Travellers set up illegal camp on newly-built Essex housing estate leaving locals ‘scared’ to leave their £700,000 homes

  • Illegal camp set up by travellers on a newly constructed 13-acre estate of housing in Essex
  • Colchester residents were shocked when a group of four caravans was pitched in their backyards. 
  • After being questioned by police, a group “dumped a lot of trash”
  • A furious resident stated that they had a total disregard for anyone else.

Furious homeowners have slammed travellers with an ‘army of dogs that bark all night’ who have set up an illegal camp outside their £700,000 homes on a newly-built 13-acre housing estate in Essex. 

Residents were horrified to discover the group had pitched four caravans o nthe perimeter of the 150-home estate built this year in Colchester on Friday.  

After being transferred from an area Chiquito restaurant’s parking lot, it is believed that the travelers stopped at the spot.

It is thought that the group dumped some waste. After a police visit, they were able to bag it up.

Unnamed resident was furious and said that they have shown complete disregard for anyone else. None of them have ever left their homes unattended.

Travellers have set up an illegal camp in a posh, newly-built housing estate

An illegal campsite has been set up by travellers in an exclusive, recently-built housing estate.

Residents were horrified when a group of travellers pitched four caravans in front of the estate in Colchester on Friday

Colchester residents were shocked to see four caravans set up by a group from overseas in front of their estate on Friday

“They are making hell this weekend, and have an army dogs that bark at night all day outside my four year old’s bedroom.

“But we’ve all come together as neighbors and it’s brought out our community spirit.

Colchester Council spokeswoman said they were aware of the illegal encampment, and are taking actions to remove it. But she admitted the process may take up to 10 days. 

The spokesman stated that the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit has been notified and will be visiting the site in 24 hours for initial welfare checks.

It is understood the travellers stopped in the area after being moved on from the car park of a former Chiquito restaurant outside Colchester

The travellers may have stopped at the spot after they were moved from Colchester’s Chiquito restaurant parking lot.

One angry resident, who asked not to be named, said: 'They have a complete disregard for anybody else and none of us have felt happy leaving our houses unattended'

A resident who was angry and asked to remain anonymous said, “They completely disregard anyone else, and no one of us has ever felt content leaving our homes unattended.”

“If the travelers have no immediate concerns they will be asked to leave.

“If they do not depart the site, then we must go to the courts in order to remove them.

“If we need to file for a court order it will take seven to ten days.”    

MailOnline reached out to police for comments.