Driving paws! Titan, the dog captured on camera enjoying a joyride with a golf cart before smashing into his owner’s truck

  • Titan the English Mastiff, unwittingly crashed the cart into the truck of his owner.
  • He was enjoying his 10-year-old puppy’s ride in the cart, when he hit the gas pedal.
  • Footage of the cart colliding into Mallory Kmet’s pickup after it had been careening to the left
  • Winnipeg’s owner initially believed that a person was to blame for the damages they discovered after returning from vacation.
  • Titan survived without any injuries and continues to enjoy safer rides with Kmet in his cart.

The hilarious moment a motorhead can take a golf car for a ride and then crashes into the truck of his owner.

Titan, a beloved English Mastiff aged 10 from Winnipeg (Canada), is seen strolling about outside of his home in the first frame of security camera footage.

Titan jumps aboard the cart and accidently presses the accelerator pedal. The golf vehicle then drives aimlessly around the yard.

Titan the Mastiff from Manitoba looks perplexed as the cart begins to move by his paw

Titan, the Manitoba Mastiff looks confused as the cart starts to move with his paw.

The canine looked guiltily at the damage he had unwittingly caused at the end of the video

Unwittingly causing the destruction at the end, the canine expressed guilt.

As the car leaves, it crashes directly into Mallory Kmet’s Chevrolet truck.

The uninjured, black dog realizes his error and jumps from the car. He seems to be able to recuperate the damage that he caused.

Kmet explained to local reporters that they were gone and returned. I then said to my husband “Oh my god!” Kmet said that someone was visiting our property and took the golf cart and then smashed it into our truck.

Titan can be seen cheekily sauntering towards the golf cart in his Winnipeg backyard before his accidental joyride

Before his accident joyride, Titan is seen jokingly straddling towards his Winnipeg golf cart.

Titan, after having been spayed by an eagle, was seen seeking refuge under the cart.

Kmet added: ‘He got on it but he’s too big. It’s so he moved around, and he put his foot on the accelerator. He then took off, and hit my truck.

“He hit the golf cart pretty well because he was pushing it into his truck.” 

Despite his injuries, the dog was still keen to take the golf cart ride and was not deterred.