Boris Johnson has been warned by Tory rebels that things have to change before next year. Otherwise, he’ll have to leave the premiership and go after his biggest nosebleed. 

All of the leadership from the 1922 Committee joined the 100 strong backbench rebellion over Government’s new Covid passed. MPs were informed that Chairman Sir Graham Brady would accept their letters de non-confidence in Prime Minister during Christmas.

This means that Tories can now express their dissatisfaction with Johnson, the leader of the party in North Shropshire today. They won’t have to wait for Parliament to return to its seat on January 5.

Conservatives urged Mr Johnson to ‘reset’ his entire operation, saying more than two dozen letters challenging his leadership of the party could be submitted following a series of scandals including alleged lockdown-busting Christmas parties at Downing Street and his handling of the Owen Paterson furore.

Johnson’s authority will be further damaged if Mr Johnson loses the North Shropshire seat, which is extremely safe. This by-election was triggered when Mr Paterson, a disgraced ex-MP who was accused of lobbying and resigned from office. The West Midlands Constituency electorate is heading to the polls today. Liberal Democrats have a chance of overturning a 23,000 vote majority.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton Browne, an old Tory backbencher claimed that a leadership challenge is ‘on the cards’ for the Prime Minister if he does not modify the way he handles his own MPs.

Andrew Bridgen said that they would pursue leaders who were becoming a liability and be very ruthless in getting them out. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street

Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee

The 100 strong revolt against Boris Johnson’s Covid Plan was led by the entire 1922 Committee. Members were advised that Chairman Sir Graham Brady will receive their letters of confidence over Christmas from Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson meets staff during a visit to a pharmacy in the North Shropshire constituency ahead of the by-election

Mr Johnson meets staff during a visit to a pharmacy in the North Shropshire constituency ahead of the by-election

Party? Which party? Boris defends No10 staff, claiming they have worked ‘blindingly hard’ for many years and that events were’mischaracterised’ 

Boris Johnson, angrily, defended the staff that were arrested for hosting illegal parties at Downing Street in lockdown last January.

As he addressed the press in the same room in which aides joked last year about an illegal gathering, Prime Minister insists that events were’mischaracterized’

When asked if he was open to a probe by the police into several parties that were investigated in December and November 2020, he replied “Yes.”

This happened after Shaun Bailey, a former Tory London mayoral hopeful, apologized for being photographed at the Conservative Party Headquarters last December. Such gatherings are banned in London.

Johnson responded: “I believe you have completely mischaracterised this place where people worked blindingly long for a very lengthy time in cooperation with people across the government, and across all of the public service to try our best to keep people alive.

He stated that “The Boris magic of the past is wearing thin.” “He did a great job getting Brexit accomplished. To make up his inept organisational skills, I expected him to get a fantastic team to lead the Government when he was elected PM. However, he didn’t.

‘As soon as [Tory leaders]They have to be a liability. Boris understands this, as he participated in the very unceremonious defenestration Of Theresa May. He must change, or he will go.

Mark Harper, the head of the Covid Recovery Group, Tory MPs said that the government ‘couldn’t continue like this.

He said, “He can get back to track… Many things are going wrong. There needs to be reset.”

Tobias Ellwood of the Commons defence Committee said that the rebellion by MPs’sent a clear signal that future policies will get greater scrutiny. [that]The performance of No. 10 over the past couple months was sub-optimal. Things need to be changed.

Johnson was asked last night if he wanted to change, but he pointed to his recent success stories.

He said that he “would respectfully suggest” the public focus on Omicron and the rollout of booster vaccines.

It is unlikely that his lack of repentance after the rebellion will relax his coworkers. 

A Tory senior MP stated that he had never witnessed anything similar. People are angry – furious. It seems that there are at least a dozen letters. [calling for a vote of confidence in the PM]To the ’22 [the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs], but if we lose North Shropshire [in today’s by-election, prompted by the resignation of Owen Paterson]It will then be made up of two dozen.

A senior Tory MP however stated: “Depending on what happens to Covid, If he returns in the new year with some evidence the No 10 machine had its wrinkles removed, he’ll be fine.”

Sir Geoffrey, who was one of the 98 Tories to vote against the PM, said: ‘I think now the Prime Minister has got to think very carefully about how he is going to reset his performance to actually govern with a united party because we all know what happens to disunited parties.

“I believe he can, but it will require a significant change in the way that he conducts business and consults with us.

Sir Geoffrey stated that the PM must’realize that he needs to consult with his party before bringing such measures to the Commons. 

Asked how much danger the PM is in, Sir Geoffrey said: ‘He has got to now be in some danger and he has got to realise that because if he doesn’t raise that then he will be in much bigger danger.’

Asked what that means for Mr Johnson, the MP said: ‘If this goes on, we have had a very bad month in the last month, I think some members of the party will be thinking to themselves we have got to have a change.

“But, we aren’t there yet, and I’m still with him. I’m still supporting him. But he needs to make some changes.” 

North Shropshire’s Tory MP has been elected in each vote every time since 1983. This was North Shropshire’s first election under its present form. 

Around 100 Conservative MPs rebelled to vote against Covid passes, inflicting a hammer blow on Mr Johnson's authority

A total of 100 Conservative MPs have rebelled and voted against Covid bills, which has thrown a wrench in the authority of Mr Johnson

Since 1830, the Conservative Party was founded in the region. The area is still true blue.

The Tories took 62.7 percent of the votes in the 2019 general elections and won the seat with a majority 22.949 to Labour’s 22,949, while the Lib Dems came in third. 

Therefore, a loss of Neil Shastri Hatt from Conservative to Lib dem Helen Morgan would cause a serious upset in the Tories.

While the Lib Dems are the favourites for victory according to bookmakers, campaigners in the field believe it is too close to call. Leader Sir Ed Davey called it a ‘coin-toss’.

Defeat would compound a torrid period for Mr Johnson after 100 Conservatives defied the leadership to vote against the introduction of mandatory Covid health passes for entry to large venues – the biggest rebellion since he entered No 10.

When asked Wednesday whether Johnson would resign if North Shropshire fell, Johnson’s press secretary stated that he was fighting for every vote.

Expect the results to be released in the early morning of Friday.

JASON GROVES – What Boris must do now to beat Liz and the other ambition rivals, after suffering 100 MP Rebellion

They are “haemorrhaging” support. This was declared by a bullish minister an hour before the 100 Tory MPs gave Boris Johnson his biggest bloody nose.

This optimistic prediction was hard not to believe as it illustrates the disconnect between dysfunctional government machines and increasingly rebellious Tory backbenches.

He was attempting to convince them by calling a meeting of the 1922 Committee, which was hurriedly called.

Mr Johnson explained he had ‘absolutely no choice’ but to implement his Covid Plan B, given the dire warnings – and agreed to their central demand that Parliament would be recalled if further curbs are needed this Christmas.

As he emerged from his wood-panelled bedroom, he said to reporters: “I did my best.”

However, within an hour, rebels had calmly taken his concession and voted against him.

“He tried to give it magic old times, but he made a lot of concessions,” said one MP. But people had enough. He must change, or he will go.

Mr Johnson explained he had ‘absolutely no choice’ but to implement his Covid Plan B, given the dire warnings – and agreed to their central demand that Parliament would be recalled if further curbs are needed this Christmas

Mr Johnson explained he had ‘absolutely no choice’ but to implement his Covid Plan B, given the dire warnings – and agreed to their central demand that Parliament would be recalled if further curbs are needed this Christmas

Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brownn, treasurer to the 1922 Committee, stated that there was a possibility of a new year’s leadership contest.

For many rebel MPs however, voting was a strangely therapeutic experience.

“All the stupid talk of leadership difficulties is totally overblown,” said a former minister to Cabinet. 

“This was Boris’ wake up call that he must sort the mess he has created. He won’t do it, and the party will lose. We aren’t there yet.

However, rivals could be coming.

Tory MPs are being quietly informed by Chancellor Rishi Sonak that he opposed the inclusion of Plan B in this stage.

Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom is holding drinks receptions in Mayfair at a private club for members.

Yesterday, Miss Truss released photos of her Christmas card. She strikes such a regal pose that people joked that she has moved beyond wanting to be Prime Minister and is now aspiring to succeed Queen Elizabeth II.

In a further sign of Miss Truss’s vaulting ambition, she released images of her Christmas card yesterday in which she strikes a pose so regal that observers joked she had moved on from wanting to be prime minister and now hopes to succeed the Queen

As a sign of Miss Truss’s ambition she also released pictures of her Christmas Card yesterday. In which she poses so elegantly that some observers thought she was joking that she no longer wanted to be prime minister but now wants to succeed the Queen 

Things could worsen when North Shropshire voters go to the polls. Since more than 200 year, the picturesque constituency has had a Conservative MP. Former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson won a majority in 2019 of nearly 23,000.

The Tory campaign faces difficulties against the backdrop of sleaze accusations arising from Mr Paterson’s departure and the controversy over lockdown-busting parties at No 10.

This topic has been so hot on the doorstep, that veteran journalist Michael Crick cornered candidate Neil ShastriHurst yesterday to ask him whether he thinks the PM is honest and trustworthy.

One MP predicted that ‘the letters will go in’ if the Tories fail to hold North Shropshire – a reference to Tory rules that require 55 letters of no confidence to be sent to 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady to trigger a leadership contest.

Many believe that the PM still has time to organize his home before it becomes a torrent of letters. Not least because North Shropshire could be a disaster for its electoral system. A Tory source claimed defeat was inevitable.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is quietly letting it be known to Tory MPs that he argued against the introduction of Plan B at this stage

Tory MPs will be aware that Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of India is making it known quietly to them that he opposed Plan B’s introduction at this stage

The looming Omicron crisis poses a bigger problem.

Yesterday, a Downing Street insider expressed frustration at opposition to Plan B’s watered down Government proposals. This plan is almost unthinkable in order to stop the mutation.

‘They just don’t get it,’ said the source – a sentiment echoed by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said Tuesday’s vote ‘felt like it was fighting yesterday’s war – the issue now is not whether we have Covid passes but whether nightclubs are able to open at all’.

The opposition’s size seems to be enough for the PM not to reconsider imposing stricter measures. 

‘They just don’t get it,’ said the source – a sentiment echoed by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said Tuesday’s vote ‘felt like it was fighting yesterday’s war

‘They just don’t get it,’ said the source – a sentiment echoed by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said Tuesday’s vote ‘felt like it was fighting yesterday’s war

Sources within the Cabinet stated that Omicron was causing deaths and hospitalizations.

This all takes place against the backdrop of fear at No 10, where staff anxiously wait to find out if they’ll be expelled from the party when Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary, reports on the notorious party culture over the next few days. 

Insiders are angry at the BBC because it has taken advantage of Labour-supporting Daily Mirror claims about No 10. However, they admit the row is now open to all.

Friends of the PM acknowledge he looks ‘knackered’ – not helped by the arrival last week of his seventh child.

According to one Cabinet minister, the PM may even quit if his fellow MPs attempt to make him leave.

Minister said, “Everyone should calm down.” Think back to all the crises in which we found ourselves under Theresa May.

“But, it’s possible that he could walk out of the contest if necessary. He seems tired some days.

Opposition to May’s rule was mainly focused on the Brexit-supporting party members. Boris is the opposite.

Opposition to Mrs May’s reign was focused largely among the party’s Brexiteers. Boris, by contrast, has got critics everywhere he looks

Opposition to May’s reign was concentrated largely within the party’s Brexiteers. Boris is the opposite.

Many of the Brexiteers that helped him win office are bitterly against his Covid policies.

The rebels also included old friends of Mrs May like Liam Fox, Damian Green, and Sir Charles Walker. While Mrs May didn’t vote, this did not discourage the speculation that she’s quietly encouraging a “Project Revenge” operation against the man who forced her out of office.

It is worrying for No 10. The rebellion involved a large amount of MPs who were drawn from the 2019 intake. Normally, they would be expected to keep their loyalty. Louie French voted in opposition to the government less than two weeks after being elected as a Bexley By-election candidate.

“The whipping operation has been broken,” observed a senior minister. “They seemed completely blindsided by this level of anger and were slow reacting even though it was obvious.”

Old friends tell Mr Johnson that he needs to take a break, but they still support him to bounce back.

“The situation can be fixed,” said one his old friends. “No one knows better how to get out of tight spots.

I would advise him to seize this chance to get rid of all the bad news. Take out all the bad news, enjoy a Christmas break, and then hire big players to strengthen No 10, so he can start fresh in 2019 with his post Brexit agenda.

Sage advice. However, with Omicron approaching quickly, it seems unlikely that the Prime Minister will get a Christmas holiday to rest his mind and repair the broken government machine.