Sources in government have confirmed that Treasury employees held a party during lockdown to celebrate Rishi’s spending review.

Two dozen civil servants were present at the Treasury drinks party on November 25, last year.

The party was held despite coronavirus restrictions which had asked people to stay at home unless exercising or food shopping. 

At that time, all non-essential bars, restaurants, and shops were shut down. 

According to sources, Mr Sunak’s staff who were working on the announcement of his spending review stayed afterwards for a drink party. 

Although wine and beer were brought to the Treasury, officials claimed that it was a spontaneous party.

Sources said that they had all worked hard. The source said that they had all been working hard and needed to be at work on the day.

“It was not an official party but it may have been less sensible in the end.”  

Around two dozen civil servants attended the drinks party in the Treasury on November 25. Rishi Sunak was not at the event and it is understood he did not know it was happening

On November 25, around two dozen civil servants went to the Treasury for a drinks party. Rishi Sunak wasn’t there and it is believed he didn’t know that it was taking place

According to another insider, nobody was averse to the drink party and didn’t think there were any problems with it.

According to The Times, they described the event of parties and events being revealed as a “blame game”.  

Sunak wasn’t there and it is clear that he didn’t know the events were taking place.

After Allegra Stratton was made the latest public revelation by the PM after she quit as COP26’s spokeswoman. Allegra Stratton had seen a clip released this week from ITV in which she laughed and joked with staff members about last Christmas at Downing Street.

Employees laughed at the fact that many of their friends and family members were now separated. Many had also lost close ones due to coronavirus.

It was suggested that people should stay in their bubbles and not move households for Christmas. 

Many people were outraged by the video, and some called for the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Boris Johnson has faced calls to resign after a video emerged of his staff joking about the Downing Street Christmas party

Allegra Stratton (pictured), who laughs in the video and says the party was not socially distanced resigned this week

After Allegra Stratton (PM’s former COP26 spokeswoman) resigned after ITV released a video showing her laughing with colleagues about the Downing Street Christmas party.

Johnson claimed that the party did not exist despite video being made public.

According to a spokesperson, the Treasury drinks party was organized in accordance with guidance. A number of employees came into the office to assist with 2020 Spending Review.

“We were made aware by a few of the staff that they had enjoyed a couple of impromptu beverages at their desks following the event.”

The inquiry into these three people will take place before the latest drink party. 

Simon Case is the cabinet secretary and will be leading an investigation into the Downing Street Christmas Party of December 18th, a party for leaving on November 27, and a education department party in December 10.

He will then decide whether to examine the drink party that was held at the treasurer’s. 

Simon Case (pictured), the cabinet secretary, is leading the investigation into last year's Downing Street Christmas party on December 18, a leaving party on November 27 and a party in the education department on December 10

Simon Case (pictured), cabinet secretary, leads the investigation into the Downing Street Christmas party last December 18. A party for leaving on November 27 was also held. There is also a party in Education on December 10.

Boris Johnson’s director of communications Jack Doyle made an offer to resign but it wasn’t accepted by the prime minster.  

Photographs of Downing Street staff in Christmas jumpers may have been handed to Mr Case.  

Also, Mr Case can access the WhatsApp messages that organized the event.

It is believed that the messages refer to large quantities of alcohol at the event.   

Boris, a Conservative senior, said that Mr Doyle was not allowed to resign because he needs to “throw someone under the bus.”

According to Tory Mr Johnson is determined to make Mr Doyle “the fall guy” and has a knack for convincing others that he cares about them.  

According to another source, the fallout and revelations from the parties has been difficult and no one knows when it will end.

Jack Doyle (pictured), Mr Johnson's director of communications, offered to resign before the inquiry happens but the prime minister did not accept it

Jack Doyle, Mr Johnson’s director for communications (pictured), offered to resign prior to the inquiry but was turned down by the prime minister

The experts suggested Mr Doyle may find it difficult to hold Downing Street.   

In the two weeks before Christmas, Mr Case will investigate these events.

According to Prime Minister, the party was actually staff drinking while they worked in the office.   

He will have to work hard during the investigation, because evidence is likely to point towards a party according to Whitehall. It will also be very difficult for them to get away. 

Mark Spencer, Chief Whip of No.10 has stated that employees at the company were not allowed to drink or party in Covid lockdowns and restrictions.  

Chief Whip Mark Spencer (pictured) has said that staff at No.10 were not drinking and party during Covid lockdowns or restrictions

Chief Whip Mark Spencer, (pictured) stated that employees at No.10 did not party or drink during Covid lockdowns and restrictions

He spoke to BBC Radio Nottingham and said that Johnson would have abided by the rules, adding that no party was involved. 

Spencer said that the prime minister also struggled to cope with Christmas due to Covid restrictions. This is similar to the rest of the country.   

One former BBC broadcaster might be helpful in the inquiry into Downing Street party.

In connection to the leak of the video, they have been identified.  

Chris James (a former employee of No. 10 in broadcast technology) has been identified as a potential source for the ITV News footage.  

Johnson’s spokesperson confirmed the fact that Treasury and Number 10 cancelled Christmas Parties this year, but suggested the public continue to enjoy the celebrations.