It’s a hilarious moment when an ABC Newsreader was caught in SHORTS underneath his desk while reading bulletins at a scorching 45C

  • ABC News Darwin’s presenter Ben Gubana wears shorts in a bulletin
  • Gubana uploads a TikTok showing that Gubana secretly wore under his desk shorts
  • Parts of the Northern Territory saw temperatures soar to 45° celsius over the weekend 

As he was reading a bulletin, an ABC news presenter was caught in shorts beneath the news desk. 

TikTok shares a clip of Ben Gubana, presenting ABC News Darwin when the temperatures rose up to 45C on Saturday.

This clip depicts a young anchor reading a bulletin while wearing a suit as the camera moves from the autocue towards the news desk.

A TikTok shows Ben Gubana, presenter for ABC News Darwin, sporting a pair of shorts while reading a bulletin as temperatures soared in the top end over the weekend (pictured)

TikTok captures Ben Gubana (presenter at ABC News Darwin) in a pair of shorts as he reads a bulletin while wearing a pair.

The camera pans behind the desk and it becomes apparent that Gubana has on a pair of shorts in addition to his formal wear. 

The caption says, “When you have news at seven and a barbecue at eight,” 

After parts of Australia experienced heatwaves over the weekend, this post is now. 

Social media users found it amusing and quickly commented on the post. 

A person said, “That ought to be a thing.”

It is so humid that I commented one more …’.

Australians endured a brutal weekend because of the combination of “exceptionally hot air mass” and lack of clouds. 

The clip shows the young anchor appear to be dressed in a suit but as the camera pans further Gubana is sneakily dressed in a pair of shorts

Although Gubana appears to be wearing a suit, the clip captures Gubana sneakily sporting shorts as she walks by the camera. 

The Bureau of Meteorology issued an extreme weather alert for the heatwave that would affect large parts of Western Australia and Queensland, as well as all of the Northern Territory.

Extreme heatwave conditions brought severe heatwave conditions to the northern parts of Western Australia on Saturday. 

This heatwave marks the fourth consecutive one to reach the peak end of the season since October.