Donald Trump on Tuesday evening said he was ‘very appreciative’ of President Joe Biden paying tribute to his administration’s efforts to create the vaccine – adding that he was ‘surprised to hear it.’

Biden had just hours earlier praised his predecessor for making the U.S. the first country to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden stated Tuesday that America was one of the first to receive the vaccine thanks to both the previous administration and the scientific community. 

“Thanks to my administration, and the hard work by Americans, we led an initiative that placed America among the top nations in getting shots in arm,” the president said.

Trump said he was pleased with the words of the president, despite his complaints about not being given enough credit for his decision to push the vaccine manufacturer.

‘I’m very appreciative of that – I was surprised to hear it,’ Trump told Fox News Digital.  

This comment is made as the U.S. experiences a spike in COVID-related cases. Some states have seen unprecedented levels of COVID cases since the pandemic started. The Omicron variant, which can be transmitted easily throughout the country, continues to grow.

This week, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), showed that Omicron accounts for 73 per cent of U.S. Covid cases. Omicron has now overtaken Delta, the nation’s predominant strain, by sixfold in week-overweek (from 2.9 percent up to 12.6%). 

Joe Biden is seen on Tuesday speaking about COVID-19 from the White House. In his speech, he paid tribute to the Trump administration for

Joe Biden was seen speaking from the White House Tuesday on COVID-19. Biden paid tribute in his speech to Trump’s administration 

Donald Trump, seen on October 30, said he was pleasantly surprised that Biden credited his administration

Donald Trump was seen October 30th and said that he was pleased to see Biden credit his administration

In regard to Biden’s comment, Trump also told Fox News: ‘I think it was a terrific thing, and I think it makes a lot of people happy. 

“I feel he did something very special. 

“You’ll see a lot of improvement if there is a period of healing.”

According to the former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly on Sunday, the 75 year-old was taunted after he said he’d had the booster shot and that Americans should feel’really happy’ having vaccine access.

Trump stated, “When we created these amazing vaccines – three of them — and therapeutics we did an incredible job. We should not disparage them.” 

“We can all be proud of what we have done to save millions upon millions of lives around the world.

Trump, in May 2020, announced Operation Warp Speed (OWS), a partnership of the Departments of Health and Human Services and Defense to speed up the development of COVID-19. 

OWS invested $18 billion in clinical research and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines. OWS also has deals to purchase 455,000,000 doses.

This scheme represents the most extensive global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccins.

By comparison, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) – founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, and the World Economic Forum – has invested $1·4 billion in support of the development of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Contrary to OWS vaccines, their vaccines were designed for global audiences.

In December 2020, Trump also signed an executive act that ensured all Americans have access to coronavirus vaccinations prior to the U.S. government can begin helping nations around the globe.

Trump said that it was a “great thing” that everyone did when he spoke of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

“I might have been the vehicle but it was us all who did this.”

Trump and Biden spoke at the same time that COVID-19 continues to surge across the U.S. and the Omicron variant has gained ground.

The national number of cases rose by 29% on Tuesday compared with two weeks ago. Deaths were also up 41%

Trump’s native New York City saw cases surge to 15,000 by Monday. This is the highest number since January. It also represents four times more cases than just one week ago.

The number of hospitalizations in the area has been increasing over the last month, but they still are less than half what was at their peak during the winter. According to New York State data, there were 270 new admissions each day Monday.

Bill de Blasio was the mayor of New York City and offered $100 to any New Yorker that has not yet received their booster. 

Trump claimed that boosters and vaccinations are the best solutions. 

“You must embrace it.” It doesn’t require you to, there won’t be any mandates, but it is something that you need to accept,’ he stated. 

“It’s about getting people out so that they can get the vaccine. 

“If you hold the mandate, it will endanger people’s life. It is just like the vaccine that saves people.

He said, “It’s really about tone. It’s about trust. Hopefully, people who had COVID will be given credit.

Trump stated that COVID-19 infected people are “in pretty good health to not get it again” or get it less frequently.

Trump claimed that while they may not catch the disease, if they do, it will be less severe than a more serious illness and likely won’t require any hospitalizations.

Only one person has been confirmed as having died of Omicron in the United States. This was someone who had previously contracted COVID.

Trump reacted to Biden’s decision not only to end travel from Southern African states, but also continuing domestic and foreign travel. 

Trump replied, “It is difficult to be overly critical right now, as he simply thanked us and thanked my for what I had done.” 

“You know that this is a first. So it’s difficult for me to become too critical right now.

‘But, you know, we did shut it down, and we were criticized by some — we weren’t criticized by all. 

“Ultimately, they said that we had done the right thing. By closing the country to China early and closing it later to Europe, I believe we have saved thousands of lives.

“I believe people now understand it.”