According to reports, Tommy Fury could have pulled out from his match with Jake Paul in a grudge match.

Two fighters who had been in an intense verbal war for several weeks before their fight were scheduled to meet to cut short a week.

But, now it is clear that the fight is not in good standing. claims on social media surfacing about Fury potentially being forced to drop out.

Tyron Woodley is another foe of Paul and may be available to fill in for him.

Woodley, an ex-UFC welterweight champion lost by a split decision to Paul, the younger brother, in their August tussle. 

Fury’s supposed withdrawal was not confirmed by authorities, and it is unclear what the cause of Fury’s reported departure might be.

Tommy Fury has reportedly been forced to withdraw from his grudge match with Jake Paul

Tommy Fury reportedly had to pull out of his grudge match with Jake Paul

Paul has been embroiled in a fierce war of words with Fury in the build-up to the showdown

In the lead-up to the fight, Paul was involved in an intense war of words and Fury.

Tampa, Florida – Both social media superstars had to enter the ring.

The Sun claim Fury’s participation to this chaos is also in question. 

Fury is half-brother to Tyson’s heavyweight champion Tyson and has had to take up training in Tyson’s camp due to a common cold.

Frank Warren recently revealed that Tommy suffered from a slight cold, but that he should be fine.

Fury has been forced to cope with a cold recently

Paul roared at Fury to 'just show up' for the fight

Paul and Fury, social media stars from Florida were set up to fight in Tampa.

Ahead of the fight, the youngest Paul sibling raised doubts over Fury making it to fight night

The youngest sibling of Paul raised concerns about Fury’s ability to make it to the fight.

“We are in Morecambe” [on Wednesday]We will hopefully learn more, but he is ready to fight and is willing to do whatever it takes.

“He cannot wait to fight, and from Jake’s point of view I can tell he is eager for it.”

Fury had already been training with Tyson and was set to travel to Florida for work this week. 

Paul, on the other hand, was concerned that Paul’s opponent would not make it to fight.

The partner of Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague (right), Fury has entered the world of boxing

Fury is now the boxing partner to Molly-Mae Hague, Love Island’s star.

Fury has been training with his half-brother Tyson, the heavyweight champion of the world

 Fury has been training with his half-brother Tyson, the heavyweight champion of the world

The Gypsy King started training Tommy for the bout

The pair enjoyed a workout together in their camp

Tyson posted several updates to social media about his preparations for Fury’s fight against Paul.

During their feisty press conference, he told Fury: ‘Make sure you show up. You just need to be there.

Following Fury’s father John’s stinging comments about Paul, Fury’s verbal slinging match turned into chaos on BT Sport.

Livestreaming was available on the broadcaster, and Fury and Paul had a heated exchange of words. John Tyson, Warren and Tyson joined the former.

Paul, 24, was able to join the 22-minute farcical event via video link.

BT Sport issued an apology for 'unacceptable' remarks made during the press conference

BT Sport has apologized for the ‘unacceptable’ comments made during the conference.

He branded John a ‘nobody’ and told him to ‘suck my d***’ with tempers flaring.

But Fury Sr hit back in grizzly fashion by telling Paul he ‘doesn’t have a d*** to suck’, and then said: ‘You know when Tommy knocks you out, he’s gonna bend your girlfriend over and do her like a dog.’

BT Sport released a statement in the wake of the incident, apologizing for any ‘unacceptable remarks’ that were made during the stream.  

The statement stated that BT Sport had streamed a live Boxing Press Conference this week, which included a variety of inappropriate and inacceptable comments. Some of these have led to more online abuse.

Fury's father John made a vulgar comment about Paul's girlfriend during the press conference

John Fury’s father Fury made a crude comment on Paul’s girlfriend in the course of the press conference

Fury Sr said Fury will 'do' Paul's girlfriend Julia Rose after their fight if he wins by knockout

Fury Sr. stated that Fury will “do” Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose following their fight, if Fury wins by knockout

BT Sport will not tolerate this. We apologize for any offense or distress caused by this.

Paul is a professional with a record of 4-1, including 3 knockouts.

Fury has been beaten seven times in the fight so far. His victories were won by knockout in four.