TikTok Debate: Woman’s friend washes bra only once per YEAR.

  • One woman living in Britain asked others how often they washed their bras.
  • TikTok user @desyr.reviews posted that a friend washes their bra once per year
  • Some people said they wash theirs every other day, others claimed that they do it once a month.

Following the revelation that her friend did not wash her bras every year, a woman began a passionate debate about when to wash them.  

British TikTok user @desyr.reviews explained she was speechless after hearing her friend’s confession – and wanted to know about other women’s habits. 

The comments section was filled with responses from women all over the globe. Some said they wash their bras every time, while others admitted to only washing them when it smells.   

TikTok user @desyr.reviews (pictured) sparked the discussion after revealing a friend washes their bra just once a year

@desyr.reviews (pictured) asked women to share their bra washing habits

TikTok user @desyr.reviews (pictured) sparked the discussion after revealing a friend washes their bra just once a year 

Women from around the world shared their preferences in the comments section, with some saying they washed their bras after every wear, and others confessing to waiting until 'it smells

All over the globe, women shared their preferred methods in the comments. Some claimed they rinsed their bras immediately after wearing them, while others said that they wait until it smells.

“My friend told me once that she only washes her bra once per year,” the woman said in the group chat video, which has been viewed more than 153,000 times.

‘I’m curious. What is the average frequency that bras are washed? It is important to me that I know the standard of care for bras among women all over the world. 

“What is the longest bra wash? Because we’re all different. 

The thread received many responses from people who said they washed their bras more often. One person wrote: “I cannot stand clothing that I haven’t worn for one day.”

One other said that it all depends on the weather. Every day is summer, every day autumn/spring, every other day wither.

A stream of comments on the post claimed they wash their bra after wearing it no more than two to three times

A number of people commented on this post claiming that they only wash their bras after wearing them two or three times. 

What do experts have to say about this?  

Luxury lingerie brand Rigby & Peller advise customers to wash their bras twice before washing.

The Daily Mail was previously informed by an expert of the brand: “The area below your arms and your bust are both hot, sweaty places.

“Cleaning after each two or three wears is ideal.”

Avoid washing the drum by machine as this can damage its elasticity and decrease its usability (which should not exceed 12 months).

Instead, handwash and let dry the bra at room temperature. Heat from a dryer or radiator can cause Lycra to be destroyed.

The third is: “After one wear, maximum two.”

Others, however, advocated for less frequent washing because the bra will last longer.

One said, “I wash them together once per month and rotate 6/7 of my favorite items.”

“I hand wash them!” They last ten-times longer. 

Another commented, “Maybe once per month…but a few on rotation.”

An embarrassed Emoji was added to the mix. A third person said, “Everyone up to two months…when it smells or looks dirty.”

The fourth voice added: “Whenever it ends up as wash might be for a week or a month, maybe even a whole year.”

Another joke was: “If it smells even a little sweaty it will change.”  

The CEO of Laundryheap Deyan Dimitrov told The Sun that you should wash your bra every three to four wears, or as part of a rotating routine once to two times per week.

He advised that you should not leave it longer as bacteria, sweat, dead skin, and other factors can build up. This could lead to your bras getting a little smelly and even body acne.

Failure to wash bras can lead to yeast and fungi building up within the fibers.

Other responses to the post said they wash their bra monthly or wait until it begins to smell

Some people replied that they wash their bras monthly, while others wait to see if it starts to smell.