Lashes have always been a popular beauty trend, but in recent years, the demand for longer, thicker, and more dramatic lashes has skyrocketed. From natural-looking extensions to bold, fluffy lashes, there are many different styles and products to choose from. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top trending lash styles and products currently on the market. And as always, Lash Professional is here to give you the guidance you may need to find the perfect lash enhancement you are looking for.

4 Trends

  1. Volume Lashes: These are the most popular lash style today, and for good reason. Volume lashes are created by attaching multiple lightweight extensions to each individual natural lash, resulting in a full, fluffy look. They are perfect for those looking for a more dramatic and voluminous appearance. Many salons and lash technicians use volume lashes to achieve this look. Let us know if you are looking for more volume!
  2. Hybrid Lashes: Hybrid lashes are a combination of both classic and volume lashes, and they are perfect for those looking for a balance between natural and dramatic. They are created by attaching a mix of one classic extension and one volume extension to each natural lash.
  3. Mega Volume Lashes: Mega volume lashes are the most dramatic of all the lash styles, and they are created by attaching multiple volume extensions to each individual natural lash. This results in a super full and voluminous look. They are perfect for those looking for a bold and dramatic appearance. You can get great results with this option and we are happy to help you out!
  4. Lash Lift and Tint: This is a popular alternative to extensions for those who want to enhance their natural lashes. A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls and lifts the natural lashes, giving them a more defined and open appearance. A tint is then applied to the lashes to darken them and make them appear thicker. This treatment can last up to 8-12 weeks.


-Lash serums: These are a popular product to help boost and enhance the growth of natural lashes. They contain ingredients such as biotin, panthenol, and peptides to help strengthen and nourish the lashes.

-Mascara: Mascara is a staple product in every makeup routine. With the new technology, mascara can be used to make lashes look thicker, longer, and more defined, something everyone seems to be wanting when seeking a fuller lash look.

-Lash curler: This is a simple yet effective tool that can be used to curl the lashes and open up the eyes.

In conclusion, lashes have become an essential part of the beauty routine, and with so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect style and products to enhance your natural lashes. From volume lashes to lash lifts and tints, there is something for everyone. Be sure to consult with a professional lash technician to determine the best style and products for your specific needs.