A truck pulls a car along a Chicago street, while a desperate driver wails frantically for help.

  • Laylisha Gardner (age 19) waved as her car got dragged under a truck
  • The dramatic scene was captured by a fellow driver on Tuesday, on Interstate 294
  • The truck driver finally stopped and there were no reports of injuries.

The dramatic moment when a semi-truck drove their car on a Chicago road after it became trapped beneath them was this.

Footage recorded on Tuesday at around 11.40am by a motorist travelling on Interstate 294 northbound showed a cloud of dust rising from beneath the truck as it travelled along the road.

Only after filming vehicles drew nearer to the truck, could a 2005 Honda Accord be seen underneath it.

It appeared the front of the sedan was broken, while the rest of its motor seemed to have been trapped under the truck.

https://youtube.com/shorts/jxaMEQIH5hM?feature=share pulled him over on i294.. When i first saw that car and the person inside, I thought “Wtf happened here ….”,

Posted by Grzesiek Misiek on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A cloud of dust could be seen rising from beneath the truck as it travelled along the road

The black Honda was visibly wedged beneath it, being dragged along the road

It was evident that a dust cloud rose from under the truck while it traveled down the highway, and the Honda black Honda visible beneath, as the vehicle was being dragged along.

Laylisha, 19, the driver of the vehicle, can clearly be seen waving incessantly from the front seat trying to attract the attention other drivers so that they may alert the driver. 

Later, Illinois State Police stated that the Honda black became stuck underneath the semi-truck as it tried to change lanes.

They confirmed, too that Mohamed Yousif the truck’s driver eventually stopped to allow the Honda to be unloaded.

According to police, no one was hurt in the incident. 

Two lanes along the Tri-State Tollway were shut down for about 15 minutes as police investigate the matter. 

The truck's driver, Mohamed Yousif eventually stopped so that the Honda could be freed, and it is believed that nobody was injured in the incident

Mohamed Yousif (the truck driver), eventually pulled the Honda out of the ditch so it could be unloaded. Nobody was reported to have been hurt.