Tory Steve Baker accuses Boris Johnson of ‘creating a miserable dystopia’ by re-imposing Covid curbs as he says ‘at least’ 60 Conservative MPs will vote against ‘Plan B’ on Tuesday

  • The Government’s Plan B coronavirus restrictions will be up for debate by MPs on Tuesday.
  • Boris Johnson was accused today by Steve Baker of creating a miserable dystopia.
  • Tory MP says at most 60 of his coworkers will vote against Plan B in Tuesday’s election 

Steve Baker, Tory MP for Torys, accused Boris Johnson’s ‘creating an unhappy dystopia’ of his decision to reimpose coronavirus restriction as the Prime Minster braces himself for massive Conservative revolt over “Plan B”. 

Baker lashed out against Mr Johnson and said that at least 60 Tory members would vote against Mr. Johnson on Tuesday, when they will be asked to stamp the new Covid curbs by the PM.   

This rebellion would have the most devastating effect on Johnson’s premiership. 

Tory MP Steve Baker today accused Boris Johnson of 'creating a miserable dystopia' by re-imposing coronavirus restrictions

Steve Baker, Tory MP for Torys, accused Boris Johnson’s ‘creating miserable dystopia’ through re-imposing coronavirus restrictions

Johnson activated his Plan B last week as a bid for the UK’s time to be bought in fight against Omicron.

Many Tory backbenchers reacted furiously to these measures. Some have already pledged not to vote in opposition to the House of Commons moves on Tuesday. 

Backbenchers have reacted badly to the decision to require vaccine passports for large venues.  

The passes will need to be shown to gain access to indoor venues with more than 500 people, unseated outdoor venues with more than 4,000 people and any venue with more than 10,000 people from Wednesday.

Other measures in ‘Plan B” include mandatory mask-wearing indoors, and guidance to employees on how they can work remotely. 

Baker was a strong opponent to Covid restrictions and said that he would vote against them as he revealed the relaunched of Conservative Way Forward, which aims at promoting freedom, smaller states, lower taxes, and more democracy. 

He told Sky News: ‘Yes, I will vote against. What we’re doing is creating an unfavorable dystopia in which we can move forward. That is why I announced today that I would be launching Conservative Way Forward.

‘We need to create a movement which actually says the Conservative Party needs to be what people traditionally have recognised as conservative that is in favour of freedom and personal responsibility.’


Labour said that they intend to vote in favour of the ‘Plan B’ measures. This means they will be cleared the Commons, even though there’s a significant Tory revolt.  

Asked for his assessment of how many Tory MPs could rebel against the Government, the former Brexit minister said: ‘It feels to me that is going to be at least 60 people voting against but of course it is a foregone conclusion because our useless opposition in name only will continue to support the Government, however authoritarian they are.

‘But really this is a moment where every last one of us should in good faith start thinking about what it means to live with coronavirus like we live with flu now that we are vaccinated and what kind of society we want to live in in the future.

‘I want one which is free, which is prosperous and which is joyful in which young people can have a hope of a better future and at the moment we are not looking like we are going to deliver that if we keep on panicking every time we get a variant.’