Donald Trump, former US President, has attacked Boris Johnson’s ‘liberalism’. He also said that the Prime Minister had made a “big mistake” with his green energy drive.

Tonight’s interview on GB News saw Mr Trump criticize Mr Johnson’s efforts to make the UK the Saudi Arabia for wind. He said that turbines ‘kill all birds’ and are a ‘horrible’ idea.

A sit-down interview was held with Nigel Farage, former leader of UKIP. Mr Trump also criticised Joe Biden over the removal earlier this year of a bust Winston Churchill from Oval Office.  

Mr Trump also launched a barrage of abuse against Meghan Markle – admitting he’s ‘not a fan’, accusing her of ‘disrespecting’ and ‘hurting’ the Queen and ‘horribly’ manipulating Prince Harry to the extent that it has wrecked his relationship with his family. 

Trump warned Prime Minister David Cameron that Mr Johnson was backing wind farms as a way to push the UK towards zero carbon. Although he liked Johnson, the former president claimed he didn’t support renewable energy that was ‘ridiculous’. 

He stated that he thought wind was absurd. Boris Johnson’s mistake if he is going too heavy into the wind. He’s wrong. He is making a huge mistake. 

Trump also said that he liked Boris Johnson. He is a good friend of mine. He’s always been a good friend of mine. He has been a little more liberal. 

“But, I will tell you with energy that I am surprised that he would permit,” [wind farming]Because you live in one of the most stunning countries on the planet. You’re ruining it by putting wind turbines everywhere. 

Interview also covered Mr Trump’s defeat in the presidential election to Mr Biden and subsequent Capitol Hill Riots.

The extraordinary interview with Mr Trump revealed that:  

  • Former President suggested that he would stand again and said that, if you truly love your country, there is no other choice.
  • Trump had a harsh word for Meghan Markle.
  • He repeated false accusations that President Biden lost the election to him for president was rigged.
  • Trump seemed to accuse Democrats of using Covid-19 (which he called the ‘China virus’ to rob an election)
Former US President Donald Trump has blasted Boris Johnson for becoming 'liberal' and said the Prime Minister was making a 'big mistake' with his green energy drive

 Former US President Donald Trump has blasted Boris Johnson for becoming ‘liberal’ and said the Prime Minister was making a ‘big mistake’ with his green energy drive

In an interview aired tonight on GB News, Mr Trump criticised Mr Johnson for trying to turn the UK into the Saudi Arabia of wind to cut emissions, adding that turbines 'kill all the birds' and are 'horrible'

In an interview broadcast tonight on GB News Mr Trump criticized Mr Johnson for trying turn the UK into the Saudi Arabian of wind.

Trump said he had a good relationship with Boris Johnson, but said he had become 'more liberal' and said he is making a 'big mistake' by backing 'ridiculous' wind farms to drive the UK's push to a net zero carbon economy

Trump said he had a good relationship with Boris Johnson, but said he had become ‘more liberal’ and said he is making a ‘big mistake’ by backing ‘ridiculous’ wind farms to drive the UK’s push to a net zero carbon economy

Pride of place: A bust of socialist Cesar Chavez now sits behind Biden after he removed a bust of Winston Churchill

Pride of Place: After removing a Winston Churchill bust, a Cesar Chavez bust now stands behind Biden

Mr Trump also slammed Mr Biden for removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office in January this year after being elected as President of the United States. 

Some critics feared Churchill’s departure was a denial of Britain and signalled the decline of the so called ‘Special Relationship,’ which began in World War Two as a result of the British Prime Minister. 

Trump replied, “I mean, why would that be with Winston Churchill? When you’re trying get along with your nation. It’s… an extremely important token. 

The British leader was also moved to the outside of Obama’s office by President Barack Obama. This caused a stir. 

Trump stated that after being elected president, he would bring it back into the Oval Office. “President Obama did not want it. Then I suggested that we bring it back the white house. It was my whole time there, and I was very pleased to have it back. 

During the 2-hour interview that GB News aired at 7pm tonight, Harry launched an attack against Meghan Markle. 

The man admitted that he had never been a fan (or ‘fan’) of Meghan. He believes Prince Harry has.    

He replied, “I am not a fan” of hers. From day one, I was not. Harry was used badly and I believe he’ll regret it. Harry is a terrible person. This has ruined Harry’s relationship with his family and hurt the Queen.

He said that the Duchess was disrespectful towards the Queen. I believe she is very disrespectful towards the Royal Family and, most importantly, to the Queen.

Mister Farage also stated that Meghan is’very inappropriate’ to answer questions about her claims of using her royal title to interfere with US politics. He claimed she wrote on the Sussexes’ headed paper to lobby Congressmen on topics such as paternity and parental leave. He said, “She’s trying to do things I find very incongruous.”

Trump mentioned his affection for the Queen and claimed that his parents were from Scotland.  

He replied, “I believe she’s an amazing woman.” Although I had been supposed to spend about 30 minutes with her, she ended up having me there much longer than I expected. All the while, everyone thought that was too rude. However, although she enjoyed it, and it was something I could agree with, it wasn’t rude. We had an amazing time.     

In the interview, Trump accused Meghan of using Harry in his latest criticism of the Duchess

Trump said that Meghan used Harry during his recent criticisms of the Duchess.

Former president accused Meghan of disrespecting the Queen (pictured with Trump in 2019)

An ex-president accused Meghan of disgraceful acts towards the Queen. (pictured in 2019 alongside Trump).

This isn’t the first clash between Trump and the Sussexes. He stated earlier this year that he would run for president in 2024, even if Meghan joined the race. 

Trump spoke out about rumors that the duchess was meeting’ with Democrat operatives [and]She may be interested in running’.

Fox News reported that he hoped that it would happen because then, if that were to occur, I believe I’d feel even more inclined towards running. Hers is not my favourite.

“I met with Queen Elizabeth and found her to be a remarkable person. But I am not a fan” of Meghan. He said that he wasn’t a fan of Meghan last year and added: “He’ll need it.”

These remarks were made September after Joe Biden had accused the Sussexes of interference in the Presidential Election Campaign.

The pair urged the voters to reject hate speech and misinformation online, in what they thought was a thinly disguised attack on Mr Trump.

Trump called 2019 the duchess of Cambridge ‘nasty because of his past criticisms of her.

The new interview, recorded in Florida on Monday, also saw Mr Trump speak about the Capitol Hill riot on January 6 and his impeachment trial for allegedly inciting it. Later, the US Senate exonerated him.

Trump stated that he would have seen the large crowd and it was clear to him: “No one wants to discuss this. The largest I’ve ever seen. It was the largest crowd I have ever spoken to. 

“And then unfortunately some terrible things happened.”   

He also repeated his false claims that the presidential election was rigged. Mr Trump has pursued unsuccessful legal challenges to overturn his November election loss to Biden, falsely claiming there had been widespread electoral fraud

Also, he repeated false allegations that the presidency election was rigged. He also claimed that there was widespread electoral fraud, but he has failed to win legal challenges.

Mr Trump was speaking to ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage during the interview on GB News tonight

During the interview with GB News, Mr Trump spoke to Nigel Farage (ex-UKIP leader)

He stated that he was suggesting that 10,000 National Guardsmen were sent to Capitol in ‘anger’, but Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat House leader, ‘turned that down. 

Trump claimed that he was aware of the large audience because he had seen the anger over the election.  

Trump also repeated false accusations that the election for president was rigged. Donald Trump pursued unsuccessful legal challenges to overturn his November election loss to Biden, falsely claiming there had been widespread electoral fraud.

Trump claimed: “We had an amazing election but ended up with a rigged electoral election unfortunately.” 

Trump called Covid-19 a ‘China virus’ and accused the Democrats of using it to take the election. 

He stated that they use Covid or the China virus to rob, rig, and steal elections. They sent millions, if not millions, of ballots. They sent millions and even billions of ballots, which is why nobody can find out where they were. It was an embarrassment. This is very, very bad news for democracy.     

Trump also called Mr Biden a ‘crisis at the US border’ and described US withdrawals from Afghanistan as “the most embarrassing moment of the country’s history”.    

When asked questions about climate change, the former president said that Britain’s decision to build wind farms was wrong. 

UK is a leader in offshore wind energy and Johnson has called for Britain to be as wind-friendly to Saudi Arabia to make it a net zero country by 2050.

The world’s biggest wind farm Hornsea One was built off the East Yorkshire coast in response to an investment in technology in the last decade.

Trump owns two golf courses in Ireland and Scotland. He said that he thought wind was ridiculous. It is bad for Scotland. It was something I saw because of my great properties in Scotland, Ireland.

“And I see these beautiful fields with these terrible windmills all across them. Windmills are a fancy term for turbines. After a few years they start to look worse. 

“You probably know that environmentalists like this stuff. It seems they are against the world. 

Trump said that wind is the most costly form of energy. Remember, these monsters must be replaced every ten years. A lot of the time they aren’t bothered, but you also know what their actions are, they simply let them rot. They kill all birds.

Trump said that it was ridiculous to speak about the COP26 Climate Summit. He also spoke of the promises for countries to be Net Zero by 2030. 

He declared that the carbon tax they are proposing to place on people and countries is absurd. The US has incredible resources. The enemy makes us feel bad about this and takes it away. This puts our companies in a huge disadvantage.

Trump gave the strongest hint yet, indicating that he will run again for office in 2024. This comes after hints earlier this year suggesting that he was seriously considering it. 

Trump replied to a question asking why he wanted to run again for President. The country has never been on such a high level before. 

“If you love this country, there is no other choice. Just… it’s a lovely, beautiful life. It’s also something I enjoy because it was helping others. This is why I did it. 

“And I think that you’ll also be happy in your future because that will be your next query.” However, you will be satisfied in the long-term.       

Many years ago, Mr Farage has been friends with Mr Trump. Farage said that the two men share many commonalities because Trump and he have been among the most hated by liberal media around the globe.

The pair have appeared together on stage before with the former Ukip leader speaking at an election rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last October – where Mr Trump hailed Mr Farage as the ‘king of Europe’.

The talks took place in November 2016. In the end, Mr Farage became the first UK politician ever to meet President Trump after his election win.