Unscrupulous driver creates a MOCKING of Smart Motorway. TikTok user film himself IGNORING flashing red lights as he speeds past traffic jammed by an accident on the motorway at NIGHT

  • Daniel, a motorist who is only known as Daniel, weaved through narrow lanes in order to avoid the line
  • While he was crossing solid white lines above a crosshatching, flashes of red Xs appeared over his head 
  • This infuriating incident took place 12 miles away from Leeds M1
  • Daniel shared the TikTok footage of his illegal driving and it sparked a backlash
  • Comments condemned the reckless and inefficient time-savings of this driver.

It was the moment when the driver weaved through closed lanes of a smart motorway, as the red Xs above the lanes flashed.

Daniel, a motorist who uploaded the TikTok video captioned the clip as ‘the masculine desire to skip the line or I’ll pee my pants’

As a row of long-suffering cars waited in the third lane, the driver recorded himself crossing white solid lines and creating a cross-hatching.

A reckless driver has posted a video on TikTok of himself weaving through closed lanes on a smart motorway in South Yorkshire to skip the queue

Unsane driver posted video of his reckless driving on TikTok, showing him weaving in and out of traffic on an intelligent motorway in South Yorkshire. 

He continued on, passing multiple signs warning that the lanes were not open and weaving in between the lanes.

Daniel crosses a red cross sign at one point, indicating that all three lanes left are blocked.

Closed lanes marked with a red X in the underlanes signify closed lanes to ensure safety for vehicles that are damaged or need maintenance.

Daniel jumps over three lanes, then joins the queue after he spots a gap between a long column car.

Motorists could face a £100 fine and three points on their licence if caught travelling in closed motorway lanes

The driver was on a smart motorway  12 miles from Leeds M1.

Smart motorways have claimed the lives of 38 people between 2014 and 2019.

Daniel, the motorist, captioned his TikTok video 'the masculine urge to skip the queue or I'll poop my pants'. The video ends with him finally merging into a queue behind a white van

Daniel, the driver, said that his TikTok video was titled ‘the masculine need to skip the queue, or I’ll puke my pants’. His TikTok video concludes with him merging in a line behind a white van.

After several accidents that resulted in stationary cars being struck from behind, there have been growing concerns regarding such motorways.

Drivers furious at the TikToker’s reckless driving were quick to attack him online.

Simon Rhodes stated that “one day, we will see footage where someone jumps a redX and drives over debris, which will hopefully destroy their car.”

Lucy Woodham stated: “People say he merges correctly, but he drives through closed lanes of the motorway.

The driver, who possibly expected praise for his time-saving technique, created a backlash against himself with the

The driver who was probably expecting praise for his time-saving techniques, got a backlash with the 

“So, yeah it is.

Tom Walford said, “Hopefully a fine appears to your door.”

An additional comment was made: ‘Not that you drive in a closed-lane straddling both the white line, undertaking.

“And people like yours are allowed to travel on roads dear God.”

On the other side, others praised the driver’s driving abilities.

Dan Collier said, “Finally someone understands how to drive.”

A second addition was: “You must merge at the intersection point where cones have blocked the lanes.” [But]Not well in advance. Some people are unable to drive.