Pictured are Mother (27 years) and her 1-year-old boy.

  • Tributes for a “wonderful” mother and her 1-year-old boy 
  • Police found Natalie Kane (27) and Harry Kane (32) on December 30, 2012.
  • Cumbria Constabulary stated that police did not consider the death suspicious.

Tributes were paid to the ‘wonderful, loving’ mother who was found dead in her Cumbrian home with her infant son.

Police officers found Natalie Kane (27) and Harry Kane (1 year old) at Wellington Row, Whitehaven at about 2.52pm on 30/12/2012 after raising concerns for the welfare of an individual.

A number of neighbors near the property said they heard water run just before Harry and Natalie were discovered. 

Cumbria Constabulary said that the police have not considered these deaths suspicious.    

Today a neighbour said: ‘She was a lovely lass and absolutely doted on that little boy, he was beautiful and this is such a tragedy.

Natalie Kane, 27, and her one-year-old son Harry, were found by police officers at an address in Wellington Row, Whitehaven, on December 30

Officers found Natalie Kane (27) and Harry Kane (one-year-old boy), at Wellington Row, Whitehaven. 

Natalie with her son Harry

The mother and her son were found by officers

Officers found the mother and baby, and they received tributes.

“The police don’t know what happened. They just found Natalie and Harry dead in her apartment.”

The only thing that was alarming was the constant flow of water down the sewer pipe.

It sounded like a bathtub or sink was overflowing.

“The police approached neighbors to ask if Natalie had been seen, and I was greeted by paramedics and police officers running up the stairs.

“When they both told us that they were dead, it was so heartbreaking.”

And another friend described Natalie as a ‘wonderful and loving mother who lived for her little boy.’

Natalie and her boy were Their house was found to be dead Whitehaven, December 30,   

Cumbria Police spokesperson said that there were no suspicious circumstances and that the coroner had been contacted.  

In tribute to Harry and Natalie, a balloon release is being planned for Natalie’s hometown of Maryport in Cumbria. 

Officers arrived to the property after concerns were raised for the welfare of a woman. Pictured: GV of Wellington Row

After concerns for the well-being of a female resident, officers arrived at the scene. Pictured: The GV of Wellington Row

Natalie’s friends also created a GoFundMe account to help raise funds for Women Out West, which previously assisted Natalie. 

On the fundraising page, a message read: “After tragic news and sudden losses it’s only that we send our sincerest wishes to Natalie and Harry for a wonderful and happy ending.” 

We would love to support Natalie and her family with a contribution. 

“We don’t ask for full amounts, but we do appreciate any help. If Natalie were to be able to get more than she expected, Shane would like her brother to choose Women Out West as his charity. 

“This Charity was so helpful to Natalie and Shane feels that it is the best way of saying thank you.