Michelle Mone, Tory peer and author of the Tory Party is being questioned by police about a claim she sent a racist SMS to a Indian financial consultant after an accident that resulted in the death of a boat on France’s Riviera. 

Richard Lynton Jones claimed Lady Mone had racially assaulted him. He also called his partner a “nut case bird” and a “mental loony” three weeks later after drinking and partying on superyachts. This led to an accident that resulted in the drowning of a deckhand.

In a Whatsapp conversation, she claimed that she had said to him that he was “a waste of white men’s skin”. 

The claim was first made in December. Lady Mone’s attorneys stated that they believed strongly that he was “100% white” and British, and that there were ‘notraces whatsoever of any non-white features or colouring.” 

Metropolitan Police is currently investigating the formal complaint made against Lady Mone. 

According to The Sun, she’s been requested to go to a station by the police for an interview. 

Tory peer Michelle Mone is set to be questioned by police over a claim that she sent a racist text message to a financial consultant of Indian heritage after a fatal yacht accident on the French Riviera

Michelle Mone, Tory peer and author of the Tory Party is being questioned by police about a claim she sent a racist SMS to a Indian financial consultant after an accident that resulted in the death of a yacht on French Riviera.

Richard Lynton-Jones (pictured) alleged Mone racially abused him and called his partner a 'nut case bird' and 'mental loony' three weeks after a day of 'drinking and partying' on two superyachts which ended in an accident and the death of a deckhand

Richard Lynton Jones (pictured), claimed Mone race abused him, and called his partner an ‘nutcase bird’ and “mental loony” three weeks following a day of partying and drinking on two superyachts. This ended in an accident that resulted in the death of a deckhand. 

It comes days after the news that Lynton-Jones, who claimed to have been a victim defamation or libel, had initiated legal proceedings against Lady Mone.

What ‘Baroness Bra” did to make her rich

Michelle Mone is a lingerie magnate. Michelle was born in 1971. Michelle grew-up in Glasgow’s East End. Michelle left school at 15 and found work as a model.

After managing a sales team at Labatt’s brewery, she came up with the idea of creating a variety of support bras.

In November 1996 Lady Mone and her husband Michael Mone started MJM International. Three years of design and research led to the patented Ultimo bra.

Ultimo, her third child, was born in August 1999. She launched it at Selfridges, London’s department store. The prelaunch estimate for six weeks stock sold out within 24 hours.

She was instrumental in accelerating the business’ growth and received an OBE award from Queen Elizabeth II for her services to it.

She sold 80 percent of Ultimo after she announced that she was leaving the company in 2014.

Lady Mone, who was elevated to the House of Lords as Baroness Bra in 2015, earned the nickname Baroness Bra. Her official title is Baroness Mone of Mayfair.

To celebrate her 50th birthday last month, she decided to host five parties – one for each decade of her life – with her new husband billionaire tech tycoon Doug Barrowman, 55.

Last November, the couple were married at their Isle of Man home in a glamorous but casual ceremony.

Lady Mone also enjoyed a successful career in public speaking, but she called it quits last month because she needed to focus on her family’s needs and the new ventures.  

Met Police spokesmen said, “In June 2021, police received an allegation that a racially aggreved malicious communication was made in connection to the information published on a messaging platform.” 

The police spoke with the complainant to advise that the investigation would progress and that a statement must be made. This would be admissible in future court proceedings. 

“In October the complainant made a statement to the police, and the investigation is continuing.  

“A fifty-year-old female has been invited for an interview. 

A Lady Mone representative stated previously that Baroness Mone was not racist. 

Over 15 African schools have been built by Baroness Mone, her husband and the couple over the three-year period.

Mone was later told by her lawyers that she has no access to the messages or a detailed memory.

The pair added that she was not willing to discuss the messages until they were authenticated.

“But Baroness Mone strongly denied that she was a racist or a sexist, and she also denies having a lack respect for people who are truly suffering from mental illness. 

Ferndown, Dorset native Mr Lynton Jones began his career at Queen’s Bank Coutts. He worked in Jersey providing offshore services to clients. 

Prior to joining UBS Monaco, he worked as vice president for Barclays Wealth in Jersey.

He specializes in working with individuals of ultra-high net worth with investable assets under 50 million euro. 

2018 saw him join Lady Mone, Mr Barrowman and their new venture with virtual currencies. They launched a coin named Equi that they claimed was the British Bitcoin. 

Lynton Jones was promoted to head capital raising and investor relations.

Last month on social media, Baroness Mone challenged Mr Lynton Jones’s claims. She wrote on Instagram, ‘Since when did calling a man out on his actions…his entitled white privilege constitute racism?” 

“Quite the contrary – The accusations against me that I’ve read are filled with contradictions.” 

After Mr Lynton Jones was one of the guests on a superyacht, he met Lady Mone with her husband Douglas Barrowman. They were on Minx, an 88ft yacht.

The two groups, totalling 18 people, motored out in their respective boats to enjoy a lunch at a restaurant on an island called Île Sainte-Marguerite, near Cannes, leaving their respective crews on board.

Later, they rafted together their boats so that they could have more fun on the water. They hopped on each other’s boats before returning to shore at night when the sun was low after more than 5 hours partying.

Crewman Jake Feldwhere (pictured), 27, was on the foredeck of an 88ft-long Minx preparing to lift the anchor when he was struck and killed off the coast of Île Sainte-Marguerite in 2019

Crewman Jake Feldwhere (pictured), 27, was on the foredeck of an 88ft-long Minx preparing to lift the anchor when he was struck and killed off the coast of Île Sainte-Marguerite in 2019

Minx (crash damage, left) is owned by Michelle Mone and her husband Douglas Barrowman

Michelle Mone (left) and Douglas Barrowman (right) own Minx, which is the result of a crash.

French superyacht Vision’s skipper, who was chartered in Britain by Richard Skelhorn and was called Vision after the internet gambling millionaire Richard Skelhorn was based out of France, accidentally rammed into Barrowman’s boat while he turned around to go home. MAIB investigations revealed that the skipper had marijuana in his bloodstream.

Jake Feldwhere was on Minx’s Foredeck, preparing for lifting the anchor. He was about to be killed by the impact on the night of May 25, 2019. This was also the end of Cannes film festival. 

After Lady Mone asked Mr Lynton Jones how his partner was doing after the accident, she said that they had a bust-up.

Lawyers for the House of Lords member, pictured with her husband Douglas Barrowman, said she has no 'detailed memory' or 'access' to the messages and denied that she is a racist

Douglas Barrowman is the husband of a lawyer for the House of Lords. They are pictured together.

Mr Lynton Jones who is believed to have a mother of Indian heritage and a white father, and works in Monaco as a financial consultant, replied that his partner had been seriously traumatised by the yacht incident, saying: ‘I would prefer you back the f**k off’.

According to screenshots seen by The Guardian, Lady Mone is said to have replied: ‘OMG what a pile of c**p!! You are talking to me, a smart, bright individual who doesn’t get taken in by your s**t!

‘In fact my b******t detector was on you from day 1. You & your mental loony of a girlfriend have been parting [sic]You’re crazy! … You need to get a grip and have respect for a guy that was killed!!!

“Funny that your girlfriend is now deleting all photos, but don’t worry. I have screenshots showing dates and times. 48 hours later, the man was shot and killed. Your [sic]Low life = a waste of time [sic]White skin is not a lie, so we won’t believe you. Your [sic] a total disgrace.’

Martin Jelley is reported to have received a complaint from Mr Lynton-Jones in August about the alleged messages. It claimed that they had been ‘derogatory’ and ‘racist’ towards him, and also ‘abusive’ and ‘derogatory’ toward his partner’s mental well-being.

However, the Commissioner declined to investigate as the messages were not received during Lady Mone’s legislative duties.