Digital marketing is a highly effective way of reaching potential customers across the world. From creating responsive websites to optimizing search engine results, digital marketing provides many avenues that can drive traffic and boost sales.

Consumers spend much of their day browsing social media platforms and engaging with online communities, so businesses must use this time effectively by publishing engaging and educational content to attract their target market.

1. Create a Responsive Website

Due to smartphone users now being the primary internet traffic source, designing websites solely for desktop computers no longer suffices.

Responsive websites ensure your content looks fantastic on laptops, 2-in-1 tablets and smartphone screens alike. Mobile users will also appreciate having easy access to your business phone number and contact details – our free low-code development platform makes creating responsive websites easy!

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving a website to attract more organic search traffic, thus expanding reach into new audiences and communities while simultaneously driving leads and sales without paying more in advertising fees. It is the best digital marketing strategy to use.

Make sure your webpage content is search-engine optimized by including targeted keywords in its title and headings of each page or blog post, adding relevant images and videos can also help optimize a webpage by increasing dwell time on search engines.

3. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Attracting mobile visitors requires taking several key steps, but sometimes small details can make an enormous impactful statement about your website.

For instance, if your website features forms that request information such as names and addresses from visitors, consider disabling autocorrect to make filling out forms easier for visitors.

Keep in mind that users browsing websites on mobile devices don’t use a mouse, so design with thumbs in mind.

4. Create a Social Media Presence

Modern individuals rely on social media not only to stay in contact with friends and family, but also as a source for finding trusted brands to do business with.

Establishing a successful social media presence requires providing consistent, high-quality content and active engagement on a regular basis. Hiring a dedicated social media manager is an ideal way of meeting these objectives while mistakes will inevitably occur – the important thing is learning from them!

5. Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listings are an effective way to promote your products, services and events online. Plus they let you add keywords and highlight photos.

Responding to customer and public questions posted online is another effective way of building trust and credibility with customers and the general public. Doing this also increases visits to your store!

6. Create a Blog

Blogs can be an excellent way to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website and attract new readers. Begin by brainstorming topic ideas online before setting an editorial calendar to ensure new blog posts appear at least weekly.

Find communities online who share your blogging interests; for instance, if you own an online party-goods store, post updates about new blog posts in Facebook and Instagram groups to drive awareness for them.

7. Create a Newsletter

Email newsletters can be an effective way of reaching out to your audience. They can increase engagement rates, spread brand recognition and drive more business.

Make sure to include useful content in your newsletters, such as educational articles and videos that add value and foster trust with subscribers.

Compliance with GDPR regulations means adding an unsubscribe link in your newsletter footer – this will keep your subscriber list healthy and clean!

8. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the world’s leading video platforms, boasting over two billion active users worldwide. Businesses that want to expand their audience through video content should utilize YouTube as a key platform.

Starting by uploading branding elements and creating a profile picture, create a description that explains what type of content will be posted to your channel and try to niche down its focus so it is more visible in searches.

9. Create a Mailing List

Mailing lists are email subscription services that enable subscribers to manage their subscription settings while also enabling owners to send updates and content directly to subscribers. Building and nurturing an email list are crucial aspects of lead generation.

Give your subscribers something exciting to look forward to by offering exclusive materials and gifts – this will foster strong ties between them and your brand!

10. Create an Email Campaign

Email campaigns are an effective way of reaching both current and potential customers, often used alongside other marketing efforts like social media posts or blog articles.

An email campaign requires setting goals, designing emails, and producing valuable content. Furthermore, it requires selecting an optimal time and day to send them; such as when most of your audience members check their inboxes.