Top Gear viewers couldn’t get enough of Eddie Kidd’s touching tribute last night. 

Paddy McGuinness (48), presented a segment that honored his childhood hero. It featured a stunt vehicle show, pyrotechnics, and an emotional tribute by motorcyclists. 

Kidd (62), was an industry leader with star looks. He worked on three James Bond movies and stunt doubled Harrison Ford’s films. His career ended in 1996 when he was paralysed and left unable to talk due to his life-altering brain injuries. 

McGuinness was moved to tears by the heartfelt tribute. 

Presenter Paddy McGuinness paid tribute to his childhood hero Eddie Kidd (pictured together) in an emotional segment involving a high-octane vehicle stunt show and pyrotechnics

Paddy McGuinness (pictured together), paid tribute in an emotional segment to Eddie Kidd, his childhood hero. It involved a stunt vehicle show and pyrotechnics.

The high-octane display, pictured, featuring some of the UK's biggest stunt drivers was the crowning moment in the emotional TV tribute. McGuinness was left in tears

McGuinness was left in tears after witnessing the high-octane tribute on TV. McGuinness was in tears 

Kidd, pictured in 1981, worked on three James Bond films and stunt doubled for Harrison Ford before his career was brought to an end in a horrific 1996 accident that left him paralaysed and unable to speak due to life-changing brain injuries

Kidd was seen in 1981. Kidd worked on three James Bond films, and also stunt doubled for Harrison Ford. His career ended in a horrible 1996 accident, which left Kidd paralysed and rendered speechless by life-altering brain injuries. 

One user tweeted, “This was great on #TopGear last Night, not a Dry Eye in Our House, Well done @PaddyMcGuinness.

Another wrote: “Superb from #TopGear last evening – A magnificent tribute to #EddieKidd.

Another added comment: “Possibly the greatest thing we have ever seen on Top Gear.” It’s choppingly good. #imnotcrying #topgear #eddiekidd.’ 

Kidd was just 14 when he started to drive stunt cars. He became an instant celebrity thanks to his daring stunts. 

The heartfelt tribute, which ended with McGuinness wiping away his tears, struck a chord with viewers at home, who hailed it as one of 'the best' short films ever produced by Top Gear

McGuinness was moved to tears by the touching tribute. 

In December 1979, he stunned the public when he leapt 80ft over the gap on an Essex railway bridge using a 400cc Yamaha. 

In 1993, he beat Robbie Knievel, son of legendary Evel, at the World Jumping Championships in the States and made more than 12,000 jumps without ever breaking a bone.

In 1996, Kidd’s jump was not as straightforward and he fell 20ft into a ravine after a poor landing.  

He also broke his collarbone, pelvis and six vertebrae on his back. Additionally, he suffered life-altering brain injuries. Eddie was unable speak or walk without assistance and now requires constant care. 

The programme saw McGuinness collect Kidd and his carer from home, and take them on a ride through the countryside in a soft top convertible, pictured

McGuinness took Kidd, his caregiver, from their home and drove them through the country in a convertible soft-top. 

A procession of motorcyclists tooted their horns, saluted and cheered as they streamed past Kidd and McGuinness on the empty A-road, with Kidd raising his arm in response

As they passed Kidd and McGuinness, a procession of motorcyclists honked their horns and saluted each other, Kidd raised his arms in return 

McGuinness kept a close eye on Kidd as they both beamed throughout the drive-by tribute

McGuinness watched closely on Kidd during the tribute drive. 

A procession of motorbikes stream by the car to pay tribute to the great rider, with Kidd saluting them as they pass

Kidd is greeted by a parade of motorbikes as they make their way past the car in tribute to the legendary rider.

McGuinness spoke out before the show, saying that Eddie had been an idol to him from his childhood. 

“So, I hope that we have done Eddie justice. I believe he will love the show when it is on. Eddie was very moved by the experience, particularly at the end with all of the stunt drivers.

“He saw them again, and hadn’t seen them in years. It was wonderful.

The raw emotion displayed at the conclusion, I believe we were all crying. This will bring joy to a younger generation who might not have known who he was, and a lot more. They’ll be able to see the results of his efforts, which I am glad for.

Paddy took Kidd and his caregiver from their home and drove them through the country in a convertible soft-top car. 

Next, McGuinness drove Kidd to an empty plot where his friends and family were waiting. Pictured, Kidd watching the extraordinary display on last night's episode

McGuinness then drove Kidd to a vacant plot, where his friends were still waiting. Kidd in the midst of last night’s extraordinary show.

McGuinness kicked off the evening's performance by driving a motorcycle through a flaming hoop, a stunt that took 'a month' to perfect, pictured

McGuinness started the night’s performances by driving his motorcycle through a flame hoop. It was a feat that required ‘one month’ of practice. 

It was followed by a jaw-dropping display by stunt car drivers and motorcyclists, who showed off their skills and paid tribute to Kidd, pictured

It was followed by a jaw-dropping display by stunt car drivers and motorcyclists, who showed off their skills and paid tribute to Kidd, pictured  

Motorcyclists throbbed their horns as they passed Kidd, McGuinness and others on the road. Kidd raised an arm to respond. 

McGuinness then drove Kidd to a vacant plot, where his family and friends were waiting. Presenter McGuinness opened the show by riding his motorcycle through a flame hoop. This stunt took him ‘one month’ to master. 

A jaw-dropping show of stunt drivers and motorcyclists followed him, which paid tribute to Kidd.

At the end of the show, the performers came together to applaud Kidd, one of their heroes

After the show was over, performers joined hands to applaud Kidd as one of their heroes.

Former stuntman Kidd, pictured, was left feeling emotional following the daredevil tribute

Kidd, an ex-stuntman, felt overwhelmed by the tribute to daredevilry. 

McGuinness, pictured, was also emotional, and wiped away tears at the end of the programme

McGuinness was also visibly emotional. She wiped her eyes at the conclusion of the program.

Flintoff shared the opinion of Flintoff that Kidd was a popular ‘benchmark for today’ among stuntmen.

Kidd said, reflecting on Kidds achievements: “The one who is bravest to accomplish all this is the person who did it first.”

“He does something you aren’t sure is possible and he leads the pack and opens the door for all others. 

In 1996 Kidd, pictured, was involved in the accident that would change his life as his motorbike steered out of control following a 45ft leap at an event in Stratford-upon-Avon (Pictured 1987)

Kidd was involved in an accident in 1996 that changed his life. His motorbike was thrown out of control after Kidd took a leap of 45 feet at an event held in Stratford-upon-Avon. (Pictured 1987).

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