The photos show Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell, and give an incredible insight into the intimate relationship that the two shared as they lived lavishly.  

Maxwell was charged with sex trafficking. These striking photographs were presented as evidence. They show Maxwell massaging Epstein’s legs on a private airplane, Maxwell wrapping her arms around Epstein and one other rider riding on a bike. 

Images taken by FBI agents during Epstein’s Manhattan house raid in 2019 give a glimpse into Epstein’s high-flying lifestyle. This included flights to exotic places on private aircraft and helicopters. Maxwell is seen sunbathing aboard a yacht in one photo. 

The jury in Maxwell’s trial was shown these photos on Tuesday and speak to the close relationship between the pair, which prosecutors have characterize as ‘partners in crime.’ 

A treasure trove of never-before-seen photos show a loved up Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell jet setting and flaunting their opulent lifestyle

Unpublished photos of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxiwell enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and jetsetting are part of a treasure trove.

The striking photos were submitted into evidence in Maxwell's sex trafficking trial and show the British socialite massaging Epstein's feet on the Lolita express

These striking photographs were presented as evidence during Maxwell’s trial for sex traficking. They show Epstein getting massaged by the British socialite on Lolita express.

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey on the cheek

They are seen together in one photograph in what looks like a European town. Jeffrey can be seen kissing Ghislaine on the cheek

The pair are seen in an undated photo flying around on a helicopter together. This was one of many photos submitted into evidence

They are shown together flying in a helicopter on an undated photo. This photo was just one of several that was submitted as evidence 

One photo shows Maxwell sunbathing on a yacht in an unknown tropical location

Maxwell can be seen on one photograph sunbathing aboard a yacht while in a tropical setting. 

An unknown man is seen with the couple sitting aboard the Lolita Express

A couple sat aboard the Lolita Express are accompanied by an unknown man. 

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile's cheek with her arms wrapped around him

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile’s cheek with her arms wrapped around him

The pair are seen sitting in the grass with a dog in this undated photo

This undated photo shows the couple sitting together in the grass and a dog. 

Carolyn Maxwell, Maxwell’s accuser, said Tuesday under cross-examination that she saw a photograph in Epstein’s house of Maxwell “nude” and “pregnant.”

Maxwell’s mother is unknown. The court did not provide any details about Maxwell’s alleged pregnancy.  

Kimberly Meder (an FBI analyst) identified photos that were taken during an FBI raid at Epstein’s Manhattan residence in 2019. 

As 19 photographs of Epstein and Maxwell were shown to the court, she testified. The CDs had been taken from her Manhattan residence. 

Meder stated that she didn’t know whether the images were altered during cross-examination.

The nature of Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship has come under question throughout Maxwell’s trial, with prosecutors characterizing them as ‘partners in crime’ while others have testified they appeared to be a couple or as having a business relationship.  

A photo of Maxwell massaging Epstein's feet was shown in court on Tuesday as FBI analyst Kimberly Meder testified

Kimberly Meder (FBI analyst) testified in court that Maxwell was seen massaging Epstein’s feet.

A photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein kissing was shown Tuesday as FBI analyst Kimberly Meder testified

Kimberly Meder, an FBI analyst, testified Tuesday that a photo showing Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxiwell kissing was displayed. 

After another photograph of the couple kissing, this was confirmed. 

The photo of Maxwell wrapped her arms around Epstein during their passionate kissing showed them. It was seated at Epstein’s Palm Beach home on a round table. 

Prosecutors have characterized Epstein and Maxwell as being 'partners in crime'

Prosecutors described Epstein and Maxwell, calling them ‘partners of crime.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, the court heard from FBI computer analyst Stephen Flatley who talked the jury through hard drives seized during the 2019 FBI raid.

Maxwell created one Microsoft Word document in October 2002 on a hard disk for a computer that had been registered under Maxwell’s names. 

Although it was unclear who the document was intended for, Maxwell appeared to have written it for someone else.

It stated that Jeffrey and Ghislaine were together for eleven years. Contrary to popular belief, they are rarely apart. They always appear together, I see.

“Ghislaine is a highly intelligent, great company with an open smile and infectious laughter.

According to the document, Maxwell and Epstein “share many common interests and have a lot fun together,” adding that both were ‘inquisitive minds’.

It stated that Ghislaine and Jeffrey complement one another really well. I couldn’t imagine the two of them apart. These two are best friends and great partners.

Maxwell created another Word document, which was also saved to the hard drive. This time, it was an ad that she wrote in September 2001.

The message read, “Help needed.” Do you want to be a massage therapist. Palm Beach is your home. Excellent pay. Most weekends. Call 351-1000. Please leave a message.

A photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell kissing is seen for the first time. The nature of the Maxwell and Epstein's relationship has come under question throughout Maxwell's trial, with several witnesses testifying that they thought the pair were a couple, while others believed they had a business relationship

The first photo shows Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine maxwell in a kiss. The nature of Epstein and Maxwell’s relationship is being questioned throughout Maxwell’s trial. Several witnesses have testified that the couple were actually a couple while others believe they were in a business relationship.

A Word document on a same hard drive created by Maxwell, was an ad she wrote in September 2001. It read: 'Help wanted. Are you a massage therapist? Work in Palm Beach home. Excellent pay. Mostly weekends. Please call 351-1000. Leave message'

Maxwell created a Word document from the same drive. This was an advertisement she had written in September 2001. This was a call for help. Do you want to be a massage therapist. Palm Beach is your home. Excellent pay. Most weekends. For more information, please call (351-1000). Please leave a message

Maxwell’s May 2001 emails contained emails that Maxwell had sent to Juan Alessi in Palm Beach, berating Epstein and referring to John.

Maxwell told Sally, a woman by the name of Sally, that Alessi was doing a ‘truly awful job.

Maxwell lamented the filthy pool and Epstein’s massaging creams that were not neatened up.

Maxwell admitted that she wasn’t sure how to convince John to do her will.

Maxwell also inquired about the status of the household manual’, which Maxwell believed to be referring to the 58-page guide with hundreds of items that will help run the house. This was in addition to what Maxwell had already asked.

Maxwell also created another document in September 2002 entitled ‘Palm Beach new Shampoo and Massage Products’.

This list included 16 shampoos as well as 13 home massage products, including some high-end brands such Kiehls.

Six charges were brought against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to minor to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts (20 years)

20 years of Conspiracy to Transport Minors With the Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity (20 Years)

Transporting a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

The Sex Trafficking Confessional

Sex Trafficking in a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

These charges stem from testimony that she made in 2016, in an Epstein case against Virginia Giuffre.  


Prosecutors allege that Maxwell groomed 3 girls in 1994 to 1997 for Epstein. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. They would be made to feel at home by Maxwell taking them out to see the movies or taking them shopping. She won their trust and later delivered them to Epstein.

Prosecutors say that she asked the girls sexual questions to normalize the later abuse and undressed herself in front of them. 

The prosecutors claim that she not only assisted Epstein, but also took part in some of the abuse. 

This allegedly involves’sexualized groups massages’. 

According to the indictment, Maxwell also encouraged Maxwell to make Maxwell feel ‘debted to Epstein’ by encouraging Maxwell to give money to him to pay for his education and travel.

On Tuesday, Maxwell’s second accuser Carolyn (who is only going by her first name and not a pseudonym) testified that Virginia Roberts introduced her to Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14. She then went to Epstein’s Palm Beach home where she gave him massages. 

Carolyn, wearing an orange, white and black striped sweater with shoulder length red hair, told the jury was met by Maxwell at the door. 

Carolyn explained that Maxwell had come in to feel my boobs. “She said that she thought I was a good body to support Mr Epstein’s friends. 

Maxwell, she said, ‘took photos of me nude’ as well as ‘the stuff that Epstein was wearing’. 

Carolyn became emotional and said Maxwell took Carolyn’s clothes off. Carolyn, however, left her underwear and bra on. Carolyn stated that Virginia Roberts was also present. 

Carolyn stated that Epstein began to have sex after about 45 minutes of massages on his back. She claimed she watched on the couch as Epstein sex and made $300.

Carolyn said Virginia Roberts introduced her to Maxwell and Epstein. Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew

Carolyn claims Virginia Roberts was the one who introduced Carolyn to Maxwell Epstein and Maxwell. Roberts claimed she was made to have sex in order to please Prince Andrew 

Carolyn explained that her decision to return to Epstein’s place was partly because she was young, and $300 seemed a large sum.  

Maxwell’s seventh day was Day Seven and Carolyn delivered a shocking testimony. 

In seventh grade, she said that she quit school and has never returned. As a young girl, she moved from New York to Florida. Her mother was an addict and an alcoholic. 

The prosecution can use this information to prove that Maxwell and Epstein were targeting young girls coming from dysfunctional homes. 

Carolyn said that her grandfather had abused Carolyn since she was four years old. 

When she was 14, Epstein met her through Shawn, her boyfriend. 

Shawn used to be friends with Tony Figueroa, who was also dating Virginia Roberts. Virginia Roberts was an Epstein victim and claims she was forced into having sex when she turned 17.

Carolyn stated that they used to smoke pot together until Roberts introduced Epstein.

Carolyn stated: “Virginia asked if I would like to make some money.”

Carolyn added that Roberts said: ‘We were going to go to her friend’s house in Palm Beach island…I would give him a massage. It was going make me a lot more money.

Carolyn stated that she met Maxwell when she visited Epstein’s Palm Beach residence for the first time after entering through Roberts’ kitchen.

She described her as an older lady, with an accent and shoulder-length black hair. Carolyn called her Maxwell, as she struggled to pronounce her first name.

Roberts said to Maxwell, “This is Carolyn my friend.” 

Maxwell replied, “You could bring her upstairs to show her how it’s done.”

Carolyn claimed that Roberts took Carolyn upstairs to Epstein’s bathroom, where Roberts pulled out the folding massage table and pointed her in the right direction.

Carolyn replied: “Virginia took her clothes off, and she asked me whether I was comfortable taking mys off.” Her, I said that I’d like my bra and bottoms to remain on.

Carolyn explained that Epstein came in and laid down face first on the massage table. For the next 45 minutes, Carolyn and Epstein massaged the backs and buttocks of each other.

Virginia took Virginia’s hand and jumped on him after 45 minutes. The two were having sex.

Carolyn said, “I was sitting on a couch right infront of them.”

Carolyn got $300 and $100 in compensation. On her way out she gave Maxwell the number so that Maxwell could contact her. 

'Maxwell came in and felt my boobs,' Carolyn said. 'She told me that I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends'

Carolyn stated that Maxwell had come in to feel my boobs. “She said that she thought I was a good body to be able to support Mr. Epstein’s friends.” 

Carolyn, who is going by only her first name instead of a pseudonym, testified Tuesday that she was introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 14 years old and went to Epstein's Palm Beach mansion where she gave him a massage.  Pictured is Epstein's Palm Beach mansion submitted by the prosecution as evidence

Carolyn is referring to herself only by her first name. She testified Tuesday that Ghislaine was introduced to Carolyn when she was 14.  The prosecution submitted Epstein’s Palm Beach house as evidence. 

On Friday, Epstein's massage table was brought into court. Carolyn claims she was brought to Epstein to massage him

Epstein brought Epstein’s table for massage to court on Friday. Carolyn asserts that she was called to Epstein by Epstein to give him a massage. 

Carolyn informed the jury she was going to Epstein’s home’more than 100 times’ from 14-18, with some form of sexual activity every single visit.

Maxwell used to call Sarah Kellen, her assistant at times, in order to make an appointment.

Carolyn claimed that Epstein was often the one she called to schedule an appointment for her because she was young and $300 was too much money.

Maxwell might call Carolyn sometimes, her mother answering the phone and shouting to her that she had a message.

Carolyn stated that she paid for marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol to block out her feelings in order to get to Epstein’s next appointment.

Also, she said that she was an addict to painkillers.

Carolyn stated that Maxwell would be there every time Carolyn visited the house. Epstein would have to be out for her, she said.

Maxwell, and then Epstein, admitted Carolyn that her mother had been an alcoholic. Carolyn also told Epstein that she was subject to abuse growing up.

Maxwell once asked Carolyn if she would like to go to an island. Carolyn understood Epstein’s island to be the Caribbean.

Carolyn said, “I told her that there was no way my mom would let me leave the United States. She was 14 years old.

Carolyn replied that she was 14 years old when asked by Maurene Comey, the prosecutor.

Carolyn cried uncontrollably after a long, exhausting afternoon of cross-examination. Comey asked her why she was giving evidence.

She stated that money will not fix the wrongs done to her by this woman.

“I am terrified that my daughters will be sold”

After Maxwell’s defense lawyers disclosed that Carolyn received $446,000 following a civil lawsuit against Epstein in 2009.

After filing an additional claim to the Epstein victims compensation fund, she also received $2.8m.

Maxwell’s lawyer Jeff Pagliuca had a strange exchange with Carolyn. He asked Carolyn whether she spoke about seeing a photo of Ms Maxwell while interviewing her.

He then asked, “You said you had seen a picture of her in Epstein’s house while she was pregnant?”

Carolyn responded: “Nude and pregnant”.

A photograph was presented to her, but she said it wasn’t the right image.

Prosecutors indicated that they would be able to rest their case by Thursday, meaning Annie will likely be the next accuser.

Foto of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine maxwell, passionately kissing. FBI photos taken during the 2019 Manhattan raid by FBI show the famous massage room, CDs, and passports.

Maxwell’s prosecution has provided dozens of FBI photographs from Maxwell’s 2005 raid on his Palm Beach home and the 2019 raid at the Manhattan residence of the late financier. 

There are many frames on the table. Maxwell is seen in one of the frames, her arms wrapped around Epstein’s neck while they kiss. The photo was among others taken in Maxwell’s Palm Beach house, which also included one showing the couple meeting Pope Francis. 

Additional photos taken during the New York City raid reveal Epstein’s notorious massage room. Several of his victims claimed they were sexually molested. 

Among the photos, is a table full of picture frames. In one, Maxwell can be seen with her arms around Epstein's neck as they kiss. It sat among other photos, including of the pair meeting the Pope

There are many frames on the table. One photo shows Maxwell with Epstein’s neck wrapped around her arms as they kiss. The photo was among others, which also included photos of Maxwell and Epstein meeting the Pope.

Unearthed image shows Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell holding a private audience with John Paul II at the Vatican during his blessing almost 20 years ago

An unearthed photo shows Jeffrey Epstein, his supposed’madam’ Ghislaine maxwell having a private meeting with John Paul II at Vatican during John Paul’s blessing 20 years ago

Other photos from the raid show Epstein's infamous massage room, where several of his alleged victims claims they were sexually abused

Another photo from the raid shows Epstein’s famous massage room. Many of his victims claim they were sexually assaulted there.

A massage table with white sheets sits in the middle of the room and oversized red curtains frame a large photo - which has been blacked out by authorities before releasing the interior photos

In the center of the room, a white-colored massage table sits. Red curtains frame an enormous photo. The interior photos have been sealed off by the authorities.

Shelves full of lotions and oils are seen along the walls in Epstein's massage room. Last week accuser known as Jane said the abuse at his New York home would happen in the massage room

Epstein’s room has shelves lined with lotions and oils. Jane, the accuser of Epstein’s New York abuse claims that the violence would take place in his massage room. Jane was a woman who claimed Jane is Jane.

A sitting area with a fire place, painting and grand staircase is seen in Epstein's mansion

Epstein’s residence has a large sitting area, a painting gallery and a grand staircase. 

Epstein's bathroom is seen with what appears to be a safe in the middle of the floor

Epstein’s bath is shown with what appears like a safety deposit in the middle.

Epstein’s spa has shelves lined with oils and lotions. 

In the center of the room, a white-colored massage table is set. Red curtains wrap around a large image that authorities have blacked before they release the interior shots.

Last week, Maxwell’s accuser under the pseudonym Jane said she traveled to Epstein’s homes about ten times in New York and New Mexico on Epstein’s private plane and described the décor. 

‘Art, sculptures. Images of presidents and famous people. “I thought some art was weird – naked woman, creepy animal,” she said. 

She stated that the New York man would abuse his home in the room where he was a massage therapist. 

And yesterday a witness under the pseudonym Kate claimed Maxwell invited her to her London townhouse in the affluent area of Belgravia where Jeffrey Epstein was wearing a robe. Maxwell said Epstein had lost her massage therapist and invited Maxwell to fill the void. 

Kate stated that Epstein stripped off his robe and exposed his nakedness. Maxwell then gave Maxwell massage oil, closing the door. Kate stated that Epstein made sexual contact with her. 

Epstein’s bathroom has what looks like a safe, as well as large amounts of currency and passports.

Although a number of the frames that were hung on walls or sat on tables had been removed before release, it is known that Epstein was fond of naked photographs of women in his home.  

Jane said during her testimony Tuesday that the abuse at his New York home would happen in the massage room. The prosecution submitted this photo of Epstein's Manhattan mansion into evidence

Jane stated Tuesday during her testimony that abuse would have occurred in Epstein’s New York house from the massage room. Epstein’s Manhattan Manhattan house was photographed by the prosecution. 

A number of CD's labeled with dates are seen in a drawer as well as a mysterious diploma

You will find a variety of dates-labeled CD’s in your drawer, as well as an obscure diploma.

A number of the framed photos that hang on the walls and sit on tables have been blacked out before their release, however, it's been known that Epstein kept naked photos of women around his homes

Some of the photos that Epstein framed and sat on tables were blacked before being released. But, it is known that Epstein had naked pictures of women kept around his house.

A number of photos are seen blacked out by authorities, but in the middle appears a drawing with text

Authorities have blacked some photos, and in the middle is a drawing that has text. 

Books line the shelves, with titles that include, The Peddler, By The Wayside, The Annals of Unsolved Crime, Madonna and Murdoch

The shelves are lined with books, including titles such as The Peddler and By The Wayside and The Annals of Unsolved Crime.

Several labeled binders are seen on a shelf and have been blacked out by authorities

A number of binders with labels are found on a shelf. They have been removed by the authorities.

One of the most striking images shows the financier and Maxwell meeting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican almost 20 years ago. 

According to some reports, the pair flew to Rome aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express” jet in order to meet. This meeting is believed to have occurred in 2003.

The plane is believed to have been used by Epstein, according to federal prosecutors, for transporting young victims from sex slavery between New York City, New Mexico, Paris and his sprawling home in New York, New Mexico, Paris and the US Virgin Islands, Palm Beach.

The Sun received this information from a source: “Pictures such as these show Epstein’s power and ability to open virtually any door.”

“He managed to get into palaces of the White House, Vatican, and Vatican with Maxwell beside him.   

You will find a variety of CDs with dates in your drawer, as well as an obscure diploma. 

The books are displayed on the shelves. Titles include The Peddler and By The Wayside as well as The Annals of Unsolved Crime and Madonna and Murdoch.   

Authorities have blacked several binders that were labeled and are now on display.