Exotic is serving a 22 year prison sentence in Fort Worth, Texas as a federal jury found him guilty on two counts of hiring someone to murder Baskin in Florida, on eight counts of violating the Lacey Act by falsifying wildlife records, and on nine counts of violating the Endangered Species Act by killing five tigers and for selling tigers across state lines

Exotic has been sentenced to 22 years in prison in Fort Worth Texas for two counts of Baskin murder by hiring someone. He was also found guilty of eight other counts by a federal jury: falsifying wildlife records and violating Lacey Act. Nine counts were added of selling tigers over state borders and violating Endangered Species Act.

Exotic claims led to him shooting his tigers from the side.

He insists that he never used cruel methods to wild cats, contrary to Carole Baskin’s accusations.

He stated that he was not charged with animal cruelty by Carole Baskin because she believes petting baby Tigers is cruel.

Tiger King 2 shows Phillips taking affidavits form Lowe and Glover, the assassin Exotic hired. They claim they intentionally lied to authorities.

Exotic claims that the evidence of the prosecution, which included text messages between Glover’s jailed star and Glover, was crucial in Exotic’s conviction.

Exotic stated that the text messages had been set up. Exotic admitted that in prison interviews. Jeff and Allen created those text messages, making it appear that I was actually doing this.

“I left my zoo, my life and just gave it to them. But that wasn’t enough.

‘They had to fabricate s*** after I left the zoo to still have me arrested and be able to take my zoo away.

“We all have witnesses who should have stood in court and it should have been fair that I was tried.”

“The statements and witnesses that John Phillips will still release, when he feels it is appropriate, are going to shock everyone. It will cast the greatest shadow over our Department of Justice.

Exotic's pal Allen Glover (pictured) and one-time business partner Jeff Lowe gave evidence to authorities which proved pivotal in Exotic's conviction for conspiracy to commit for murder for hire

Jeff Lowe

Exotic was convicted of conspiracy to murder for hire by his friend Allen Glover (right), and Jeff Lowe (right). Exotic’s former zookeeper claims the men made falsified statements.

Exotic insists he was never cruel to the wild cats at his zoo, despite accusations by fellow tiger sanctuary owner and nemesis Carole Baskin

Exotic claims he never used cruel words against wild cats in his zoo despite being accused by Carole Baskin, another owner of a tiger sanctuary.

Phillips believes that a fresh trial will allow him to challenge the prosecution’s claims that Exotic provided a “burner” phone to Glover, an alleged hitman in the murder-for hire plot.

Exotic then went further by accusing Bryant and Green with obstructing the justice.

Let’s find out what these documents prove. Agent Bryant & Amanda Green are guilty of obstructing justice through suppression and cover-up evidence.

Then you’ll have to think about each case Agent Bryant has ever worked on, Amanda Green included. Are the people in prison guilty? Every politician who serves this country will be shocked.

“The evidence currently available to us, there must be a federal agent and two FBI agents. A US attorney should also go to prison.

Exotic was moved to North Carolina from Fort Worth Federal Medical Center, Texas, after he had been diagnosed with aggressive cancer.

Theresa McKeown is a film maker who visited Exotic’s case via podcast the Judge and the Journalist. Exotic said that he received the OK from an Oklahoma vet for the death of the five tigers.

Return: Tiger King 2 debuted on Netflix November 17 - with the hotly anticipated sequel chronicling Joe Exotic's fight for freedom after being convicted in the murder-for-hire plot of rival Carole Baskin

Netflix’s Return: Tiger King 2 premiered on November 17, with the highly anticipated sequel that chronicles Joe Exotic’s struggle for freedom following his conviction in the murder-for hire plot by Carole Baskin.

This claim may be crucial to his conviction under the Endangered Species Act or Lacey Act.

McKeown wrote a book on her Exotic experience called The Joe I Know. reported that Joe insisted that he obtained permission from his vet for him to immediately shoot a tiger if it was in pain, sick, or the vet couldn’t attend. His memoir states that he strictly followed USDA guidelines.

“Based on my personal experiences at the Zoo, I saw Joe interact with the animals. It was obvious that he loves them.

“He told me very clearly how heartbroken he felt about the decision to kill these tigers. But he believed it was the best thing for humanity.

McKeown said that Exotic is a sympathetic subject.

There is a lot of doubt regarding the murder for hire accusations. Joe always maintained that he only did the best for animals and that it was humane.

“Given the new information available, it would make sense to have a fresh trial.”