TikToker Jack Wright accuses Sienna Mae Gomez a fellow social media star of sexual assault. A video appears to show her apparently striding, groping, and kissing him when he was incontinent.

Wright (18) posted a 17 minute video on Friday titled What Sienna Mae Do to Me. This video details several alleged assaults by his friend, and former online colleague. Gomez was accused of multiple assaults, one of which was captured on camera.  

‘The Hawaii incident happened where I was passed out, unconscious almost like the whole night. She got on top of me, took advantage of me, groped me,’ Wright claimed, adding he’s ‘so glad’ his friends ‘pulled her off’ of him. 

Gomez (18) denied all allegations in Yahoo’s statement, calling them ‘fictitious and an act of slander.

According to the statement, ‘These attacks are not only baseless and falsified, but the publication of his latest video shows the public narrative Jack and his friends intend to use to support their lies’. 

“Those who collaborated in this act of defamation did so to continue their association with Sienna, after they had ended their professional relationship and their claims to any part of her considerable success were terminated.”

DailyMail.com reached out to Gomez but his agent didn’t immediately reply.

TikToker Jack Wright has accused fellow social media star Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault after video shows her apparently straddling, groping and kissing him while he was incapacitated

TikToker Jack Wright accuses Sienna Mae Gomez a fellow star on social media of sexual assault. A video appears to show her apparently kissing, straddling and groping him when he is incapacitated.

‘I was at a party, like passed out on the couch,’ Wright recalled. ‘When they told me about what happened they said they pulled her off of me.  

‘Another friend got in an argument with Sienna saying, “you can’t do that. Jack isn’t a fan of you as such.”

He continued: ‘That night she posted a 15 part aggressive video gaslighting everything about what happened, how much she loved me and that I was using her for clout – which was all lies. That was exactly what it was. [what] typical gaslighting to a victim is.’

Mason Rizzon Wright’s friend first reported the allegations in a series TikTok tweets and Twitter posts on May 30, 20,21.

Gomez, in a YouTube video from June 1, denied these allegations and claimed they were ‘unambiguously false’.

Two days later, TikTok user Lachlan Hannemann posted video of the alleged incident that appeared to show Gomez kissing and touching Wright while he was unconscious.

Gomes denied again the allegations and stated that the footage had been manipulated.  

Wright hadn’t addressed these accusations until Friday. However, Hannemann now claims that Wright is right about Hannemann. According to the teen, Gomez “got on top” of him and “took advantage of me”, groped his body before he pulled off his friends. 

‘Honestly I’m glad that they have evidence,’ he said. ‘After Sienna found out about the video she said sorry. She said if this got out she would be done, that it’s horrible and she’s working on boundaries and she was seeking therapy.’

Wright, 18, shared a 17-minute video - titled What Sienna Mae Did to Me - on his YouTube channel Friday, detailing a string of alleged assaults by his former friend and online collaborator. Wirght and Gomez, also 18, are pictured together

Wright (18) shared Friday’s 17-minute-long video, titled “What Siena Mae did to Me” on YouTube. It details a series of assaults that Wright’s former online friend, Gomez, allegedly committed. Wirght, 18 and Gomez (18) are shown together

Wright accused Gomez of several instances of assault, including one in Hawaii that was caught on video (pictured)

He claimed he was 'passed out, unconscious (pictured) almost like the whole night. She got on top of me, took advantage of me, groped me.' Wright said his friends had to pull Gomez off of him

Wright accused Gomez in several cases of assault. One of these was captured on camera (left). Wright claimed that he had been ‘passed unconscious, almost as if the entire night was over (right). I was groped by her, she climbed on top of me and took advantage. Wright claimed that Gomez was forced to be taken from him by his friends

He then continued to outline at least three others instances where Gomez – whom he first met in high school four year ago but reconnected with after they both gained large followings on TikTok – allegedly assaulted him.  

Gomez claimed that he once got naked and strangled him, while he was still ‘just chilling on his bed’, despite repeated requests to have her top. He claimed that he had to force Gomez out of the room and remove her. 

Wright, describing the situation as ‘weird and random,’ said Gomez would apologize for her allege inappropriate actions but ‘these types of things kept happening.’

‘She would do something and I would forgive her and she said it wouldn’t happen again,’ he said. ‘We would go on making fun videos after all those type of things kept on happening.’

She was accused of confronting him in anger at a party for taking pictures with women. 

Wright stated that Gomez requested him to talk in another area and that she pulled Wright into the room. After this, he said that Gomez ‘grabbed’ Wright and then tried to get in on him before telling her to go.

Gomez, according to the teen, would often ‘break in his house’ when he wasn’t asleep.

“She came to my home constantly, always remembering my doors codes. He said that it got so bad, that he was shouting at her to leave my home. 

“I’d wake up to see her car outside at 2 in the morning. After breaking into my home, she’d come in to mine and put her hand in my trousers. This was not the first time that it had happened. It just became a routine for me.  

“One night, she began ripping off my clothing, touching my crotch, and trying to have sex with me,” he said. Wright said that Gomez kept asking him to stop and eventually ended up falling asleep on the ground.

Gomez (pictured) has denied the allegations, calling them 'fictitious' and an 'act of slander'

Her representatives allege that Gomez and Wright (pictured) had a 'consensual and cordial' relationship and that his 'false claims began after Sienna wished to end the relationship out of feelings of being used and misled through their time together'

Gomez (left), has dismissed the claims, calling them “fictitious” and an “act of slander.” Gomez’s representatives claim that Wright (right), and Gomez had a “consensual, cordial” relationship. Wright’s false claims started when Sienna wanted to end the relationship because she felt that they were being misused and misled during their time together.

Wright cited another incident from a party and claimed that Gomez requested to talk to him in the bathroom. He was sitting on a counter, Wright said, wrapping his legs around him.

Later, she was alleged to have grabbed the lock from his door and entered the toilet while he was still in the shower.  

“Looking back now, I don’t see why I stayed friends and around her. “I really believed that she was going to be different,” he said. 

Gomez’s representatives called Wright’s allegation a ‘calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Sienna’s reputation and livelihood, but her as an individual human being as well. These accusations are denied by Sienna categorically.

The group also pointed out that Jack had not only spread falsehoods online about Sienna, but also taken no actions.

‘There has been no police investigation — not even a police report to our knowledge — no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months,’ the statement read.

It was Sienna’s intent and will to resolve this matter privately rather than in court. This is because she wouldn’t want to degrade or sensationalize sexual assault. These claims are being addressed publicly due to Jack’s disregard of the truth. 

Jack and his associates tried to make blatant slut shame culture to support their claims. They have victimized a woman of color who is successful in her field in a manner that we regrettably have witnessed many times before. All in the name of using her pain as a means to their personal gains.

Gomez’s representatives claimed that the couple had an ‘consensual, cordial’ relationship.  

“Jack made false claims after Siena wanted to end their relationship because she felt they had been misled and used during their time together. Jack could have personal motives for his behavior. However, Sienna is committed to being true to her character. She will not reveal any personal details because she can understand the hurt it might cause Jack, according the statement. 

“Once more, Sienna strongly denies all of these allegations. Jack tried to abuse her in a selfish attempt to gain sympathy. She wants to publically apologize for this. Sienna never intended to participate in the narrative or ignore the immense trauma that sexual assault survivors have experienced.