Reports say that crisis-hit Tottenham was rocked again by another Covid-19 virus outbreak. A first-team player tested positive for the disease and their Under-23s team were also hard hit.

Spurs could now only have 13 players, which is a significant setback for Antonio Conte and the club’s manager.

After their Europa Conference League match against Rennes, and top flight trip to Brighton were called off, the new setback is that eight of their first-team players and nine of their staff members tested positive.

Today, The Telegraph has just revealed the latest news. It isn’t known who the last player returned a positive result.

Yesterday’s brutal double-session training session was attended by all players who had tested positive or recovered from Covid after the initial outbreak.

Tottenham have been hit by a fresh Covid-19 outbreak, in another blow to boss Antonio Conte

Tottenham has been affected by another Covid-19 epidemic, another insult to Antonio Conte.

Conte planned to have another session today. However, he may not be able to access a large number of stars. His staff is thought to be isolated.

Spurs could be very keen to play Leicester in this week’s Champions League match. Spurs trail Leicester by 2 games, and they want to avoid an unscheduled fixture pileup during a critical period.

Due to severe weather, their game against Burnley had been canceled. 

At the moment, Conte’s and club’s approach to their next fixture is unknown. It is possible that other players, especially the most positive, may have also been affected. 

Spurs returned to training for a double session, but a first-team player has tested positive

Spurs have returned to training, and a second session was held. However, one first-team player tested positive.

Spurs are unable to strengthen their ranks with U23 players due to an outbreak.

Brendan Rodgers (the Leicester manager) expects the clash, in spite of a minor outbreak at King Power, to proceed as planned.

“I have not been told anything about the Spurs match being cancelled, and with the European decision, Tottenham will not be able to participate, it is my belief that this game would proceed.” He stated that he had not been informed of any other information.

Premier League football’s Christmas schedule is the most busy, featuring matches every day from now until the new year.  

Conte was due to hold another session today, but may be forced to work with a smaller group

Conte is scheduled to host another session today but might be forced to collaborate with a smaller group.

Manchester United, a Premier League team, has been subject to a series of positive test, so their match against Brentford is uncertain.

Aston Villa was forced to close its training ground after one of their players and many staff members were found positive.

Both Villa and United will travel to tomorrow’s match against Brentford, Norwich and Norwich. There are fewer chances that both of these matches will go ahead.

According to Premier League, they are aware of both scenarios but have yet not called off either one of them as of today. 

Manchester United have been hit with several positive cases ahead of their Brentford clash

Manchester United has been impacted by positive developments in the lead up to their Brentford match

Aston Villa have also been struck with a small outbreak, another top-flight club to be affected

Aston Villa were also affected by a minor outbreak.

Ralf Rangnick’s United defeated Norwich on Saturday, and all of their players recorded negative results. However, some people were able to test positive the following day.

Dean Smith of Norwich revealed some Covid issues during the preparations for the match.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England, announced that England would enter ‘Plan B’ last week. This will allow for a number of new restrictions to be reintroduced. 

However, football grounds will be full for now.