On Thursday morning, former President Donald Trump called Fox News to attack President Joe Biden on his COVID-19 mandates. He took credit for vaccines and accused the current administration for making the United States a “dumping ground” for migrants crossing the border to Mexico.

Toward the end of his interview Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade appeared to catch the former president off-guard with a question about his 2024 prospects – and whether his wife would stay by his side.

“Does this make you want another four years to be the 47th President?” He asked Trump his thoughts on the MAGA rallies. “Is it true Melania Trump, the first lady of America, has said to you that she would not go back if you ran again?”

Trump giggled. Trump chuckled. This is false.

Steve Doocy, the co-host of The Daily Show with Steve Doocy attempted to intervene by reinforcing Trump’s assertion that it was “more fake news”, but Trump refused to stop speaking over him.

“She was an amazing first lady. She did a great work, and she loved the people. They love her. It’s obvious that they are in love with her. But, let me tell you: we need to fix this country. The country is in crisis. He said that we won’t have a country if we continue to do this and allow other countries’ prisons to be emptied into our country. 

Trump appeared to be caught off guard by a question about whether his wife would be by his side if he took the White House in 2024

Trump seemed to have been caught unaware by the question asking if his wife would support him if he occupied the White House in 2024.

CNN reported October that’several people’ said that their husband’s 4-year tenure in the White House was viewed by her as a “chapter” and that it is over.

Trump was also criticized by Fox host Biden for his handling of pandemic.

Trump said that Biden had done a “terrible job” in rolling out the coronavirus vaccines. These were first given to Trump’s presidency at December 2020.

Trump claimed that Trump had done a terrible job in getting vaccines out there and getting people to use them. I am proud to have administered the vaccines. The entire process took less than nine month.

The shot was not recommended by him. Although the US’s adult vaccination rate has been steadily rising, many Americans are still unwilling to receive it.

“They did a great job, and some people aren’t willing to accept them. But people won’t take them because Biden isn’t trustworthy. Trump claimed that the people don’t trust Trump’s administration.

Trump claimed that Biden was driven by distrust to pass his broad vaccine order that affects approximately a third the US workforce.

He said, “I think that is the problem. That’s why they are trying to create mandates. It really hurts things with economy with mandates.”

Trump said Biden was turning the US into a 'dumping ground' and forcing people out of work with his sweeping vaccine mandates

Trump claimed that Biden had turned the US into an ‘dumping ground’ by forcing Americans out of work through his broad vaccine mandates

Trump attacked Biden for tightening restrictions as the new Omicron COVID variant arrives in the United States

Trump fired back at Biden after he tightened restrictions on the Omicron COVID variant that arrives in America 

The supply chain bottlenecks and empty grocery shelves that have been wreaking havoc during the holidays season can also be attributed to the mandated vaccines.

Trump stated that he would never have had a supply-chain problem. However, one reason is mandates. Many people don’t work because they are forced to. The mandates played a significant role in creating the supply-chain problem.

On the call, he also answered questions about White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci saying to Fox reporter Peter Doocy “under certain conditions” that border crossing migrants were being tested with COVID-19.

Steve Doocy asked, “But not by federal government,” before Ainsley Earhardt, co-host, responded: “Mr. Your reaction President?

Trump offered a slightly rambling response to Biden’s border handling, comparing it with his.

Trump asserted that there are millions upon millions crossing and that we don’t just mean the China virus (or COVID), whatever you like to call them, but many other diseases overflowing the border, which is even worse.

“Nobody is being tested. Nobody is being checked. Prisoners from other countries are being dumped into our country. We’re like an open dump.

“We had our strongest border ever in the history and development of the country.” Although the wall had been built in large part and could have been completed within three weeks, it was not finished by them. They decided to only finish some of the openings. 

Biden issued a proclamation halting Trump’s wall construction during his first day of office. However, Trump recently reopened construction on his wall in Texas’ Hidalgo County to left-wing anger.

In an effort to end the massive influx of immigrants at the border which has been overwhelming federal, state, and local officials, Trump also upset progressive supporters.

Trump declared on Thursday, “They shouldn’t have ended it,” 

Joe Biden could have just come to the coast and gone in, but he wouldn’t have had the same success. All of this stuff was great, the border was perfect, the drugs were coming in at a rate that was unprecedented, which is a plus.

Biden’s green-energy goals were also under attack by the Democrat.

Trump claimed that the turbines have been destroying our environment, our birds and our planet with their wind power – and all of them are made in Germany or China.

Trump wasn’t clear on whether he will run in 2020 to challenge any of these policies. This was despite polls showing that the majority of GOP voters would like him to be their presidential candidate.

No one has ever seen that. Also, overall approval ratings are very high so, you know, polls don’t matter to me. He said that he had done it once before, and he did it again, referring to the absurd claims that Biden won 2020.