Donald Trump has once more criticized President Joe Biden, suggesting that something isn’t ‘normal” with him successor. He also listed perceived shortfalls just one year after Biden was elected.

Trump called Fox News host Sean Hannity and said that he wanted Biden to succeed. However, he went on to complain about Biden’s first year. 

Trump blasted Biden on a variety of familiar subjects, such as the US disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the soaring inflation, along with a surge in illegal border crossings at South Border.

Biden was also criticised for his press conference Wednesday. He said that Russia gave the President permission to invade Ukraine.  

When asked if Biden was’struggling cognitively,’ Trump replied: “When you look at the press conference I don’t want to give any opinion, but it’s not an ordinary situation there.”

Donald Trump has slammed President Joe Biden once again, suggesting something is not 'normal' with his successor and reeling off a list of perceived shortfalls exactly one year after Biden took office

Donald Trump has again criticized President Joe Biden. He suggested something was not “normal” with his successor, and reeled off a list that he perceived as shortfalls one year after Biden assumed office.

Trump's remarks come as speculation continues to swirl that he will launch a campaign to retake the White House in 2024

Trump’s statements come at a time when speculation continues that Trump will run a campaign for the White House retaken in 2024

Trump lashed out at Biden over mostly familiar topics, including the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan, soaring inflation, and a surge of illegal crossings at the southern border

Trump waded in on Biden’s familiar subjects, such as the US disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the soaring level of inflation. He also lashed out at Biden for a surge in illegal border crossings.

A satellite image shows Russian equipment at the Klimovo railyard, Russia on Wednesday. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are at their highest in many years, as Russian troop build-up near the two nations borders raise fears that Russia could launch an invasion

Satellite image of Russian equipment in the Klimovo railyard (Russia) on Wednesday. Russia’s troop buildup close to Ukraine’s borders has raised tensions and fears about Russia’s possible invasion.

Biden’s 10th official press conference was immediately met with controversy due to his statements on Russia.

Volodymyr Zeleskyy, President of Ukraine was one among many to express concern over Biden’s comment about “minor incursion”.

We want to remind all the major powers that minor invasions can be prevented and there is no need for small nations. He tweeted that there were no minor casualties or little grief after the death of loved ones.

Biden’s comments were cleaned up by senior administration officials on Thursday. 

Biden, reading from a script, stressed that “any assembled Russian unit moves across the Ukrainian frontier, that’s an invasion”, and would face a severe and coordinated economic response. 

Trump in interview lashed out at Biden’s performance during the press conference, and he focuses on Russia controversial comments. 

He said that they may enter, and it was a minor intrusion. I said, I don’t believe he said that,’ said Trump.

Biden's press conference (above), his first formal one in 10 months, immediately sparked controversy and concern over his comments on Russia

Biden’s (above) press conference, his first in 10 month was a formal affair. It immediately caused controversy over his Russian comments.

Trump said the president gave a 'green light' to Russia to invade Ukraine by pondering a limited response to a 'minor incursion,' remarks that the White House hastily walked back

Trump said the president gave a ‘green light’ to Russia to invade Ukraine by pondering a limited response to a ‘minor incursion,’ remarks that the White House hastily walked back

Hundreds of people run alongside a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane as it moves down a runway of the international airport, in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 16, 2021

As a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport aircraft moves down the runway at an international airport in Kabul (Afghanistan), on August 16, 2021, hundreds of people are running alongside it

Asylum-seeking migrants from Haiti walk near the border wall after crossing the Rio Bravo river to request asylum in El Paso, Texas on January 3

After crossing Rio Bravo, asylum-seeking migrants hailing from Haiti stand near the border wall to ask for asylum in El Paso (Texas) on January 3.

A driver fills a tank at a gas station Friday, December 10, 2021, in Marysville, Washington. Prices for U.S. consumers jumped 7% in December compared with a year earlier

Marysville, Washington – Friday 10th December 2021: Driver fills up at gas station. In December, prices for U.S. customers rose 7% over a previous year.

They are really hearing you: You might as well let them in. Sanctions are not the only thing you can talk about. Trump said that Russia doesn’t understand sanctions. 

“Sanctions aren’t enough to put an end to someone. He said that he believes this was a completely different game.

“I believe our country has never felt so disregarded as it does now, by the rest the world, and the leaders around the globe. He said that he doesn’t believe we have ever been in such a position. 

Trump said, “Even me, I see it and feel ashamed at the things that have happened over the past year in our country.”

Trump stated that he has a’very strong relationship with Putin’. However, he also claimed that he stopped their pipeline’. It is apparent that Trump was referring to Nord Stream 2 which is a major Putin initiative. 

Trump made these remarks as speculation continues that he would launch a campaign in order to regain the White House by 2024. 

The Supreme Court’s Wednesday ruling that he tried to stop the release of White House documents for the House investigation into the US Capitol Riot also helped them to come within striking distance.

The House select committee will use the ruling to further its investigation. It is looking for evidence that Trump was involved in inciting the violence last Jan 6.

Trump blamed Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House for the security problems at Capitol. He claimed it could have been “an absolutely beautiful day.” 

Trump claimed there was 'a lot of love' in the air at his rally (above) on the Ellipse just prior to the January 6 Capitol riot

Trump stated that there was “a lot of love” at the rally on Ellipse, just before the Capitol riots of January 6.

Trump claimed that Pelosi had turned down his offer to boost security at the Capitol ahead of January 6. Above, Trump loyalists are seen battling Capitol police

Trump stated that Pelosi turned down Trump’s offer of security enhancements at the Capitol in advance of January 6. Trump supporters are seen fighting Capitol police.

Trump stated that there was “a lot of love” at Trump’s rally on Ellipse right before the riot. 

“Believe it me, there were a lot love, a lot friendship and people who love our country. “These are wonderful people,” he stated about the rally.

The rally was disrupted by thousands of Trump supporters storming the Capitol.  

Trump stated that Pelosi turned down Trump’s offer to increase security at Capitol before January 6.

He said, “If you had 5,000 soldiers wrapping around the Capitol,” he wouldn’t have known about January 6. They turned it down.

Nancy Pelosi declined Nancy’s request to create soldiers/National Guard. You wouldn’t have any problems if she hadn’t turned it down. Trump said that it would have been a wonderful day. 

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump also defended his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying ‘we haven’t been getting the credit we deserve.’

Trump stated, “We did such an amazing job,” citing record-breaking vaccine rollouts. 

Trump retains a firm grip over a large portion of the Republican base. If he does decide to run for the nomination again, it is considered that he has an obvious path.

Only Ron DeSantis of Florida has been identified as a possible threat among potential primary opponents. He refused to comment on whether he would submit to Trump during a primary.

Trump has been furious at DeSantis for his stubborn stance, causing a growing rift between them, both of whom are popular among the Republican base. 

Trump was coy on Thursday when asked whether he plans to run again for the presidency in 2024.