A young amputee charmed Kate Middleton and Prince William last night as they made time during  their festive carol concert to ‘spend ages’ chatting with Tony Hudgell, 7, and his mother. 

Tony was rushed to hospital with life changing injuries when he was just 41-days-old in 2014 following horrific abuse from his parents, Jody Simpson and Tony Smith, who were found guilty of child cruelty in 2018 and are both currently serving a ten-year prison sentence.  

Tony lost both his legs as an infant. He had to have them amputated in 2017. Tony is learning how to walk with prosthetic legs.  

After his incredibly difficult start in life, Tony was adopted by Paula and Mark Hudgell of West Malling, Kent, who successfully campaigned for longer sentences for anyone who seriously harms a child, and are now calling for a register abusers in the wake of the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

As he met Kate Middleton, Prince William and Kate Middleton at the service last night, his proud parents stood by him. Later, he tweeted that ‘Tony doesn’t know the magnitude or impact he has. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were truly incredible with him. We talked for hours with them. It was a truly memorable evening.

The sweet picture shows William and Kate, crouching to Tony’s eyelevel to talk to their youngster. Paula was watching.  

The invite to the concert came after Kate was impressed by Tony’s charity efforts in 2020, when he raised more than £1.5 million for Evelina London Children’s Hospital, of which she is an official patron. 

Tony Hudgell, now seven, was rushed to hospital with life changing injuries when he was just 41-days-old in 2014 following horrific abuse from his parents, Jody Simpson and Tony Smith, who were found guilty of child cruelty 2018 and are currently serving a ten-year prison sentence. Last night, the seven-year-old, who has raised more than £1.5 million for charity, met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey's  Together At Christmas carol concert

Tony Hudgell (7 years) was injured in horrific child abuse by Tony Smith’s parents Jody Simpson (41 days old), and is currently serving a 10 year sentence. Last night, the seven-year-old, who has raised more than £1.5 million for charity, met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey’s  Together At Christmas carol concert

Tony's legs were broken in eight different places due to the cruel abuse he suffered at the ends of his parents as an infant

Tony suffered eight broken legs from the brutal abuse that he received as an infant. 

Last night, pictured, Tony beamed as he posed if front of carolers at Westminster Abbey ahead of the big concert

Tony looked radiant as he smiled in the face of Westminster Abbey carolers last night ahead of his big performance 

Tony was rushed to hospital in 2014 with multiple organ failure, several fractures and sepsis, brought about by being swung around by his ankles, with doctors battling for almost six weeks to save his life.

They decided to stop treatment just before Christmas 2014, but were unable to because Tony was a ward of court and they couldn’t get permission.  

Tony, who had spent four months in hospital for his injuries, was determined to fight back. He was then adopted by Mark & Paula as their foster child. 

The birth parents of his son claimed that his injuries were caused by a terrible accident, but were permitted to spend three hours with him every week.

His adoptive mother Paul Hudgell said Tony's amputation has not stopped him from enjoying life. Here he is surfing during a weekend away

Paul Hudgell, Tony’s adoptive mom, said that Tony hasn’t been hindered by his amputation. He is enjoying surfing on a weekend getaway. 

They had inflicted an awful ordeal upon their child boy, during which they grabbed him at his ankles and raped him eight times.

He was left in pain for 10 days without any medical attention. They later claimed that it was because they waited for someone to fix the boiler.

Tony continued to abuse Tony during his scheduled visits. They pulled his cast down and snapped his leg splint, leaving it unsupported.

The Duchess of Cambridge, pictured centre, wrote to Tony in August 2020 to congratulate him on his crowdfunding efforts. They met last night, with Tony's adoptive mother Paula, left and father Mark, far centre, watching on

Tony was congratulated by the Duchess Of Cambridge (pictured center), in August 2020. The couple met last night with Tony’s adoptive mom Paula and Mark, the father, who were both watching. 

The seven-year-old stood to attention as he exchanged a few words with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, pictured

He stood still as the seven-year-old exchanged words with Duchess and Duke Of Cambridge. 

Adoptive father Mark, right, stood proudly next to Tony at last night's event. Him and Paula petitioned their MP and local police crime commissioner after Tony was left into their care following his injuries, so that his birth parents could be investigated for their crimes

Tony’s adopted father Mark (right) proudly stood next to Tony last night. He and Paula petitioned to their MP, and the local police crime commissar after Tony was taken from them due to his injuries. This was so his birth parents could investigate his crimes  

The seven-year-old, who is currently learning to walk with his prosthetic legs, got to meet live reindeers at last night's event, pictured

Last night, the seven-year old, who is learning how to walk using prosthetic legs, was able to see live reindeers.

The doting parents snapped Tony in front of the beautiful nativity scene laid out at Westminster abbey

Tony was photographed by his parents in front of the Westminster Abbey nativity scene. 

Due to lack of evidence, the Child Protection Service dismissed the case against Tony and Jody. However, the Hudgells filed a petition with police and the local police crime commissioner. Smith and Simpson were both charged with child cruelty. They were sentenced in February 2018. 

Mark and Paula brought Tony in despite having seven children: Ben, 32; Ryan, 30; Chloe 27, Kyle, 20 and Jessica, 15 years respectively, and Jayden, 14 and 14. 

Paul, Tony’s mother and loving friend told The Mirror that Tony’s injuries were not a problem when he was just four years old.

Tony, who has shared his story on This Morning with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, pictured, met them at a glitzy ITV event in November

Tony shared his story on This Morning along with Phillip Schofield (pictured), and Holly Willoughby at a glamorous ITV event. 

Seven-year-old Tony with a group of young carolers last night in Westminster. He incredible boy has raised more than £1.5 million for charity

Tony, seven-year-old boy from London with a group carolers. He incredible boy has raised more than £1.5 million for charity 

He’s not going anywhere. He can move very quickly and is now able to keep pace with all of his peers. She said that he is extremely determined. 

“It is amazing to see his progress. A hospital anaesthetist, who had treated him at Christmas his first year, saw him recently again. They thought he was dead. 

 ‘She was over the moon when she saw him again and couldn’t stop hugging him. He was a lucky boy and touched many people’s hearts. 

Tony is driven to assist other children and has made incredible fundraising efforts for 2020.  

Paula and Tony last night. The mother-of-eight said Tony is a very 'determined' little boy, who was inspired to raise money himself after hearing about Sir Captain Tom Moore

Tony and Paula last night. According to the mother of eight, Tony is very determined and motivated. He was inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore’s story. 

He set out to raise £500 for the hospital that saved his life by walking 10km in 30 days in 2020 after being inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore, who raised more than £33 million walking in his backyard. 

But Tony’s incredible efforts captured the hearts of tens of thousands of people, with a staggering £1,073,121 raised for Evelina London Children’s Hospital in just a month.

The total has now surpassed £1.5 million in donations. 

Tony received a letter from the Duchess Of Cambridge after completing his 2020 Walk. 

“I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding fundraising efforts in support of Evelina Children’s Hospital,” she said. 

It was inspiring to read how Sir Tom Moore’s tale inspired you to take on your own walking journey. It is amazing that you continued to walk even though your goal of 10km was reached.

Tony Smith, 47, pictured, swung Tony by the ankles and broke his legs in eight different places

Jody Simpson, Tony's mother, pictured, and Tony Sr are serving a ten-year prison sentence

Tony Smith’s brutal birth parents, Tony Smith, 47 and Jody Simpson (27), threw him at his ankles, breaking eight of his legs, then left him for ten days without any medical care before finally bringing him to the hospital. They currently serve a 10-year sentence in prison 

I know Eveline is very grateful for your effort and are so proud to have seen the results of your hard work.

“I wish you a well-deserved break before embarking on your next adventure, whatever it may be!” Catherine.’

On November 30, it was announced tougher tougher sentences for child cruelty were to be introduced under Tony’s Law, which increased the maximum penalty for causing or allowing serious physical harm to a child from ten to 14 years, while causing the death of a child will rise from 14 years to life.

Following a campaign launched by Paula and Mark, Mark’s adoptive parents, this amendment was added to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

On social media, Paula paid tribute to Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, six pictured, who died in June 2020 after suffering horrific abuse at the end of his father Thomas Hughes and his girlfriend Emma Tustin

Paula paid tribute via social media to Arthur Labinjo Hughes (pictured six), who passed away in June 2020 following horrific abuse from his father Thomas Hughes as well as his girlfriend Emma Tustin 

Chelsea fan Tony, who wants to become a race car driver, got to meet of his idol Mason Mount at Chelsea Football Club in August

Tony is a Chelsea fan and wants to be a driver. He met Mason Mount in August at Chelsea Football Club.

Paula Hudgell, who welcomed the improvements in the sentence structure, said she needed to do more to safeguard vulnerable children. She also stated that tougher sentences would be given for “Tony” and “all the children and babies that were abused or died at their hands.” 

These harsher sentences will likely mean that someone who allows or causes the death or neglect of vulnerable adults or children in their care could face life imprisonment rather than the 14-year maximum.

The Tony’s Law changes increased the penalty for child cruelty that causes or allows serious bodily harm to 10 years from the previous version. It now has a maximum of 14 years.

A person younger than 16 years old will be punished for cruelty by up to 14 years in prison.

Ms Hudgell released the following statement: “We are thrilled that Tony’s Law has been backed by government.

Since 2018, when our son was abused, it has been our hope that we can do more to help other children.

The seven-year-old's family are raising £185,000 to adapt their home to his needs and give him the best care possible

The seven-year-old’s family are raising £185,000 to adapt their home to his needs and give him the best care possible 

“I cannot thank the public enough to show their support through this almost four-year campaign. But, I must also acknowledge Tom Tugendhat, my friend Julia Roberts and all my friends for working tirelessly. It was certainly a team effort.

Tony adjusted well to his home environment and can now walk comfortably with the prosthetic legs he received earlier this year. 

Paula and Mark shared this morning that Mark, their adopted son, is now able walk on his own without the aid of crutches. 

She stated, “He ventures out now with the crutches. It is just amazing to see him as that,”

“It signifies that he is at the same level as his peers and has so many more options. He can also play at school with his classmates.

Mark the father-proud added, “He has done incredibly well.”

Tony’s family are currently raising £185,000 to five Tony, who they affectionately nicknamed ‘Bear,’ the best possible equipment, including walking aids, therapy at home and school, and funds to made their home more adapted to Tony’s needs. 

Tony, pictured as a toddler, recovered from death's door, but sadly, he had to have his legs amputated three years later in 2017

Tony was pictured as a baby. He survived death but had his legs amputated in 2017.

The seven-year-old is learning to walk with his prosthetic legs, pictured, and has lots of ambition for his future life

Seven-year-old Oliver is currently learning how to walk using his prosthetic legs. He has high hopes for the future. 

Paula, pictured with Tony, fought for the law to be amended to give tougher sentences for child abusers

Tony and Paula are pictured together fighting for tougher punishments for child abusers in the law. 

Tony is now growing up in a loving family, and has a positive outlook on life, in spite of the horrific injuries he suffered as an infant

Tony is happy to be a grown-up in a loving, supportive family. He has an optimistic outlook on life despite his horrific childhood injuries. 

The seven-year-old raised more than £1 million for charity last year and the amount is now estimated to be more than £1.5 million

The seven-year-old raised more than £1 million for charity last year and the amount is now estimated to be more than £1.5 million