A shocking video shows the tornado that crossed a Long Island Highway on Saturday after a New York freak storm. The tornado brought quarter-sized hail along with 50 mph winds. 

The area was hit by severe storms that brought hail, thunder and heavy rains. They even caused a tornado alert for Nassau County and Suffolk on Long Island.

A surreal driving experience was captured by one person when a tornado crossed the Sunrise Highway shortly after 3:30 pm.

DailyMail.com captured footage that shows clouds spinning and trying to create a tornado at Sandpsit Marina on the Great South Bay of Patchogue.

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A driver captured his surreal drive where a tornado crossed a  Long Island highway leaving behind debris during a freak storm on Saturday

A driver captured his surreal drive where a tornado crossed a  Long Island highway leaving behind debris during a freak storm on Saturday

A large tree downed smashes the windshield and smashes through the center of a parked SUV on Saturday

On Saturday, a large fallen tree smashed through the windshield of an SUV parked in the middle. 

An onlooker assesses the damage to an SUV badly damaged by a downed tree in Long Island

A long island observer assesses damage done to an SUV by a fallen tree.

A strip mall in Shirley, Long Island was totally wrecked by Saturday's storm, leaving debris all over the parking lot

Long Island’s Shirley strip mall was completely damaged by the storm on Saturday, leaving behind debris in its parking lot. 

The front of a store is totally unrecognizable after storm winds rip off the sign and badly damage the ceiling of a business

After storm winds damage and rip the signs off a storefront, the front is virtually unrecognizable

Debris fills up the parking lot of a Shirley strip mall in the aftermath of a powerful storm that had wind gusts of up to 50 mph

In the wake of strong winds that whipped through Shirley, trash fills up the parking lots of the Shirley strip mall. 

Downed trees lay on the ground after strong winds of up to 50 mph tore through parts of Long Island causing destruction

After strong winds gusting up to 50 MPH ripped through Long Island, causing extensive destruction, trees were left barefoot.

A Chipotle sign is blown away after a severe storm made its way through parts of Long Island, causing damage to structures and businesses

Chipotle signs were destroyed by a strong storm that impacted Long Island. 

A car in the parking lot of a strip mall is covered in caution tape as a car cover appears to have been blown off due to strong winds

As strong winds blow off a cover, caution tape covers a car parked in a strip mall’s parking lot. 

Large pieces of hail  are pictured scattered around someone's porch in Elm Park, Staten Island on Saturday

Large pieces of hail  are pictured scattered around someone’s porch in Elm Park, Staten Island on Saturday

Tree branches fall on the streets of Lynbrook in Long Island following Saturday's tornado

Following Saturday’s tornadoes, trees fell onto the streets of Lynbrook on Long Island. 


It is possible to hear him shout “We are in a tornado! Oh my god we are in it!” As he passes through the wreckage, rain pours down. 

Residents have shared photos of fallen trees and powerlines, as well as pictures of no injuries.

Also, images show completely downrooted trees landing on cars and badly damaged businesses. 

Two port-a-potties were tipped over by the severe storm that had wind gusts of up to 50 mph in Long Island

The severe storm, which had winds gusts up to 50 MPH in Long Island, tipped two port-a potties over 

Leaves scattered across a Long Island neighborhood as strong winds and rains caused damage

Strong winds and heavy rains caused leaves to be scattered throughout a Long Island community. 

A large tree in a front lawn in Bellport completely tips over and after being uprooted and crashes into powerlines

Bellport: A huge tree on a front yard completely topples and, after it is uprooted, crashes into powerlines

Gerardo's Pizza & Pasta in Shirley, Long Island, was forced to close after the severe storm damaged the restaurant

Gerardo’s Pizza & Pasta in Shirley, Long Island, was forced to close after the severe storm damaged the restaurant 

Downed powerlines pictured in Lynbrook following the strong storm on Saturday

After Saturday’s strong storm, Lynbrook was hit with a series of downed powerlines

A bolt of lightning hits the spire of One World Trade Center as dark thunderstorm clouds pass over the Manhattan skyline before a storm

One World Trade Center’s spire is struck by lightning as thunderclouds pass above Manhattan.

A storm map traced two separate possible tornadoes that potentially merged over Long Island

Two possible tornadoes were traced on a storm map that could have merged above Long Island.

Mayor Bill de Blasio warned New Yorkers who were outside on Saturday afternoon to exercise caution during the severe storm

New Yorkers who were out on Saturday afternoon should be careful during the severe storm, Mayor Bill de Blasio advised 

A tornado warning was issued Saturday afternoon that also warned of quarter-sized hail

Saturday’s tornado alert was made, which also warns of quarter-sized hail.

Staten Island residents posted photos of massive hailstones landing on their balconies. 

Video footage captured grey skies overhead and swirling clouds before the storm hit. 

This severe weather affected over 11,000 Long Island residents who were customers of PSEG. 355 Long Island customers experienced active outages by 6:30 pm. 

The New York Post reports that strong wind gusts up to 50 MPH also damaged Metro New York. They knocked down a tree blocking traffic on Long Island Expressway, and subway tracks in Brooklyn, Queens.  

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers not to panic in the face of the storm. 

‘It’s a beautiful day in New York City but we could see some strong rain, wind gusts up to 40 MPH and even hail between the 2 – 4 PM,’ he tweeted. ‘Use public transportation and exercise caution if you’re outside during those hours.’

The cloudy skies turned into a colorful scape, pictured, after severe storms brought hail and heavy rains that swept across Long Island

After severe storms brought heavy rains and hail to Long Island, the cloudy sky turned into an attractive scene.

A rainbow can be seen during sunset on Saturday afternoon in Bellport, after a powerful storm swept through the area

After a strong storm, a rainbow was visible at sunset in Bellport on Saturday.

A possible tornado loomed large over Bellport, Long Island, on Saturday after a warning for Nassau and Suffolk counties was issued

On Saturday, the possibility of a tornado was visible over Bellport on Long Island. This happened after an advisory for Suffolk County and Nassau had been issued

Cloudy skies pictured in Bellport following the strong storm that passed through on Saturday

After Saturday’s strong storm, cloudy skies in Bellport

Clouds fill up the skies following the powerful storm that caused damage all over the Metro New York City area and parts of Long Island

Following the severe storm which caused extensive damage in the Metro New York City and Long Island areas, cloud cover has filled up.